Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What we are denied

If our army isn't fighting for our freedom under rule of law what are they fighting for? 
If our Police are not providing us with freedom under law what are they providing for us?
If our government isn't providing us with freedom under law what is it providing for us?

We are not getting freedom under law and that's what we want, JUSTICE for each and every one of us. Reverend King explicitly said if the black community is deprived their rights then all citizens are deprived their rights, which is true and simple to see. One denied is ALL denied, One oppressed is ALL oppressed, One citizen killed in the street is citizenship killed in the street; it is law and order killed in the street; it is the power given to the government used against the people who gave the government that power: it is injustice.

We must insist our Executive officers and Legislatures ensure our rights are real and preserved and equally guaranteed to everyone, and applied to everyone, them included. That our public servants are held accountable when those rights are denied. We must demand this now.
 For the future we must quit begging our representatives to provide us with freedom and justice, under law by replacing the Republic of the United States with the Democracy of the United States. We must vote directly on our laws, directly on the Executive officers, and directly on the judges: AN ACTUAL DEMOCRACY, where we vote on laws under which we live, where no one "represents" us, where we represent ourselves, vote our hearts and minds and opinions into law.

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