Friday, June 24, 2016

Reaction to Britain Exiting the European Market and Trump

I fully understand the working people who have spent the last 8 years pulling us out of the Republican major recession and very little to show for it. I understand that you were cheated, mostly by the major corporations, probably with the help of your political representatives. But believing that just not supporting another politician is going to help is not overly sensible. First, the corporations were able to make tons of money and give the workers peanuts because we don't have Unions anymore. At least not unions in most areas, certainly not in small businesses, and in large businesses only a few that are fighting for the average worker. Ronald Reagan brought this to us, incompetent actor, and president, that he was. Communism has failed for the same reason: nobody looking out for the average citizen. Second, we can raise up and just put foolish people into office to have foolish people do more foolish things that do not represent an advance in our most basic needs: more of the capital that we generate going into our pockets, and not into the rich republicans pockets, where it won't be spent and won't be taxed. Do not bite off your nose to spite your face, it's not that bad a face. We fell asleep for half a generation. Don 't deliberately put hyour head in the sand and pretend you're asleep, hoping a complete fool will not do something foolish enough to cost us three generations of possible improvement.

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