Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump's Failures

Donald Trump's Failures: 
Three Marriages. He was unfaithful to his wives, his vowels, and his intentions when making the vowels.
Doesn't honor his contracts: 3500 suits for non-payment. The ART of TRUMP's Deal is to not honor the deal. Use workers and subcontractors to make money on one end and don't pay them on the other end.
Failure as a citizen: Doesn't pay any taxes. Changed his political party. Changes his mind instantly if he sees a chance to make money, or now, to get votes.
Negotiates for his products to be made overseas where there are no unions, no government laws protecting against child labor, poor conditions of manufacture, and so he sells bad products under his name to the public.
He is the exceptional dis-honorable, lying, conniving, crooked New York businessman who has robbed nearly everybody he's done business with.
His answer for conflict: torture human beings. That's a "nice deal", that's a really good negotiating method.
If the Nation is failing economically "print more money". That's a thoughtful way to completely destroy a nation, that's a good negotiating tactic: cheat the whole world. It's worked for him all his life.
Financial success based on complete moral failures.
No principals, no integrity, no accountability, no honesty, and blames it all on other people, "The Mexican rapists", "The Muslim terrorists', "The irreligious", "the Administration", everybody who is not TRUMP.
Trump is a human failure, a failure as a human being: no service to the people,

Friday, June 24, 2016

Reaction to Britain Exiting the European Market and Trump

I fully understand the working people who have spent the last 8 years pulling us out of the Republican major recession and very little to show for it. I understand that you were cheated, mostly by the major corporations, probably with the help of your political representatives. But believing that just not supporting another politician is going to help is not overly sensible. First, the corporations were able to make tons of money and give the workers peanuts because we don't have Unions anymore. At least not unions in most areas, certainly not in small businesses, and in large businesses only a few that are fighting for the average worker. Ronald Reagan brought this to us, incompetent actor, and president, that he was. Communism has failed for the same reason: nobody looking out for the average citizen. Second, we can raise up and just put foolish people into office to have foolish people do more foolish things that do not represent an advance in our most basic needs: more of the capital that we generate going into our pockets, and not into the rich republicans pockets, where it won't be spent and won't be taxed. Do not bite off your nose to spite your face, it's not that bad a face. We fell asleep for half a generation. Don 't deliberately put hyour head in the sand and pretend you're asleep, hoping a complete fool will not do something foolish enough to cost us three generations of possible improvement.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The only way to solve current government failures.

There is only one way to change the money in politics, the gun policy,the climate change denial, and economic policy; and that's not to change the Representatives who are bribed by the NRA and the gun manufacturers, bribed by the 1%. The only way to change things is to remove Representatives from the process of law making where the people present bills and vote on laws directly. We need to Fire Congress and become the Legislature ourselves. We need an Actual Democracy. See:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Guns and Politics

There is only one way to change the gun policy, and that's not to change the Representatives who are bribed by the NRA and the gun manufacturers. That way is to remove Representatives from the process of law making where the people presnet bills and vote on laws directly. We need to Fire Congress and become the Legislature ourselves. We need an Actual Democracy. See

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Morality starts and ends with the concept of equality. If there are superior people who can treat others as less valuable than themselves then morality cannot exist. It's that simple. If someone else is a tool to your ends then you have no morality. We are all equal, as Jefferson noted, or there is oppression,slavery, and war. And no one is equal to the lawmakers until we all make and vote directly on the laws. See

Friday, June 10, 2016

Answer to Cuomo attacking "Citizens United" allowing huge money in politics

Of course the rich "buy" our Representatives. It's the oldest story in government, see Cassius lending money to Caesar. Of course the Supreme Court was wrong in saying the rich can buy the Representatives and it is a form of "free speech". Our Founding Politicians made sure they were the ones who made he laws, picked the President, picked the Judges, NOT THE PEOPLE. Now that we all know what history has demonstrated, the rich buy the Representatives, everyone is saying "we have to change this". No one is saying how. They look at it from the wrong side, actually backwards. We don't need to remove the money from buying the representatives from our politics, for two reasons. First it doesn't work, (see history, again). Secondly, the only way to be free of this influence, and politically free, with full and equal protection of the laws, is to make the U.S. an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY. We must vote directly on the laws we live under. We must vote directly for the Executives to administer the laws, we must vote directly for the Judges. When there is no one to bribe, when the people vote on the laws, they are free from the Oligarchic influence that "Citizens United" gives the rich and powerful. Nothing else will do it. see We must remove the Representatives and govern ourselves. There is no Democracy anywhere and there has never been one in history. The people have never ruled themselves.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sanders solution to money in politics is too narrow, too small.

The rich buy the Representatives in the House and Senate of the United States before the Representatives even run for their office. Being 'supported' by the rich, after they call you in and flatter you about being one of those who "think alike" with the decision members of this party, is the only way the Representative can accept the 'donation', talk himself into believing the flattery is true, and then faithfully climb into the rich 'supporters' pocket, like the 'good man' they believe themselves to be.  Nothing on Earth can stop this scenario. Revolution after revolution has replaced the corrupt receivers of bribes with the 'good men' who have revolted to 'stop the corruption' only to see the new 'good leaders' get corrupted and another generation or two later a new Revolution is required.

Now, Bernie Sanders wants to take money ojut of politics, take the influence of the super rich, out of politics, take the 1% that corrupt the Representatives out of politics. Not very much of a new idea.

The only way to end this cycle of revolution and corruption is take the Representatives out of the equation. There will always be rich and powerful men ready and willing to bribe any and all
legislative Representatives. Who make the rules, rules. They rule the country by getting the laws they want enacted by their corrupted Representatives. So you stop them by making the laws YOURSELF. You vote for the laws, not your Representatives. Not your Congressman and not your Senator. The people vote directly on the laws under which they live. This take one small Amendment to the Constitution; something like this:

 1. The legislative function of the United States shall be performed directly by the people according to Article I of the Constitution and legislation that the people enact. If a bill is passed it is then sent to the President for signature, veto, or pocket veto, following Article I Section 7 of this constitution.

And, if you're going to bother to change the Constitution section on voting, whcih has been changed 7 time already, Then add:

  2. The President and Vice President of the United States shall be directly elected by the people to four year terms and shall not serve more than two such terms.
3. One ninth of the Federal Judiciary shall be elected every year by the citizens of their respective jurisdictions. Currently filled judgeships will be elected in reverse order of their years of service, longest serving is next to be elected until all have been elected.
4. The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly carry out all other legislative functions stated in Article I of the Constitution, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State.

Then, Senator Sanders, hyou have a real revolution, that will end with an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY, With the people running their own government, and everyone being EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW, which is the very function of a government with a Constitution. Unless you are one of the Rich and Powerful or a Representative.


Obama = Worst President: NOT TRUE

Wrong. Bigoted Untruthful. Saved us from a depression. Killed Osama Bin Lauden when the Republicans let him hide in Pakistan. Health care for millions more. Unemployment rate from 12% down to 5%. Millions and millions of jobs created. 5, sount them, 5 American service died from conflicts they were in or around last year, not thousands. Torture, you remember no " cruel or unsusual punishments" prohibited by the 8th amendment. Stock market tripled in value. Car production largest in history in U.S. Which of these FACTS make him the worst President? Just your believing lies because a "Republican" talking head said them. You let yourself be used and they use you. Look this stuff up. Don't repeat stupidity because you're lazy.