Monday, October 19, 2015

reply to NYT:Can Refugees Have Human Rights?

"All men are created equal" by their "Creator": Evolution. Some of us advocate that God is a simple personification of Evolution. We know we were created by the evolution; well, at least the minimally educated know this. More importantly is the Constitution's declaration that " person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law..." It's NOT "no citizen", NOT "no taxpayer", NOT "no landowner": No person shall be deprived says all people's life , liberty, and property can only be take through the application of existing laws and only according to the protections given in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments. All person's include those we hate, even with reason, like Christians, Muslims, even Buddhists; or even without reason, like illegal aliens, members of opposing political parties, parents, All Representatives, ALL Torturers, All liars who got 4000 American armed service members slaughtered on foreign shores, in IRAQ, along with 25,000 wounded. because they new they could lie to America and be believed. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? In the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the American Government. American cannot survive. There is no love for the Founding Philosophy. That philosophy wasn't very great, just common sense: if you don't trust the people to vote on the laws they live under, vote for the Executives who execute the laws, vote for the judges who interpret the laws, make a REPUBLIC not DEMOCRACY.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Despicable Capital One Bank

Capital One closed my credit card today: "Principal owner(s) have past, present or pending legal action". Since I have been current on all payments, and since my legal status hasn't changed since I got the card, they have arbitrarily and capriciously breached our contract, denied me the equal protection of the laws, interfered with my actions in interstate commerce. Can't imagine a bank being run by despicable law breaking fools. Can you?

The origin of our prison 'problem: re NYT Brooks column.

The prison problem is a direct consequence of the 'great' Repblican President:Ronald Reagan: "Lock them up and throw away the key." This presumptive Christian with no Church affiliation, had the term "rehabilitation" removed from the Prison laws. It was ok to punish and over punish prisoners. Remember all the jokes about 'prison rape'. And the fact that half of them were by the guards! So the moral-majority came and punished all the poor blacks and Latinos with 3 time the punishment meted out whites. It was the Christian thing to do. Then came the Republican anti-poor, anti-black, and anti-Latino wave of 'Conservatism'. But the finishing blow was the political payoff system for the rural Republican supporters: build prisons in their community, give the locals all the guard and executive and health care jobs in the prisons and build a base of "good Christian prison employees" who knew who buttered their bread. The Republicans recently talked about the blacks voting democratic to 'get something' from the government. The Republicans gave jobs and more jobs to the raw uneducated and untrained rural workers, turning them into indentured servants of their party, and the new 'moral' government supported Republican voters who were propagandized into hating those 'animals' - once called human beings. Our Representative Government excessively imprisoned three generations of poor and downtrodden for prison worker votes, giving prison worker jobs in return. The good old USA!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Secrecy in the Supreme Court

I disagree that there are good reasons for any secrecy in the deliberations of the Supreme Court, or for that matter in any part of our government. The purpose of 'secrete deliberations' is to hide the intentions and process of government from the governed: no other possible reason. The justices do not publish their internal debates to hide their ignorance, personal philosophies, and human characters: because the people would not "understand" or appreciate their Superior, or inferior, methods, logic, intellect and character. Which of course is not true, all men are created equal: equally fallible, equally corruptible, equally selfish and equally altruistic. They hide from cowardice, from a belief that they are superior in judgement to the 320 million of us, their obedient servants. We are slaes and puppets of two generation old philosophies of life, government, and law embedded in their failing memories. And we are forbidden to criticize their debates and those verhy philosophies that would be displayed by access to their deliberations. This is the last great bastion of government by the "philosopher kings". An historically spurned and discredited form of government that is contradicted by the Constitution itself, and then embedded in the Constitution, "for the good of the people". We need an Actual Democracy where all who serve in government are chosen directly by the people and are answerable to the people. Where the people vote directly on the laws and officers.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Psychologists Rule Out Future Aide for Torture

There were several M.D.s, physicians, medical doctors who supported the torturers in questioning many of the Guantanamo prisoners. doctors who stopped the torture proceedings when it looked like organ damage or nearness to death itself was obvious. Then the doctors treated the prisoners, helped them back to health, SO THE PRISONERS COULD BE TORTURED SOME MORE. These are them men, medical doctors, who had taken the Hippocratic Oath, that were the despicable villains of the torture chambers of Guantanamo, for at least 6 years. Where is the American Medical Association on this issue. Why are their outcry's? Where is the moral fiber of America on this issue. Psychologists can easily error. Doctors have a far deeper training, usually with ethics, morality, and human life and dignity given a place in their decision making training. For Doctors to support the actions of torturing fools is take a humane profession and use to impose man's inhumanities to man. We know who Mengele was in the German Death Camps. Who was his counter part in Guantanamo? Who's hiding his - or their - names? Who ever they are. They should be given the opportunity to explain their medical support of known torture. Then, if found lacking, they should be punished. Oh, and just for the new people running for President: Where are the weapons of mass destruction we paid 4,000 lives, 25,000 wounded and 4 trillion dollars to find? Maybe a new Republican President can find them?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Response to Facebook post on Respecting God, the Country, the flag and the military.

