Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYPD, the New Praetorian Gaurd

The Praetorian Guard of our civilization is exercising it's power, the power that the Times euphemistically calls entropy instead of what it is: anarchy. The Police are not doing their job in the hope that they can cause anarchy and destroy civil obedience in order to blackmail the City into recognizing that the Police are not only above the law, but the source of law itself. It's how Rome fell. It works. If we the people don't control the enforcement of our laws and the making of our laws then we have permitted anarchy. We must simply fire the police union officials and the officers who want to rule us rather than serve us. It only takes courage, understanding, and the knowledge that the servants may want to rule but we cannot let them. They may well have the guns, the co-conspirators in the Attorney general's and District Attorney's offices, but they do not have the respect or consent of the governed. This is a confrontation of lawlessness verses the rule of law and the police are showing that they wish more and more power over the people and they will try to force anarchy on the City so the City will call on them, and their unconstitutional actions, to put down the anarchy. The people must hold all of the government, Mayor, City Counsel, and the Courts, to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Then the people must look to perfecting the system and become the Government directly, in an Actual Democracy, not a Republic: see

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