Saturday, July 30, 2016

Note on Trump

Donald Trump is a sharp desperate man. He's desperate for fame and power. But he lacks the dignity, humor, and humanity to deserve them. He has no real empathy for the history of our country and the struggles that it took to build it. There is something real in inexperience in public service: you don't end up thinking of yourself first when you have served the people. He can't govern because he lacks the deep understanding of what governing is: doing the peoples business, not your own. All the talk about his unsuitability and shakey character, lack of morals and contempt for civility is correct, but it won't win when the votes of the uncivil. This race comes down to love of country verses contempt of government. When people believe they can change the government, without changing the country, they miss the whole point. I would only caution all of us, if you seek change for the sake of change, be careful of what you get. Greece got Alexander, Rome got Caesar, England got Henry the Eighth, France got Napoleon, Germany got Hitler, Russia got Stalin, and on and on... Power corrupts, especially a corrupt person seeking to get it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Plagiarism revisited...

The Trump school of plagiarism is in disarray. Paul Manafort, the campaign manager, said there, for two days, there was no plagiarism, just common words. He was lying and the whole nation knew he was lying. Then Meredith McIver fell on her sword and said she was to blame. Making Manafort a double-down liar, for two days, and someone who wasn't well respected before he got and television and lied to people, in front of God and everybody else. They stole Michelle Obama words praising he upbringing and her husband, because they were the best praise of a husband and family morals they could find. Then, when their theft of the creative product of Michelle Obama was easily made, they sent out a memo to all the campaign works to deny the truth. To lie to America and the world. And they did. Especially Manafort. Vicious, unprincipled man that he has been for years, like the man who hired him, Donald Trump. We can never believe a word Trump or his campaign says again, if we ever could. They are all unprincipled, liars with no moral, no honor, no principles, and no respect. And they say the Obamas are not to be trusted. Seems like Trump and all around him are just scum. Pity.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trumps plagiarizerism

Melania Trumps plagiarizerism was more than taking Michelle Obama's words. She, or they, wanted to take her creative spirit, her success at communicating her respect and affection to the husband she honored, worked with, argued with, believed in, as Michelle had done in 2008 when her husband, Barrack Hussein Obama, when he had first been nominated to be the Democratic candidate for President. They wanted to take that and give it to Melania. She only got the words, at best, as she could remember them. She didn't get the respect and affection into her speech because her husband isn't worthy of it and she couldn't talk herself into believing he was. Anyway,plagiarism is more than failure to attribute quotes stated to the author or originator of the words. It is stealing the creative product of another person. And that is a normal Trumpism: take what you want, then lie about taking it, and screw up how you use it. Damned fools can't even do something wrong right.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump & his VP, Pence

The Republicans are beautiful: the VP pick, Gov. Mike Pence, and Donald Trump, both sold out on their personal philosophies,. personal moralities. Trump is a racist, anti-establishment, billionaire; Pence is a staunch anti-abortionist, conservative to the bone, and has previously damned Trump on his racism and bigotry. But they both say the other guy is ok, now. Talk about sellouts, they sold out their stated opinions because, I guess, "winning is everything", principles be damned. "Good old boys selling their souls for the hope of votes from people they hope don't have any principles or honor, also.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


There's a discussion going on about the state of racism in the United States. There is a great example in the congressional treatment of President Obama. They opposed him on many issues not because of philosophy or political stance: they opposed his policies because he is a black man. As racist and obvious a fact as one can see. It is written large across the acts of Congress. The Republican leadership, at a minimum, is obviously racist. And it is a shame.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On Hilary Clinton's Email Servers,according to James Comey

James Comey, the head of the FBI, put the gratuitous statement in his report that "it is possible" that Hilary Clinton's email server was hacked. Since it is possible that it was hacked then it is possible that the 110 documents the FBI found were put there by the Hackers. Or by God, or possibly by Comer himself. The man said there was no evidence of the servers being breached then added it was possible - with no need to say so. It's a Republican bone thrown to the Republican Clinton "Haters". So much for his renowned "integrity", the man's a bigoted, prejudiced, tool. And he degraded himself to aid the bigoted, racist, foolish, ugly, Donald Trump; just like all the other "honorable" high ranking Republicans. Something is rotten in America when 'honorable' men are supporting an ignorant racist, bully, and thief (See Trump University), named Donald Trump. "What fools these mortals be."

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The media and the News

The media is on my mind. They have abdicated "reporting" the news and have decided to "explain" the news after they have defined what is news. The first problem is they believe that our human fallibility, our fair percentage of actions and statements being "wrong" or contradictory,  is news. They wish to show the "human" in others is a failure in them. Mistakes are not what "good people" make. Trump has shoved that opinion down their throat and they are choking on it. The world of mankind is not just intellect, it is also character. But the media will attack those whose "character" does not meet their definition of "good character". The failure of the media is the belief that it's prejudices and definitions of "good" should be that of the people. It is the other way around. What the people believe to be "good" is the basis of moral judgments. The media are trying to not only define the news, but to make the news, and to entertain us with the news. It's failing in all three spots. Pity.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The whining Middle Class

The middle class is whining. The 1% gets too much money from their work and they don 't get enough. Well, it's true. It has always been true, it's just more greedy and unconscionable today. So what? The middle class let their Unions do what their government had previously done: get corrupted or taken over by the 1%. The 1% has bought the Union Representatives, what few there are left, just like they did the Congressmen and Senators. You can't take your country back because you never had it! This is a Republic, which means an elected aristocracy (Rousseau) and the 'real' Nobles are the multi-billionaires. Unit you represent yourself, until each voice is backed up by each vote, directly for the laws we live under, directly on how to spend 4 trillion dollars every year, you will never have equality of anything; not opportunity, not before the law, not in the economy, not in political power, not, as just said, anything. We need an actual democracy. And we need to start fighting for it now: end inequality, end powerlessness, end the Oligarchy of the Rich. There are no superior people. Especially not our Representatives.