God deserves respect if He exists, but He probably doesn't. Our Country,right or wrong, has been wrong far too many times in my life. Until the country and the people are "Represented" by our representatives again it will never be right. The flag is just a symbol of the country. If the Country is wrong respecting the flag just emphasizes being wrong without trying to fix it. Soldiers deserve respect when they are fighting to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States", and not when they are fighting and dying for a politician's lie: like weapons of mass destruction or that the people of the United States should tell other people how best to live their lives -- or we'll kill them.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Racism from its source

 Our political managers, our non-representing Representatives, who bring a narrow view of history, a bigoted view of mankind, an uneducated view of science, are the people who spread Racism, in both the south and the North: hate the non-Christian (very 'Christian' of them), hate the alien immigrants (From the planet Dune), hate the poor (they take your money (The Representatives spend 4 Trillion dollars a year) These are the men and women who lead us into divisiveness, fear of each other, murder of citizens in the streets, in the schools, and in our Churches. We have only one alternative: turn this failed Republic of special people making special laws, special lies, to use our votes as a source of power to be used against us. We need, today, to seek and work to become An Actual Democracy. and

Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Human Nature

Just watched "The Imitation Game". Once again I find a biography that makes me angry at all of our ancestors, and 99.9% of our contemporaries.  How many good men have been destroyed by not so good men?  There are simply times when I cannot -- Can't think  of the word, ah, I just did -- "countenance" mankind and our stupid fear and laziness that leads us to letting a set of half capable people, who believe in their own competence, and through their unrecognized prejudices, ignorances, and inhumane-ness, make decisions that lead to the tragedy and death of productive, but flawed, good human beings. Men, and women, far less flawed than the morally corrupt who impose tragedy, absurdity, and death, on 'better men' than they are.
Some examples: Socrates, Christ, Thomas Moore, Galileo, Dostoevsky, Bertrand Russell, Turing,  Oppenheimer,  and many, many more that I either don't know, have forgotten, or couldn't possibly have learned about.  Like the witches burned at the stake, the soldiers ordered into death's dream kingdom, the slaves butchered because they could be, the children starved to death, deliberately and by accident, all the victims of rape subsequently killed, or not. All of man's inhumanities to man are evidence that man does not deserve to have a life of any kind, not even an absurd one, lived in slavery, with death guaranteed, and love and hope unrequited, as we actually have.  Human Nature must be changed or destroyed, I'm for the change, but only because I'm an optimist: one who believes, against all evidence, that, in time, everything is going to be all right.
         But the only way it will be all right is, if and when, we make this world an Actual Democracy where each person votes for each law under which he lives, votes for each Executive that administers those laws, votes for each Judge who interprets those laws.
          Give financial, physical, and moral support to

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Republican saw:"You're talking class warfare", is incorrect. We've already lost the class struggle. The Founding 1% made sure we do not vote on the laws, do vote directly for the executives, and nobody votes for Judges. And they had the audacity to call this pre-defined 'old boys club' a Democracy. We have economic inequality, educational inequality, opportunity inequality, justice inequality, inequality inequality. The Representatives don't try and determine how to serve the people, only the "rich and powerful". They worry about "managing the people", not serving them. All the letters to your Congressmen and Senators are worthless. The gerrymandering has made Representatives the most corrupt people in the World. The Fifa corruption scandel is a joke compared to 500 men and women, our Representatives in Congress, who spend 4 trillion dollars a year and have Pac money they gouge from anyone and everyone for their personal benefit. And the Courts say this corruption is "free speech". And our Government's spying on the people, at tremendous cost and little return on the spying, is Constitutional, according to our Supreme Court of Injustice. This is the "Generation of Vipers" and they are our non-representing Representatives. Our Representatives won't vote for higher minimum wage or welfare for the children of unwed and unemployable mothers but they build 12 nuclear powered Aircraft Carriers, invade countries that haven't harmed us, lie to get our volunteer soldiers slaughtered on foreign shores, imprison the people who say all this corrupt stupidity is unAmerican, unconstitutional, inhumane, and evil, as well as dumb and hateful. We must instill an Actual Democracy to have a chance of any equality. Votes must be votes for the laws under which we live, directly, no intermediary who has sold his office, and his soul, for pieces of silver. The possibility of corruption must be removed from our government, that means Representatives must be replaced by direct elections of our public servants. Support

If we want to save the Earth from being destroyed by the greed of corporations and their managers we must vote on laws limiting what they can do to all of us in the name of their profits. The Representatives who we put in a position to be bribed and influenced by money and power whose small minds never dreamed such wealth was even possible can not stand against the temptation to take the bribes and sell out mankind, sell out their constituents.

