Sunday, July 3, 2016

The media and the News

The media is on my mind. They have abdicated "reporting" the news and have decided to "explain" the news after they have defined what is news. The first problem is they believe that our human fallibility, our fair percentage of actions and statements being "wrong" or contradictory,  is news. They wish to show the "human" in others is a failure in them. Mistakes are not what "good people" make. Trump has shoved that opinion down their throat and they are choking on it. The world of mankind is not just intellect, it is also character. But the media will attack those whose "character" does not meet their definition of "good character". The failure of the media is the belief that it's prejudices and definitions of "good" should be that of the people. It is the other way around. What the people believe to be "good" is the basis of moral judgments. The media are trying to not only define the news, but to make the news, and to entertain us with the news. It's failing in all three spots. Pity.

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