Saturday, July 2, 2016

The whining Middle Class

The middle class is whining. The 1% gets too much money from their work and they don 't get enough. Well, it's true. It has always been true, it's just more greedy and unconscionable today. So what? The middle class let their Unions do what their government had previously done: get corrupted or taken over by the 1%. The 1% has bought the Union Representatives, what few there are left, just like they did the Congressmen and Senators. You can't take your country back because you never had it! This is a Republic, which means an elected aristocracy (Rousseau) and the 'real' Nobles are the multi-billionaires. Unit you represent yourself, until each voice is backed up by each vote, directly for the laws we live under, directly on how to spend 4 trillion dollars every year, you will never have equality of anything; not opportunity, not before the law, not in the economy, not in political power, not, as just said, anything. We need an actual democracy. And we need to start fighting for it now: end inequality, end powerlessness, end the Oligarchy of the Rich. There are no superior people. Especially not our Representatives.

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