The Executive branch has declared the last 5 wars, where the Constitution requires only Congress to declare war. And the fools were not even smart enough to win the wars they declared: Korea, Viet Nam, two in Iraq ( and heading for the third), and Afghanistan. They waste our treasure and say it's the poor taking it from the other poor that is the economic problem. They pit one class of powerless people against another powerless group and say, "There is the problem": The powerless are ruining this country! The greatest lie, the greatest political, moral, and inhumane lie of all time. The Representatives,to whom we gave the power of our votes, use that power against us! AGAINST US, the Citizens of the United States. The Courts condone it. The military industrial complex gets to spend, and steal, a Trillion dollars a year while our children owe hundreds of thousands for the poor education they got in failed and greedy Universities that the Representatives have given a place at the public trough of corruption. We don't weigh the value of education by a schools effective graduates, we measure their "endowment", how much influence money they have gouged from their graduates. We must throw the money changers, the greedy and immoral, the weak and immoral, the corrupt and immoral Representatives out of Government, once and for all, and accept our responsibility to govern, directly, our own Country, our own Corporations, our own economy, our own educational institutions, our public media and propaganda outlets, our own humanity and diversity, our own future.

We must start holding "Actual Democracy" rallies, conventions, speak-outs, marches, and change the Constitution so the people keep their power of making laws and accept the responsibility to do so. Join me, join each other, group-source, group-think, and group-act for the good of "One man one vote", on each law, for each major Executive Officer, for each Judge, and not let the rich and powerful corrupt the corruptible among us and use "Representatives" to make laws for the benefit of only the rich and powerful, and our demise.

We have lost the Class Struggle, so now we must do away with Classes. If we each have the same say in what our laws permit, and don't permit; in how our treasure is to be spent for the benefit of all; on how our children are to be equally educated and have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to the world according to their abilities; for our country to have a new birth of Freedom and Equality and not be ruled by one party, by no one philosophy, no one religion, no one class, no one ethnic race or group, where Justice can once again prevail and prisons hold criminals and not children who have made minor mistakes. And on and on with a litany of the corrections we can, should and must make to save our hope for any reasonable and just society.

Join the Association for the Advancement of Actual Democracy and work for Democracy, Equality, Justice, and Independence of thought and action. Oh, and send some money, The Cost of Freedom is more than vigilance, its cold hard cash, too.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Knowledge, comment to NY times

Knowledge, like consciousness (See William James) is not a thing, it is a process. The process is simple: we get information into the nervous system from the sense organs, so we can know what is in the  environment and to be able to react to it. This information is merged, if more than one sense receives it: both lightening and thunder; and the full set of time related information is merged and stored in  memory, as an experience. The experience can be recalled later, compared to other experiences, put into the form of words with the words relationships then added to the experience and to our memory. Association of memories and analysis of memories and new information come to conclusions to guide our actions. "Charlie fell into a hole in the rode. I'll avoid it." So knowledge is a result of analysis of information that assembles into experiences from which we draw conclusions. The information is true, it carries the facts of the environment, of the physical world. Knowledge is never true, it is correct or incorrect because it is an inference made for a time and is subject to revision as new information comes and new experiences are put into the dynamic neural processes of conclusion making. The major way this all fails is if we fail to care about the correctness of our current opinions, let someone else tell us the conclusions we should have, like media reporters or critics, religious leaders, or scientists. The scientists get more weight because they put the information on the table, along with the inferences and conclusions and tests. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

To The New York Times: Aiding the Government

To be trusted a Government must be trust worthy. The media's first responses after 9/11 was 'patriotic' and trusting. So you swallowed the errors of Bush, the lies of Cheney, the ignorance of Rumsfeld, etc. etc. The Times let the blind, and malicious, lead them. The whole Country did. We were treated as herd animals and reacted as herd animals. Our Representatives did their best to manage us faithfully, but on the basis of errors and lies, they were wrong. And, of course, they were wrong to try and manage us, and they are doing more of it today. The Media has signed up to help us be managed. Only when the people can make judgments based on solid information and scrutinized, critiqued, opinions will there be a chance of our acting correctly. Group-thinking, group-analyzing, group-sourcing, all work. They are based on the old idea that 200,000,000 (two hundred million) brains are better than one, or a few. Hamilton won this argument over Jefferson and the Constitution does not establish a democracy: the people don't vote on laws, for executives, or judges. Only the superior, special, better people do. And the Media supports this attitude. To cease being managed, lied to, unrepresented, sold out - for money, prestige, and power - we must cease to be a Representative Republic and become an Actual Democracy. See Support it, work for it, change the government so the people vote directly on the laws, executives, and judges. Then there will be no Media errors.

