Friday, January 16, 2015

Today's "free speech"

The Moral Majority, Political Correctness, whites not permitted to socially use the slang of blacks, Women being abused for seeking medical abortion, Bertrand Russell being refused a job at CCNY because he advocated birth control, Japanese Americans being interred in American concentration camps, Court orders not permitting publishing of grand jury hearings or Supreme Court deliberations, all this violates the letter and intent of free AND OPEN political speech, personal speech, and human rights derived from free speech. People with opinions and hopes, fears and causes, that they don't fully understand and defend in public debate always want to shut up people with different opinions based on facts: people like Galileo, Darwin, even Einstein (Nazi Germany didn't want "Jewish Science" (thankfully). If you can't win the argument you try to shut up the opponent. Like our guy in Moscow that the government can't shut up. We have removed the right of the people to be secure in their person, papers and effects from the constitution so being able to say I can say what I want is a bold faced lie. If I say the President should be .... some deplorable act ..., if I lie to the FBI I'm subject to being jailed, at least arrested and questioned; declared a terrorist, or worse, taken to Gitmo and tortured. We are punishing speech every day in this country. Hugo Black famously said he read "Congress shall make no law abridging.." to mean NO LAW. We have many, many, to keep government secrets.

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