Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On Dr. King Philosophy

The accomplishments of King cannot be limited to the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. The Supreme Court recently undermined the Voting Rights Act and the only Civil Rights Act that has any teeth is the Civil Rights Act of 1869: 42 USC 1983. King fought by way of NON-VIOLENCE and the white community is grateful. But they have missed the central point of why we fought the Civil war, tore down 'Separate but Equal' in Brown vs Board of Education: because we as a nation simply know that equality for all is the only way for there to be any real government of the people. Any white person, black person, or yellow person denied the fundamental rights of the Constitution is a denial of those rights to all persons. The schools no longer teach this. The Government no longer protects and believes this. The media no longer pay any attention to this, certainly don't promulgate it. And the people react against racial and class deprivations to get equal protection for the black community, or against the economic inequities, and the educational inequities. But they miss the fact that these inequities exist and harm not just those who suffer them directly but these inequities harm even those who cause them. If one of us is not secure in their person, is denied life and liberty without due process of law we are all denied it. Today, we are all denied it because the denial is systematic. The Republic has failed us all. See actualdemocracy.blogspot.com & assocactualdemocracy.com.

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