Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary and Trump on "Commander in Chief"

"Stupid is as Stupid does." Trump did say many "stupid things".  "I have a Plan". I won't tell you the plan.  Stupid!
 "President didn't take his advisors advice." They aren't advisors. They are 'analysts' who just give the facts, Jack. Stupid!
Putin is a good leader. Stupid!
"The generals have been reduced to 'rubble'". Stupid!
His old tweet that rape was a result of putting men and women together (justifying rape?). Stupid!
Trump knew absolutely nothing about the V.A. and said some of the suicides were caused by them being in pain and not having medicine when it's the other way around: they have too many opioids prescribed and are addicted. Stupid!

Hillary finally said she had a separate Government Server for the "Top Secret", etc. information she handled. And her private server was for public information.  The Congressional Committees are going to round NINE of failing to prove anything was wrong.  No harm came from the personal server.  Except the millions of dollars in time and energy of the Committee's to nail Hillary Clinton for not harming anyone and doing exactly what Colin Powell had done. !Stupid

What's wrong is all the Republicans trying to put lipstick on Trump and make a bright competent person out of him.  Can't be done. Stupid!

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