Sunday, May 28, 2017

The systematic undermining of the American people.

McConnell is much worse than Trump. Trump is using the people only for his own purposes. McConnell is using them to maintain power over the people systematically, and against their own interest, for the Republican Party. Like Carl Rove. He knows he is using the ignorance, prejudice of the raw uneducated citizens of the land as a weapon to get and keep power over them so he can perpetuate that power and the ignorance it comes from. They pander to the poor to keep the rich rich. They pander to the religious so they can spend 4 Trillion of our dollars a year. They elect the worst lawyers in the country, the ones that can't get a decent job, by giving them money to run with and then use them to perpetuate their power in the Congress. The only way to stop them is fire them all: make America an Actual Democracy where the people 'represent themselves' by voting directly on the laws, not on people to make their laws. Where the people vote directly for Executives and members of an electoral college. Where they vote directly on Judges and make them answerable t o the people. See:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump's Repeated Treason.

Treason! Giving Aide and comfort to the enemy. Assisting a foreign government to interfere in the internal processes of our Government. Trump has done it many, many, times. He changed a plank in the Republican platform to not give weapons to the Ukraine. He asked Russia to hack the democrats computers to 'find the missing 30,000 missing emails. He had Flynn tell Putin, via the Russian Ambassador, to not respond to Obama's adding sanctions and kicking Russian spies out of the United States. Putin agreed, and did not react. He now gives top secrets to the Russian Ambassador and Russian Foreign Minister. Traitor. Certainly committed an "High Crime (Treason), and misdemeanors". He should impeached. Then tried for Treason.

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Profession of Vipers

Its obvious that the most corrupt profession, the profession that holds us in utter contempt, that consistently lies to us, that has the least respect for us, that takes our money, our blood, sweat, and tears, even our children, and imprisons them, sends them to war to die, is utterly dishonorable, and is truly a profession of vipers, are our Legislative, Executive, and Judicial officers, our Governmental Representatives.

It is incumbent upon us to change this. They have now taken away 70 years of struggle that resulted in an initial, and flawed, health care system. They have literally become killers of our children, our killers, destroyers of our trust, of our love for each other, of our respect for each other and the historical struggle that led us to a successful and honored quality and quantity of life. Their cynicism and hypocrisy have no bounds.  They take our tax dollars and use them against us. They take our votes and use them against us. They mock our needs and laugh at our poverty without any attempt to even cover up doing so. And we take it, and take it, and take it.

If the very idea of America, the idea that we are all equal, that we are are all entitled to justice before the law, that we should be free of fear, hunger, and disease, that opportunities are not to be bought and sold in a corrupt market place, if these basic needs are to survive as the aspirations of this Nation, or any Nation, the form and function of our Government must change.


We must change the Government into an Actual Democracy, Into a government where we vote directly on the laws, without representatives that sell us and their offices to the Rich and Powerful. Into a government where money is not more important than people. We must vote directly for the Executives that spend our tax dollars for our benefit and not just the benefit of the rich and powerful, or of party, friends, family. or supporters. We must vote directly for the Judiciary and make them responsible to our wishes and needs and not just to the wishes and needs of oligarch class. See Don't work to change the corrupt and corruptible Representatives. Work to make them unnecessary, unwanted, and powerless.