Friday, May 22, 2015

On the Bush Cheney Iraq War: re Jeb Bush as candidate

The whole 'non-political' nation knew, and certainly knows now, that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and the neocons lied about Saddam Hussein's,  involvement in the 911 attack and his weapons. The war was based on lies and deceit and led to 4,000 deaths and 25,000 wounded, trillions of dollars gone to get them killed, loss of moral integrity before the world community, loss of faith in the good sense and political judgement of the country, which is still growing, and the Republican belief in the infallibility of American judgement and military power. All the while corrupt, incompetent, bible thumping, anti-science, anti-reason, anti-American valued incompetents destroyed everything this country ever stood for before the tragedy of 911. And the Media went along, the Democrats went along, the people 'went along. Herd animals, as Nietzsche called us, wanting to be led, put our values and history aside and invaded on lies, lied about torture, lied about accomplishments, buried the dead in secret, burned up our grandchildren's tax dollars and future, for the greater glory of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, the Republican party, The Central Stupidity Agency, the United States military (who have not won a war since WWII), and the future contempt of all thinking, caring, human beings.
 And Obama refused to prosecute these criminals, let them destroy America's ideals and the Constitution with impunity. This is the Generation of Vipers, still consciously working to deceive.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Religion as sterile

Religion has proven itself sterile. It does not contribute to a search for truth. Truth is only to be found in its thousands of year old books that are the presumed word of an omnipotent and loving God. But neither the books not the priests interpretations of books help in solving the problems of life. They don't lead to more food clothing or shelter. They don't address our health care needs, transportation needs, communication needs. 

There are two explanation for our existence: science and religion. Religion gives no explanation as to how our existence works so gives no advice on how we can improve our lives and prepare for our future. That's wht I mean by its being sterile. It's truth cannot grow, it cannot be applied to physical problems, biological problems, or chemical problems. Religion ignores this world for the spiritual world, But we get no information from the spiritual world that can assist us in making cars and planes, in fighting diseases, in making new materials, new fuels, and discovering new applications for what we have previously learned. Praying to have a broken car or broken computer fixed is universally ineffective. 

And omnipotence is logically impossible. An omnipotent being cannot make a brick that he cannot pick up, or a sinner he cannot save, or a saint he cannot corrupt, and on and on. It is a logical contradiction. 

God helps them who help themselves is an admission that god is no help at all. We must look to science to solve problems. We do

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Comment on NYT Article about 'Patriot Ac'

Do any of us feel secure in our persons, papers and effects? Do we still believe that we will get due process of law after the Executive Office of the United States has imprisoned 700 men without bringing charges against them? Or torturing uncharged men? Is there any justification for our doing this? Yeah, sure somebody had weapons of mass destruction, didn't they? Well, maybe not, but we tortured some until they said they did. Our Representatives passed laws that did not represent our beliefs, our hopes for this nation, that our children will be forever ashamed of, only because our Representatives don't represent us, or care about our history of humane treatment for all men - and women. These Patriots did not Love Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law. They Loved, torture, Fear, imprisonment without charges, without trial, and without legal counsel. They are far more un-American than any citizens ever were who were said to be un-American. There is no more America where the poor and huddled masses yearning to be free can go to. It doesn't exist. Pity, it was, for one brief shinning moment, the inspiration of the World. Now it's just another place for frightened, cowardly, politicians to read our emails, listen to our phone calls, pay others to read and listen to them, and cause us to hate being Americans in this land of inequality, injustice, limited opportunity, poor education, and disintegrating social cohesion. Its plain to see we need actual Democracy: see But too late.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Four Blackwater War Consultants found guilty of murder of Iraqi murder

Killers were found guilty of killing during a war. It is just. But what about the deaths caused by the outrageous lies of the President, vice president, Secretary of State, the vast majority of our Representatives in both the House and Senate? I know we shrug off that George Bush and Dick Cheney started a war on complete falsehoods, lies that they repeated until the people who trusted the historical offices trusted the despicable people who held the offices at that time. The war cost over 3 trillion ( 3 times 10 to the 12th power, 3,000,000,000,000) dollars, 4 thousand American dead soldiers, slaughtered on foreign shores, 25,000 Americans wounded, and probably 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed, and 60,000 Iraqi soldiers. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, all the NEOCONS (new con artists) are murderers of all these men, women, and children. And worse, they have killed the Constitution: we are no longer secure in our persons, papers, or effects; we are no longer secure from being compelled to testify against ourselves, from cruel and unusual punishment, or from being deprived of our life, liberty or property without due process of law. Our Government is guilty of the Unconstitutional actions of Torture, war justified by lies, listening to all conversations and reading all mail; collecting the book titles we read, the clubs we join, the food we buy, the clothes we wear. Our Representatives universally manage our lives today. We are slaves and no Court has stopped them from enslaving us. The Republic has failed. We must install Actual Democracy, people voting directly on laws: see

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Response to NYT on Supreme Court Justices declaring Justice system broken

