Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Religion as sterile

Religion has proven itself sterile. It does not contribute to a search for truth. Truth is only to be found in its thousands of year old books that are the presumed word of an omnipotent and loving God. But neither the books not the priests interpretations of books help in solving the problems of life. They don't lead to more food clothing or shelter. They don't address our health care needs, transportation needs, communication needs. 

There are two explanation for our existence: science and religion. Religion gives no explanation as to how our existence works so gives no advice on how we can improve our lives and prepare for our future. That's wht I mean by its being sterile. It's truth cannot grow, it cannot be applied to physical problems, biological problems, or chemical problems. Religion ignores this world for the spiritual world, But we get no information from the spiritual world that can assist us in making cars and planes, in fighting diseases, in making new materials, new fuels, and discovering new applications for what we have previously learned. Praying to have a broken car or broken computer fixed is universally ineffective. 

And omnipotence is logically impossible. An omnipotent being cannot make a brick that he cannot pick up, or a sinner he cannot save, or a saint he cannot corrupt, and on and on. It is a logical contradiction. 

God helps them who help themselves is an admission that god is no help at all. We must look to science to solve problems. We do

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