Thursday, April 30, 2015

Comment on NYT Article about 'Patriot Ac'

Do any of us feel secure in our persons, papers and effects? Do we still believe that we will get due process of law after the Executive Office of the United States has imprisoned 700 men without bringing charges against them? Or torturing uncharged men? Is there any justification for our doing this? Yeah, sure somebody had weapons of mass destruction, didn't they? Well, maybe not, but we tortured some until they said they did. Our Representatives passed laws that did not represent our beliefs, our hopes for this nation, that our children will be forever ashamed of, only because our Representatives don't represent us, or care about our history of humane treatment for all men - and women. These Patriots did not Love Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law. They Loved, torture, Fear, imprisonment without charges, without trial, and without legal counsel. They are far more un-American than any citizens ever were who were said to be un-American. There is no more America where the poor and huddled masses yearning to be free can go to. It doesn't exist. Pity, it was, for one brief shinning moment, the inspiration of the World. Now it's just another place for frightened, cowardly, politicians to read our emails, listen to our phone calls, pay others to read and listen to them, and cause us to hate being Americans in this land of inequality, injustice, limited opportunity, poor education, and disintegrating social cohesion. Its plain to see we need actual Democracy: see But too late.

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