Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trumps plagiarizerism

Melania Trumps plagiarizerism was more than taking Michelle Obama's words. She, or they, wanted to take her creative spirit, her success at communicating her respect and affection to the husband she honored, worked with, argued with, believed in, as Michelle had done in 2008 when her husband, Barrack Hussein Obama, when he had first been nominated to be the Democratic candidate for President. They wanted to take that and give it to Melania. She only got the words, at best, as she could remember them. She didn't get the respect and affection into her speech because her husband isn't worthy of it and she couldn't talk herself into believing he was. Anyway,plagiarism is more than failure to attribute quotes stated to the author or originator of the words. It is stealing the creative product of another person. And that is a normal Trumpism: take what you want, then lie about taking it, and screw up how you use it. Damned fools can't even do something wrong right.

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