Thursday, April 30, 2015

Comment on NYT Article about 'Patriot Ac'

Do any of us feel secure in our persons, papers and effects? Do we still believe that we will get due process of law after the Executive Office of the United States has imprisoned 700 men without bringing charges against them? Or torturing uncharged men? Is there any justification for our doing this? Yeah, sure somebody had weapons of mass destruction, didn't they? Well, maybe not, but we tortured some until they said they did. Our Representatives passed laws that did not represent our beliefs, our hopes for this nation, that our children will be forever ashamed of, only because our Representatives don't represent us, or care about our history of humane treatment for all men - and women. These Patriots did not Love Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law. They Loved, torture, Fear, imprisonment without charges, without trial, and without legal counsel. They are far more un-American than any citizens ever were who were said to be un-American. There is no more America where the poor and huddled masses yearning to be free can go to. It doesn't exist. Pity, it was, for one brief shinning moment, the inspiration of the World. Now it's just another place for frightened, cowardly, politicians to read our emails, listen to our phone calls, pay others to read and listen to them, and cause us to hate being Americans in this land of inequality, injustice, limited opportunity, poor education, and disintegrating social cohesion. Its plain to see we need actual Democracy: see But too late.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Four Blackwater War Consultants found guilty of murder of Iraqi murder

Killers were found guilty of killing during a war. It is just. But what about the deaths caused by the outrageous lies of the President, vice president, Secretary of State, the vast majority of our Representatives in both the House and Senate? I know we shrug off that George Bush and Dick Cheney started a war on complete falsehoods, lies that they repeated until the people who trusted the historical offices trusted the despicable people who held the offices at that time. The war cost over 3 trillion ( 3 times 10 to the 12th power, 3,000,000,000,000) dollars, 4 thousand American dead soldiers, slaughtered on foreign shores, 25,000 Americans wounded, and probably 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed, and 60,000 Iraqi soldiers. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, all the NEOCONS (new con artists) are murderers of all these men, women, and children. And worse, they have killed the Constitution: we are no longer secure in our persons, papers, or effects; we are no longer secure from being compelled to testify against ourselves, from cruel and unusual punishment, or from being deprived of our life, liberty or property without due process of law. Our Government is guilty of the Unconstitutional actions of Torture, war justified by lies, listening to all conversations and reading all mail; collecting the book titles we read, the clubs we join, the food we buy, the clothes we wear. Our Representatives universally manage our lives today. We are slaves and no Court has stopped them from enslaving us. The Republic has failed. We must install Actual Democracy, people voting directly on laws: see

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Response to NYT on Supreme Court Justices declaring Justice system broken

Of course the criminal justice system is broken. It's used to pay off political supporters with prison jobs: cooks, nurses, guards, Dr.s, and the ever present 'administration officers'. Go to the prisons, look at the parking lots on Wed. mornings, more cars than inmates. But the Supreme Court Justices have a lot of audacity to put the blame on Congress: they ruled that mandatory minimums and sentencing guidelines were Constitutional, then twenty years later said, well, no, maybe not so much. They let the late great Ronald Reagan take the word 'rehabilitation' out of the criminal code. He said, "Lock them up and throw away the key" and Congress did and the Supreme Court rubber stamped it, in the face of separation of powers. Congress took Judicial sentencing power from the courts and the courts let them. The prisoners know who the criminals are: the government. It doesn't represent freedom, the law, human dignity, forgiveness and help to the down trodden. It is what makes us downtrodden. Until the people take back their right and responsibility to vote directly on the laws we will be ruled by political hacks, unscientific religious fanatics, the oligarchy of money, corporations, and the military industrial complex, and the Supreme Court supports all this. Money is more important than people. Politics is more important than education, truth, justice, and our children's future, the Nations's future. I stress that we are not a Democracy. See Join it.