Sunday, April 17, 2016

Republican War on Women

The Republican's war on women is an old long policy: The great "Ronald Reagan" personally propagandized against the women's rights Constitutional Amendment while he was President and kept it from becoming the law of the land. The Republican's shoved the lying and incompetent Justice Clarence Thomas, who knowingly lied on the Senate floor about his sexual discrimination illegal actions he committed while running the executive office that heard such cases, down America's throat in 1992, George Bush's last year in office. It was a disgrace to Truth, Justice, and all of America, but especially to the Women of this nation. And now the Republicans won't do their Constitutional Duty to address Obama's Appointment to the Supreme Court.
They say women should die before having abortions and they mean it. And they have written state laws saying just that every year since the Supreme Court ruled on the Constitutionality of Abortion in 1972, making abortion totally legal. There is a War on Women and woman's legal rights and the Republicans are running it. Just like they have run the Racial discrimination policy against President Obama.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Republican revolution.

The Republican 'revolt' against being the majority party in the 10 poorest and 10 worst educated states is easily understandable. The Republican base isn't the religious, rich, and conservative: it is people hoping to get rich, have a local minister, and contact with someone who can get them a patronage job. And for the last 8 years they haven't gotten the jobs, become rich, or seen a new minister. But now, the "revolutionary' candidates have really shown what the leadership really is: lacking dignity, without respect and totally lacking in honor. Trump and Cruz have no dignity, no respect, and totally lack honor, not honorable in their views, their speech, or even their background.