Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Trump phenomenon and Philosophy

Flim-flam flip-flop Donald Trump has risen to power by corrupting the willing. The racists and haters, in all their multitude of shapes and forms, simply know they are 'superior' to the others. The only way Trump could fully tap the power of the lost and disgruntled was to lead a cause of 'recovery' to a time of  'good and plenty' and to a philosophy supporting victimhood for the lost and disgruntled that justified how they became 'separate' from the recovering and hopeful.  The Birther idea was born and those who needed an explanation of how a black man became president were supplied with it. He was simply illegitimate. Barack Hussein Obama's color, race, intellect, character, temperament, ambition and drive to help did not disqualify him from becoming President of the United States. The people chose him despite the nagging unsupported racism nature appears to start us off with: the racism that we all must overcome when seeking 'the better angels of our nature': the racism based on the fear of the unknown. People who are different, yet who are also competitors for our necessities; people we can blame our troubles on, like the Christians who blamed the Jews led to Hitler and the holocaust; like the U.S. imprisoning the American Japanese, during World War II. Trump gave the conspiracy seekers the excuse that explained how Obama won over the voters: he was illegitimate "By Birth", and probably by upbringing and religion. He was one of the 'other' and so he must be justly shown to be impure, failing in all things, wrong in all things, evil in all things, evil in all ways. Just as the Jews who had 'killed Christ', who were clannish, who helped each other economically while taking from the non-jews, building their ghettos and working against 'The real Children of God'.

The lesser bigots of the Republican Party had already started the 'Opposition to Obama', the opposition to the 'BLACK MAN' who had won the majority of the people's votes but who was not worthy of the office and power put into his hands.

Nature and history gave us flim-flam flip-flop Donald Trump and he gave us the 'birther movement' and the republicans rewarded him by giving him their Nomination. Obama was to be overcome, his successor was to be defeated, the power to spread the gospel of  bigotry, hate, descension would support the Superiority of the Republican philosophy, of Trump's philosophy, that the emigrant Latino's, the Blacks, Moslems, all foreigners, even women, were inferior, unworthy of sharing any power, unworthy of any respect, simply unworthy, like the 'unclean' of the old Hindu caste system. Apartheid for America, brought to you by flim-flam flip-flop Donald Trump and the Republican party that didn't, and doesn't, oppose him.

When the good people don't raise up in opposition tyranny will prevail. Vote for a future of continued recovery from the Republican mess the republican Bush administration gave us. Vote for a future of rewarded hard work and where our progeny can carry on making a more perfect nation. Don't vote for the lost and disgruntled whiners who believe themselves to be 'The Real Americans'.  We have always repudiated would be Kings, would be saviors, would be 'special people'.  When Jefferson said "All men are created equal" he was also saying no one is created special.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump quits as Birther-in-Chief

After 5 years of deliberately stating and pushing the conspiracy theory that President Obama was not born in the U.S. Donald Trump said Obama was born in the U.S. He didn't say why he fought against the truth he finally admitted, when he knew it was true from the beginning. Why? He was playing the American people for fools, even has 30% of the people still believing that lie, that he knew was a lie for 5 years. He is a very confused and immoral person. Probably a textbook paranoid and a born looser. Which, if my father was correct and,"You cannot overestimate the ignorance of the American People, us included." means Trump, as sick and despicable as he is, will probably win. Meaning that a sick paranoid will be the President of the United States. We have met the enemy and it is us.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary and Trump on "Commander in Chief"

"Stupid is as Stupid does." Trump did say many "stupid things".  "I have a Plan". I won't tell you the plan.  Stupid!
 "President didn't take his advisors advice." They aren't advisors. They are 'analysts' who just give the facts, Jack. Stupid!
Putin is a good leader. Stupid!
"The generals have been reduced to 'rubble'". Stupid!
His old tweet that rape was a result of putting men and women together (justifying rape?). Stupid!
Trump knew absolutely nothing about the V.A. and said some of the suicides were caused by them being in pain and not having medicine when it's the other way around: they have too many opioids prescribed and are addicted. Stupid!

Hillary finally said she had a separate Government Server for the "Top Secret", etc. information she handled. And her private server was for public information.  The Congressional Committees are going to round NINE of failing to prove anything was wrong.  No harm came from the personal server.  Except the millions of dollars in time and energy of the Committee's to nail Hillary Clinton for not harming anyone and doing exactly what Colin Powell had done. !Stupid

What's wrong is all the Republicans trying to put lipstick on Trump and make a bright competent person out of him.  Can't be done. Stupid!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Comparing the Candidates

Hillary Clinton has made history. Donald Trump has made money. Hillary has been the first lady for 8 years, Senator for 6 years, Secretary of State for 4 years. Few people have served America so well and been insulted so much for doing so. I find the disrespect she has gotten from friends and foes alike, terribly insulting to my rather lax morality. Trump is a flim-flam flip-flop incoherent self-aggrandizing person with few, if any, principles and no public service. Imagine the audacity of entering politics by running for President. Well, why not start at the top? He says he's smart (and few smart people ever say anything so foolish). His judgement is questionable: three wives, three campaign chairpersons, and three positions on every important subject. Every day his flunkies have to come on television and say to the country what Donald Trump meant when he said something the day before. Why? Why do they have to explain? Because he doesn't know what he means and his incoherence needs clarified, or lied about. Pitiful.