Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On Dr. King Philosophy

The accomplishments of King cannot be limited to the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. The Supreme Court recently undermined the Voting Rights Act and the only Civil Rights Act that has any teeth is the Civil Rights Act of 1869: 42 USC 1983. King fought by way of NON-VIOLENCE and the white community is grateful. But they have missed the central point of why we fought the Civil war, tore down 'Separate but Equal' in Brown vs Board of Education: because we as a nation simply know that equality for all is the only way for there to be any real government of the people. Any white person, black person, or yellow person denied the fundamental rights of the Constitution is a denial of those rights to all persons. The schools no longer teach this. The Government no longer protects and believes this. The media no longer pay any attention to this, certainly don't promulgate it. And the people react against racial and class deprivations to get equal protection for the black community, or against the economic inequities, and the educational inequities. But they miss the fact that these inequities exist and harm not just those who suffer them directly but these inequities harm even those who cause them. If one of us is not secure in their person, is denied life and liberty without due process of law we are all denied it. Today, we are all denied it because the denial is systematic. The Republic has failed us all. See actualdemocracy.blogspot.com & assocactualdemocracy.com.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The espoused bigotry and criminality of Pat Lynch

The following is from The New York Review of Books, Feb. 5, 2015 written by Michael Greenberg.

"Pat Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), which represents the 23,000 New York City officers below the rank of sergeant, went after Mayor Bill de Blasio. He said:
The mayor’s hands are literally dripping with our blood because of his words actions and policies and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a “wartime” police department.
Some of this was theater, a political game. Lynch had been attacking de Blasio for months; the PBA is in the midst of contract negotiations with the city and his message to the mayor, in part, may have been: “If you want me off your back, give us the contract we’re demanding.”
But there seemed to be more to it. Many cops are worried that, in the age of cell phones, mounted surveillance cameras, and now body cameras pinned to their uniforms, they are vulnerable to legal action for doing what they have always done—and have been taught to do—on the job. From their point of view, protesters and liberal officials were on a mission to turn the enforcers of order into potential criminals; rank-and-file patrolmen would be the ones to get sacked, publicly shamed, and even go to jail. In this sense, another message Lynch was sending about the murder of Officers Ramos and Liu was: “You see why we shoot before we ask questions with these people? Just leave us alone and let us do our job.”
 We must ask several questions about these statements of the President of the PBA: You seriously say out loud to the people of New York that "...we shoot first before we ask questions with these people?" So you advocate that New York policemen shoot people before they even talk to them? Isn't that the definition of murder? To just shoot people down in the street? What kind of man, let alone policeman, being paid by the people of New York City is this ignorant of law, morality, and police responsibility?
We must also ask who "these people" that "we shoot" are? But we know the answer. They are the profiled black, underprivileged Latino,  struggling  white CITIZENS of New York, guaranteed life,  liberty, and justice by the Constitution. This openly stated bigotry completely disqualifies this man from public service. He is a man with obvious problems with "THESE PEOPLE" and disqualified himself, publicly, from public service. The mayor, the Governor, and City Counsel should immediately remove this man from the police force. He is a self-exposed danger to law and order. "...we shoot before we ask questions of these people.." Criminal. Just criminal.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Yorker's false comparison of NYPD vs citizen killings...

Next weeks cover of the New Yorker. It equates the assassination of the two NYPD officers by an angry disgruntled disturbed individual with the systemic slaughter of citizens by their public servants. These are totally incommensurate, unless they are saying the police of the United States are angry disgruntled disturbed individuals. They are not. They are members of an organized police state using fear and terror to justify denial of our right to life and liberty, our right to be secure in our persons, papers and effects, our right to not suffer cruel and unusual punishment, like death by policemen.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Note on de Blasio and NYPD

The police, members of the Executive branch, turn their back on their City's Chief Executive, because that executive told his bi-racial child to not exercise free speech with the police, to not believe he will be secure in his person when dealing with the police, because the Chief Executive knew that the Constitutionally protected rights of free speech and to be secure in your person, papers, and effects were not respected in his city, by his police force, or maybe any police force in the United States. Effectively, the Chief Executive of New York told his son 'We live in a police State. Accept it, remember it, and cover yourself." All the parents of children of color tell their children that. And more parents should be telling their children. The Police got mad and turned their back on the truth. However, it is not the police that have made the police state. It is the Politically Elected officials of this Nation. And they will not tear it down. We are in the streets every day now, begging our officials to "Tear Down This Police State". They won't. Only when the people change the Constitution so they vote on the laws, like they vote for "The Voice", or "American Idol", vote directly for laws and not for other men to vote for laws, will the Police State be torn down. See assocactualdemocracy.com. It will take time, determination, a clear vision, hard work, to go from this failed Republic of the United States to the actual "Democracy of the United States" - begin.

