Sunday, October 30, 2016

Comey and His Dirty Tricks

Republican Comey is using his office at the FBI, not evidence or justice, to determine the election. He should be viewed as he is: a Republican using every 'dirty trick' that can be found, to destroy his reputation and the Government of the United States. This is a dangerous, selfish, and wrong person to tell you how to vote. And that is what he is doing. Don't let yourself be swung on the basis of rumor. And that's all he's given America. He's an FBI rumor mill. Nothing else.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Actual Democracy, one more time, for the election..

We need to vote directly on the laws under which we live. We need to vote directly for the President, and we need to elect the Federal Judges. All of the Government must be directly answerable to the people. Money will not be able to buy our representatives because we won't have any legislative representatives. Political equality follows from each person having the same power over their own life and over the life of the country. Freedom follows along. The 1% buys our representatives every election and after every election. We debate over social media. We vote electronically over television shows: The Voice, American Idol, etc. We can and should debate our laws and debate over our executive officers and federal judges and then vote for them. The will of the people should be the Government. We don't need represented. We are wise enough to govern ourselves. Our Representatives rule us. Rousseau called Representatives the elected Aristocracy. There will be no small group to be corrupted by fame,power, money, and ego. We will make mistakes and then correct them, like Prohibition. Actual Democracy is the only way for a people to be free and equal. The Founding Fathers knew this but chose to have an elite group of professional politicians govern us because they concluded man was Not Wise enough to govern himself. All but Jefferson. Jefferson's reply was, If man is not wise enough to govern himself, he sould govern others? See