Sunday, April 5, 2015

Response to NYT on Supreme Court Justices declaring Justice system broken

Of course the criminal justice system is broken. It's used to pay off political supporters with prison jobs: cooks, nurses, guards, Dr.s, and the ever present 'administration officers'. Go to the prisons, look at the parking lots on Wed. mornings, more cars than inmates. But the Supreme Court Justices have a lot of audacity to put the blame on Congress: they ruled that mandatory minimums and sentencing guidelines were Constitutional, then twenty years later said, well, no, maybe not so much. They let the late great Ronald Reagan take the word 'rehabilitation' out of the criminal code. He said, "Lock them up and throw away the key" and Congress did and the Supreme Court rubber stamped it, in the face of separation of powers. Congress took Judicial sentencing power from the courts and the courts let them. The prisoners know who the criminals are: the government. It doesn't represent freedom, the law, human dignity, forgiveness and help to the down trodden. It is what makes us downtrodden. Until the people take back their right and responsibility to vote directly on the laws we will be ruled by political hacks, unscientific religious fanatics, the oligarchy of money, corporations, and the military industrial complex, and the Supreme Court supports all this. Money is more important than people. Politics is more important than education, truth, justice, and our children's future, the Nations's future. I stress that we are not a Democracy. See Join it.

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