Of course the criminal justice system is broken. It's used to pay off political supporters with prison jobs: cooks, nurses, guards, Dr.s, and the ever present 'administration officers'. Go to the prisons, look at the parking lots on Wed. mornings, more cars than inmates. But the Supreme Court Justices have a lot of audacity to put the blame on Congress: they ruled that mandatory minimums and sentencing guidelines were Constitutional, then twenty years later said, well, no, maybe not so much. They let the late great Ronald Reagan take the word 'rehabilitation' out of the criminal code. He said, "Lock them up and throw away the key" and Congress did and the Supreme Court rubber stamped it, in the face of separation of powers. Congress took Judicial sentencing power from the courts and the courts let them. The prisoners know who the criminals are: the government. It doesn't represent freedom, the law, human dignity, forgiveness and help to the down trodden. It is what makes us downtrodden. Until the people take back their right and responsibility to vote directly on the laws we will be ruled by political hacks, unscientific religious fanatics, the oligarchy of money, corporations, and the military industrial complex, and the Supreme Court supports all this. Money is more important than people. Politics is more important than education, truth, justice, and our children's future, the Nations's future. I stress that we are not a Democracy. See Join it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Religious Liberty and Equality, nyt Brooks

Brooks frequently misinterprets America, through the colored glasses of misunderstanding the difference between right to believe and promulgate that belief and the right to act in accordance to that belief. God's laws, as interpreted by individuals and by their religious community simply come in in second place to the secular laws passed by the legislatures and in third place when put against the First Amendment. If your religion tells you to kill the infidel and you commit murder you are guilty of murder. God will love you but the people will punish you. If your religion tells you gay and lesbian people are the greatest offense to God ever imagined and you refuse to serve them you have deprived those people of their right to equal protection of the laws. You have broken the civil rights acts. You are a criminal. God may well love you, but the people will punish you. All men are created equal. Their Gods and goddesses are not created equal, some gods are interpreted to be vicious bigoted self-serving killers and war mongers. Some are less hateful. Some have drowned every human being on the planet except for one 'righteous' family.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Response to President Janet Glass of Bergen Ethical Society on Climate Destruction

The climate warming issue is immense, and I worked putting up signs, handing out leaflets, making calls and as a 'peacekeeper' in the parade. But a few months back Leader Joe Chuman presented us with just about all the major ills of our time: wars, both political and religious; government corruption where torture, ethnic and racial prejudice, bought elections, spying on the citizens, economic and legal injustice, a Supreme Court ruling that money is more important than people and its use to bribe our representatives is free speech; and on and on; is the norm of America's and the worlds human condition. In looking for the common denominator in all this active contempt for the rights of man and moral embrace of equality and justice I saw, and now firmly believe, that the Republic form of government endowed by history and our founding politicians, denies us, and all peoples governed by a representative government, the right of voting directly on the laws under which we live, of voting directly for the executives and judges of our current governments. As long as we avoid the responsibility of governing and permit others to use the power of lawmaking that we give them to use that power against the common good we will not even approach good governance, not approach Actual Democracy, but be ruled by those who buy and sell our representatives for their own economic, political, moral, religious, and generally corrupt selfish ends. We must stop wars, tear down police states, fix the environment and government, respect accepted goals for progress (while arguing what they should be), and enforce our core belief that all men are created equal and should equally determine their common fate by making all men responsible for choosing the basic aims of our species.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The future will be OK. Really?

This is way too optimistic. WE don't believe capitalism will go by the wayside. Certainly the billionaires don't believe it, or the Representatives the billionaires have bought sure don't believe it. The status quo is working, badly, of course, but it is working. And that is what conservatives wish to conserve, and do conserve, until they really do good and roll things back to the 50's. There really isn't class warfare, the average Americans lost it a long time ago. And there really is only one way to bring about reasonable economic policy: group source and group think and group vote all of America and its future. That means the people must take responsibility for voting on the laws themselves and no outsourcing law making to Republicans or Democrats. See While we have wealthy people who can buy representatives we won't have any freedom, justice, equality, or security until we group source the whole governing process. We should start, now.

Monday, March 9, 2015

On Obama's Selma Speech

The President spoke well. There is much that must be overcome, and we must overcome it. He failed to add that some of what must be overcome are his implemented policies: spying on all American citizens, denying us of our right to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects! He is  violating his oath of office on this issue: To protect the Constitution. He is violating the Constitution. What he says is correct, what he does is unconscionable violation of our most sacred rights. The U.N. calls force feeding torture and Obama is force feeding at Gitmo. Obama says America doesn't torture but the U.N. says it does. I say we do. Obama says the people don't go and vote. Why? he asks. But he knows why: the votes are useless. The votes are not for laws, not for the President, not for judges: they are votes for people who rule us, people like him, who sell their authority, or are talked out of using it. We vote for men and women who do not represent us but are paid to represent the special interests. Obama said Ferguson was racist but he and Holder refused to enforce the law charging whoever deprives another of his Constitutional rights, under color of State law, can, and should, face Federal trial for doing so. But this President, who speaks about justice, fails to execute the laws justly when a member of his own race is deprived his life without due process of law. Obama acts in contradiction to how he speaks. is next step in perfecting America.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Supreme Court on Health Care 3/4/15

