Monday, September 5, 2016

Comparing the Candidates

Hillary Clinton has made history. Donald Trump has made money. Hillary has been the first lady for 8 years, Senator for 6 years, Secretary of State for 4 years. Few people have served America so well and been insulted so much for doing so. I find the disrespect she has gotten from friends and foes alike, terribly insulting to my rather lax morality. Trump is a flim-flam flip-flop incoherent self-aggrandizing person with few, if any, principles and no public service. Imagine the audacity of entering politics by running for President. Well, why not start at the top? He says he's smart (and few smart people ever say anything so foolish). His judgement is questionable: three wives, three campaign chairpersons, and three positions on every important subject. Every day his flunkies have to come on television and say to the country what Donald Trump meant when he said something the day before. Why? Why do they have to explain? Because he doesn't know what he means and his incoherence needs clarified, or lied about. Pitiful.

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