Today's "free speech"

The Moral Majority, Political Correctness, whites not permitted to socially use the slang of blacks, Women being abused for seeking medical abortion, Bertrand Russell being refused a job at CCNY because he advocated birth control, Japanese Americans being interred in American concentration camps, Court orders not permitting publishing of grand jury hearings or Supreme Court deliberations, all this violates the letter and intent of free AND OPEN political speech, personal speech, and human rights derived from free speech. People with opinions and hopes, fears and causes, that they don't fully understand and defend in public debate always want to shut up people with different opinions based on facts: people like Galileo, Darwin, even Einstein (Nazi Germany didn't want "Jewish Science" (thankfully). If you can't win the argument you try to shut up the opponent. Like our guy in Moscow that the government can't shut up. We have removed the right of the people to be secure in their person, papers and effects from the constitution so being able to say I can say what I want is a bold faced lie. If I say the President should be .... some deplorable act ..., if I lie to the FBI I'm subject to being jailed, at least arrested and questioned; declared a terrorist, or worse, taken to Gitmo and tortured. We are punishing speech every day in this country. Hugo Black famously said he read "Congress shall make no law abridging.." to mean NO LAW. We have many, many, to keep government secrets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What we are denied

If our army isn't fighting for our freedom under rule of law what are they fighting for? 
If our Police are not providing us with freedom under law what are they providing for us?
If our government isn't providing us with freedom under law what is it providing for us?

We are not getting freedom under law and that's what we want, JUSTICE for each and every one of us. Reverend King explicitly said if the black community is deprived their rights then all citizens are deprived their rights, which is true and simple to see. One denied is ALL denied, One oppressed is ALL oppressed, One citizen killed in the street is citizenship killed in the street; it is law and order killed in the street; it is the power given to the government used against the people who gave the government that power: it is injustice.

We must insist our Executive officers and Legislatures ensure our rights are real and preserved and equally guaranteed to everyone, and applied to everyone, them included. That our public servants are held accountable when those rights are denied. We must demand this now.
 For the future we must quit begging our representatives to provide us with freedom and justice, under law by replacing the Republic of the United States with the Democracy of the United States. We must vote directly on our laws, directly on the Executive officers, and directly on the judges: AN ACTUAL DEMOCRACY, where we vote on laws under which we live, where no one "represents" us, where we represent ourselves, vote our hearts and minds and opinions into law.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Response to Officer Osborne explanation of Police backs turned to the Mayor

Certainly the police are offended enough to turn their backs on the Mayor. But the people don't like the "Police State" retired Officer Osborne acknowledges the City, and I assert the whole country, has become. The people are not secure in their persons when put to death by bullets or choke holds before they are charged with a crime. The people don't get the equal protection of the law when death by policeman is so common. The people are not afforded due process of law when shot and killed for little or no reason. For the people to simply request that the rule of law embedded in the Constitution's Bill of Rights be afforded them and their children, equally and fully without regard of race, color, religion, or anything, is for them to ask for the rights and privileges our soldiers have died for, our statesmen have promised us, our philosophers have concluded are our inalienable rights, and plain and simple justice. We don't have them in this Police State, this shadow of America, this disappointing America, this lost and hollow America. If the Police refuse to serve the public and the government cannot protect the citizens either from crime or the police then the people must replace all of them. We need City Counsel to cut all overtime, Police Union leaders to be fired, the top executives of the police force and the prosecutor's offices to be fired and the Police instructed to protect and defend the rights of all the people and face prosecution when they commit crimes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYPD, the New Praetorian Gaurd

The Praetorian Guard of our civilization is exercising it's power, the power that the Times euphemistically calls entropy instead of what it is: anarchy. The Police are not doing their job in the hope that they can cause anarchy and destroy civil obedience in order to blackmail the City into recognizing that the Police are not only above the law, but the source of law itself. It's how Rome fell. It works. If we the people don't control the enforcement of our laws and the making of our laws then we have permitted anarchy. We must simply fire the police union officials and the officers who want to rule us rather than serve us. It only takes courage, understanding, and the knowledge that the servants may want to rule but we cannot let them. They may well have the guns, the co-conspirators in the Attorney general's and District Attorney's offices, but they do not have the respect or consent of the governed. This is a confrontation of lawlessness verses the rule of law and the police are showing that they wish more and more power over the people and they will try to force anarchy on the City so the City will call on them, and their unconstitutional actions, to put down the anarchy. The people must hold all of the government, Mayor, City Counsel, and the Courts, to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Then the people must look to perfecting the system and become the Government directly, in an Actual Democracy, not a Republic: see assocactualdemocracy.com.

Friday, January 2, 2015

American dream

In the 1950's almost all the returning war II soldiers got educated. More houses were built per year than ever before. Schools were built, education thrived. Additionally Brown vs. School board said all the black children and white children had to go to school together. The miitary-industrial complex was built to take up 40% of our tax dollars. The useless CIA was formed and then McCarthey formed the "un-american" witch hunt and fear prevailed in the land. Un-declared wars were fought and the Constitution totally undermined by the Representataives who swore to protect and defend it. But opportunty exised in the industries, the steel mills and auto factories and construction. Children got scholarships and work study programs to get educated. Homes for families and schools for childen were built. Today our Representatives have sold the American dream to Wall street: they took downpayments for homes with mortgages the people couldn't pay then sold those bad loans as AAA grade inestments - because Congress was bribed to UNREGULATE them. The world economy hasn't recoved from that disaster. And the education today is paid by unsupported loans that the kids can't pay, the government has underwritten and so the lenders and universities have a hand directly in the US treasury and the kids can't buy houses, just debts. Oh, the debts aren't subject to bankruptcy. Wall street made sure our Representatives gaurnteed they would get their money. Dream of democracy: assocactualdemocracy.com.