This is nit-picking to destroy health care and equal access to affordable health care, and nothing else. The Right wing ideologues will vote that the people should not have equal access to anything, but they should, all their lives and for all purposes of governance, be managed by the government. They are not public servants, representatives have devolved to mangers of the people, not representatives of the people. Hamilton's idea that man is not wise enough to govern himself has completely overpowered Jefferson's opinion that the majority of the people can easily choose the best path for their own governance. Jefferson said if man is not wise enough to govern himself, "he should govern others?". And, of course, the governing representatives of our undemocratic Republic, know they are superior to the people in judgement, character, and wisdom. Even though there is massive evidence that no one is superior, on average, to any other member of our species. The Supreme Court has been so conservative throughout history that they have supported, slavery, monopolies, segregation, Money as more important than the people, Government is allowed to have secrets, to torture, to kidnap, to imprison without warrant or trial, to invade citizens homes without warrant, all in violation of the spirit and letter of the constitution, and only changing their rulings when 75% of the people completely rebelled against their generations old conservatism. We need Democracy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Critique of The American Evangelicals

Religion has been called many things, Criticized by many people, found wanting by many people. It has been central in almost all cultures. And after time, in all its forms, in the various cultures, it gets internally corrupted and replaces its dogma with a power seeking group of men who place themselves before the teachings of their religion and twist that teaching to become the justification of their dictates to the people. The Religious leaders of Nations don't "render unto Cesar that which Cesars". They use God, their interpretations of God and his texts, as a justification for their pushing their values, their philosophy, their opinions of how mankind should live, down the throats of the citizens of their Nation. They make a virtue out of being unvirtuous, intolerant of differing views, intolerant of different religions, intolerant of science, intolerant of questioning among their members. The American evangelicals are textbook examples of intolerance to any question of their motives or their need to dictate. They don't trust the will of God unless God happens to agree with them. And if the Testaments of their Religion contradict their opinions they lie as what the testaments say. This is not religion, this is power seeking using the name of God, the belief in God to justify getting power. It is laughable, pathetic, and self-defeating. The Bible tells them, "seek the truth" and when people do, they find this set of "Bible Thumpers" unGodly, immoral, and untruthful.

The Donovan case on Staten Island

The evidence of Donovan's incompetence, prejudice, and distrust of the people is written all over his actions. He could not get an indictment when he had a picture of a man being strangled, Mr. Eric Garner. He could not get an indictment when the coroner said the death of Mr. Garner was a homicide! He chose to not let the people decide if Mr. Panteleo had broken any law by trying him for the death of Mr. Garner. He put his judgement ahead of the peoples and put Mr. Panteleo beyond the judgement of a trial by a jury of his peers. Mr. Donovan put his judgement over that of a juries. It is criminal that he did so. There can be no justification, there is no justification, for such an egotistical, biased, illegal, action. He was derelict in his duty to his community, his oath of office, his profession, to the law, and to the Constitution. And his audacity is apparently unlimited. Having completely failed in his responsibilities to the people he now wishes to make the laws for the people. The man should be run out of public service because he has proven he will refuse to serve the public. He will serve his own opinions over the law, common sense, and the demands of justice. The man is unfit for public service. He doesn't believe in public service. He acts as if his opinion's are superior to the law. He is, of course, wrong. Supporting Donovan is supporting anarchy, the rule of man, him, over the rule of law, over the will of the people.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purpose of society, response to NYT article 2/11/15

The purpose of society is to guarantee each person life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness in any way they choose so long as that way does not deprive someone else of the same rights. Law and justice determine the line that determines if the deprivation takes place. The society should therefore enable each citizen to have equal influence in what laws are made to govern all the citizens. This is basic democracy. The citizens must then decide who will administer the laws and who will interpret the laws and fairly try those who violate the laws, as well as provide equal and just punishments for those found guilty. The laws the people make will provide for equal opportunities in economic, educational, health care, housing, and all factors of 'quality of life'. But that is their choice. To date, no society is run this way. Power, in the form of having greater influence over the laws governing us, reside in political parties, media outlets, extreme economic resources, religious influence, small groups of active people working for the groups benefit over the benefit of all. Society should be fair but man's basic corruptibility seemingly guarantees lack of fairness, favoritism. Only Democracy, Actual Democracy: people voting directly on the laws will be just. The Republic failed. No representative government will be just. Actual Democracy is required. See and http . Join, help, work.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On Dr. King Philosophy

The accomplishments of King cannot be limited to the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. The Supreme Court recently undermined the Voting Rights Act and the only Civil Rights Act that has any teeth is the Civil Rights Act of 1869: 42 USC 1983. King fought by way of NON-VIOLENCE and the white community is grateful. But they have missed the central point of why we fought the Civil war, tore down 'Separate but Equal' in Brown vs Board of Education: because we as a nation simply know that equality for all is the only way for there to be any real government of the people. Any white person, black person, or yellow person denied the fundamental rights of the Constitution is a denial of those rights to all persons. The schools no longer teach this. The Government no longer protects and believes this. The media no longer pay any attention to this, certainly don't promulgate it. And the people react against racial and class deprivations to get equal protection for the black community, or against the economic inequities, and the educational inequities. But they miss the fact that these inequities exist and harm not just those who suffer them directly but these inequities harm even those who cause them. If one of us is not secure in their person, is denied life and liberty without due process of law we are all denied it. Today, we are all denied it because the denial is systematic. The Republic has failed us all. See &

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The espoused bigotry and criminality of Pat Lynch

The following is from The New York Review of Books, Feb. 5, 2015 written by Michael Greenberg.

