Thursday, January 8, 2015

Response to Officer Osborne explanation of Police backs turned to the Mayor

Certainly the police are offended enough to turn their backs on the Mayor. But the people don't like the "Police State" retired Officer Osborne acknowledges the City, and I assert the whole country, has become. The people are not secure in their persons when put to death by bullets or choke holds before they are charged with a crime. The people don't get the equal protection of the law when death by policeman is so common. The people are not afforded due process of law when shot and killed for little or no reason. For the people to simply request that the rule of law embedded in the Constitution's Bill of Rights be afforded them and their children, equally and fully without regard of race, color, religion, or anything, is for them to ask for the rights and privileges our soldiers have died for, our statesmen have promised us, our philosophers have concluded are our inalienable rights, and plain and simple justice. We don't have them in this Police State, this shadow of America, this disappointing America, this lost and hollow America. If the Police refuse to serve the public and the government cannot protect the citizens either from crime or the police then the people must replace all of them. We need City Counsel to cut all overtime, Police Union leaders to be fired, the top executives of the police force and the prosecutor's offices to be fired and the Police instructed to protect and defend the rights of all the people and face prosecution when they commit crimes.

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