Saturday, May 23, 2015

To The New York Times: Aiding the Government

To be trusted a Government must be trust worthy. The media's first responses after 9/11 was 'patriotic' and trusting. So you swallowed the errors of Bush, the lies of Cheney, the ignorance of Rumsfeld, etc. etc. The Times let the blind, and malicious, lead them. The whole Country did. We were treated as herd animals and reacted as herd animals. Our Representatives did their best to manage us faithfully, but on the basis of errors and lies, they were wrong. And, of course, they were wrong to try and manage us, and they are doing more of it today. The Media has signed up to help us be managed. Only when the people can make judgments based on solid information and scrutinized, critiqued, opinions will there be a chance of our acting correctly. Group-thinking, group-analyzing, group-sourcing, all work. They are based on the old idea that 200,000,000 (two hundred million) brains are better than one, or a few. Hamilton won this argument over Jefferson and the Constitution does not establish a democracy: the people don't vote on laws, for executives, or judges. Only the superior, special, better people do. And the Media supports this attitude. To cease being managed, lied to, unrepresented, sold out - for money, prestige, and power - we must cease to be a Representative Republic and become an Actual Democracy. See Support it, work for it, change the government so the people vote directly on the laws, executives, and judges. Then there will be no Media errors.

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