"Pat Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), which represents the 23,000 New York City officers below the rank of sergeant, went after Mayor Bill de Blasio. He said:
The mayor’s hands are literally dripping with our blood because of his words actions and policies and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a “wartime” police department.
Some of this was theater, a political game. Lynch had been attacking de Blasio for months; the PBA is in the midst of contract negotiations with the city and his message to the mayor, in part, may have been: “If you want me off your back, give us the contract we’re demanding.”
But there seemed to be more to it. Many cops are worried that, in the age of cell phones, mounted surveillance cameras, and now body cameras pinned to their uniforms, they are vulnerable to legal action for doing what they have always done—and have been taught to do—on the job. From their point of view, protesters and liberal officials were on a mission to turn the enforcers of order into potential criminals; rank-and-file patrolmen would be the ones to get sacked, publicly shamed, and even go to jail. In this sense, another message Lynch was sending about the murder of Officers Ramos and Liu was: “You see why we shoot before we ask questions with these people? Just leave us alone and let us do our job.”
 We must ask several questions about these statements of the President of the PBA: You seriously say out loud to the people of New York that "...we shoot first before we ask questions with these people?" So you advocate that New York policemen shoot people before they even talk to them? Isn't that the definition of murder? To just shoot people down in the street? What kind of man, let alone policeman, being paid by the people of New York City is this ignorant of law, morality, and police responsibility?
We must also ask who "these people" that "we shoot" are? But we know the answer. They are the profiled black, underprivileged Latino,  struggling  white CITIZENS of New York, guaranteed life,  liberty, and justice by the Constitution. This openly stated bigotry completely disqualifies this man from public service. He is a man with obvious problems with "THESE PEOPLE" and disqualified himself, publicly, from public service. The mayor, the Governor, and City Counsel should immediately remove this man from the police force. He is a self-exposed danger to law and order. "...we shoot before we ask questions of these people.." Criminal. Just criminal.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Yorker's false comparison of NYPD vs citizen killings...

Next weeks cover of the New Yorker. It equates the assassination of the two NYPD officers by an angry disgruntled disturbed individual with the systemic slaughter of citizens by their public servants. These are totally incommensurate, unless they are saying the police of the United States are angry disgruntled disturbed individuals. They are not. They are members of an organized police state using fear and terror to justify denial of our right to life and liberty, our right to be secure in our persons, papers and effects, our right to not suffer cruel and unusual punishment, like death by policemen.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Note on de Blasio and NYPD

The police, members of the Executive branch, turn their back on their City's Chief Executive, because that executive told his bi-racial child to not exercise free speech with the police, to not believe he will be secure in his person when dealing with the police, because the Chief Executive knew that the Constitutionally protected rights of free speech and to be secure in your person, papers, and effects were not respected in his city, by his police force, or maybe any police force in the United States. Effectively, the Chief Executive of New York told his son 'We live in a police State. Accept it, remember it, and cover yourself." All the parents of children of color tell their children that. And more parents should be telling their children. The Police got mad and turned their back on the truth. However, it is not the police that have made the police state. It is the Politically Elected officials of this Nation. And they will not tear it down. We are in the streets every day now, begging our officials to "Tear Down This Police State". They won't. Only when the people change the Constitution so they vote on the laws, like they vote for "The Voice", or "American Idol", vote directly for laws and not for other men to vote for laws, will the Police State be torn down. See It will take time, determination, a clear vision, hard work, to go from this failed Republic of the United States to the actual "Democracy of the United States" - begin.

Today's "free speech"

The Moral Majority, Political Correctness, whites not permitted to socially use the slang of blacks, Women being abused for seeking medical abortion, Bertrand Russell being refused a job at CCNY because he advocated birth control, Japanese Americans being interred in American concentration camps, Court orders not permitting publishing of grand jury hearings or Supreme Court deliberations, all this violates the letter and intent of free AND OPEN political speech, personal speech, and human rights derived from free speech. People with opinions and hopes, fears and causes, that they don't fully understand and defend in public debate always want to shut up people with different opinions based on facts: people like Galileo, Darwin, even Einstein (Nazi Germany didn't want "Jewish Science" (thankfully). If you can't win the argument you try to shut up the opponent. Like our guy in Moscow that the government can't shut up. We have removed the right of the people to be secure in their person, papers and effects from the constitution so being able to say I can say what I want is a bold faced lie. If I say the President should be .... some deplorable act ..., if I lie to the FBI I'm subject to being jailed, at least arrested and questioned; declared a terrorist, or worse, taken to Gitmo and tortured. We are punishing speech every day in this country. Hugo Black famously said he read "Congress shall make no law abridging.." to mean NO LAW. We have many, many, to keep government secrets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What we are denied

If our army isn't fighting for our freedom under rule of law what are they fighting for? 
If our Police are not providing us with freedom under law what are they providing for us?
If our government isn't providing us with freedom under law what is it providing for us?

