Saturday, July 30, 2016

Note on Trump

Donald Trump is a sharp desperate man. He's desperate for fame and power. But he lacks the dignity, humor, and humanity to deserve them. He has no real empathy for the history of our country and the struggles that it took to build it. There is something real in inexperience in public service: you don't end up thinking of yourself first when you have served the people. He can't govern because he lacks the deep understanding of what governing is: doing the peoples business, not your own. All the talk about his unsuitability and shakey character, lack of morals and contempt for civility is correct, but it won't win when the votes of the uncivil. This race comes down to love of country verses contempt of government. When people believe they can change the government, without changing the country, they miss the whole point. I would only caution all of us, if you seek change for the sake of change, be careful of what you get. Greece got Alexander, Rome got Caesar, England got Henry the Eighth, France got Napoleon, Germany got Hitler, Russia got Stalin, and on and on... Power corrupts, especially a corrupt person seeking to get it.

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