We are not getting freedom under law and that's what we want, JUSTICE for each and every one of us. Reverend King explicitly said if the black community is deprived their rights then all citizens are deprived their rights, which is true and simple to see. One denied is ALL denied, One oppressed is ALL oppressed, One citizen killed in the street is citizenship killed in the street; it is law and order killed in the street; it is the power given to the government used against the people who gave the government that power: it is injustice.

We must insist our Executive officers and Legislatures ensure our rights are real and preserved and equally guaranteed to everyone, and applied to everyone, them included. That our public servants are held accountable when those rights are denied. We must demand this now.
 For the future we must quit begging our representatives to provide us with freedom and justice, under law by replacing the Republic of the United States with the Democracy of the United States. We must vote directly on our laws, directly on the Executive officers, and directly on the judges: AN ACTUAL DEMOCRACY, where we vote on laws under which we live, where no one "represents" us, where we represent ourselves, vote our hearts and minds and opinions into law.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Response to Officer Osborne explanation of Police backs turned to the Mayor

Certainly the police are offended enough to turn their backs on the Mayor. But the people don't like the "Police State" retired Officer Osborne acknowledges the City, and I assert the whole country, has become. The people are not secure in their persons when put to death by bullets or choke holds before they are charged with a crime. The people don't get the equal protection of the law when death by policeman is so common. The people are not afforded due process of law when shot and killed for little or no reason. For the people to simply request that the rule of law embedded in the Constitution's Bill of Rights be afforded them and their children, equally and fully without regard of race, color, religion, or anything, is for them to ask for the rights and privileges our soldiers have died for, our statesmen have promised us, our philosophers have concluded are our inalienable rights, and plain and simple justice. We don't have them in this Police State, this shadow of America, this disappointing America, this lost and hollow America. If the Police refuse to serve the public and the government cannot protect the citizens either from crime or the police then the people must replace all of them. We need City Counsel to cut all overtime, Police Union leaders to be fired, the top executives of the police force and the prosecutor's offices to be fired and the Police instructed to protect and defend the rights of all the people and face prosecution when they commit crimes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYPD, the New Praetorian Gaurd

The Praetorian Guard of our civilization is exercising it's power, the power that the Times euphemistically calls entropy instead of what it is: anarchy. The Police are not doing their job in the hope that they can cause anarchy and destroy civil obedience in order to blackmail the City into recognizing that the Police are not only above the law, but the source of law itself. It's how Rome fell. It works. If we the people don't control the enforcement of our laws and the making of our laws then we have permitted anarchy. We must simply fire the police union officials and the officers who want to rule us rather than serve us. It only takes courage, understanding, and the knowledge that the servants may want to rule but we cannot let them. They may well have the guns, the co-conspirators in the Attorney general's and District Attorney's offices, but they do not have the respect or consent of the governed. This is a confrontation of lawlessness verses the rule of law and the police are showing that they wish more and more power over the people and they will try to force anarchy on the City so the City will call on them, and their unconstitutional actions, to put down the anarchy. The people must hold all of the government, Mayor, City Counsel, and the Courts, to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Then the people must look to perfecting the system and become the Government directly, in an Actual Democracy, not a Republic: see

Friday, January 2, 2015

American dream

In the 1950's almost all the returning war II soldiers got educated. More houses were built per year than ever before. Schools were built, education thrived. Additionally Brown vs. School board said all the black children and white children had to go to school together. The miitary-industrial complex was built to take up 40% of our tax dollars. The useless CIA was formed and then McCarthey formed the "un-american" witch hunt and fear prevailed in the land. Un-declared wars were fought and the Constitution totally undermined by the Representataives who swore to protect and defend it. But opportunty exised in the industries, the steel mills and auto factories and construction. Children got scholarships and work study programs to get educated. Homes for families and schools for childen were built. Today our Representatives have sold the American dream to Wall street: they took downpayments for homes with mortgages the people couldn't pay then sold those bad loans as AAA grade inestments - because Congress was bribed to UNREGULATE them. The world economy hasn't recoved from that disaster. And the education today is paid by unsupported loans that the kids can't pay, the government has underwritten and so the lenders and universities have a hand directly in the US treasury and the kids can't buy houses, just debts. Oh, the debts aren't subject to bankruptcy. Wall street made sure our Representatives gaurnteed they would get their money. Dream of democracy: