Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Plagiarism revisited...

The Trump school of plagiarism is in disarray. Paul Manafort, the campaign manager, said there, for two days, there was no plagiarism, just common words. He was lying and the whole nation knew he was lying. Then Meredith McIver fell on her sword and said she was to blame. Making Manafort a double-down liar, for two days, and someone who wasn't well respected before he got and television and lied to people, in front of God and everybody else. They stole Michelle Obama words praising he upbringing and her husband, because they were the best praise of a husband and family morals they could find. Then, when their theft of the creative product of Michelle Obama was easily made, they sent out a memo to all the campaign works to deny the truth. To lie to America and the world. And they did. Especially Manafort. Vicious, unprincipled man that he has been for years, like the man who hired him, Donald Trump. We can never believe a word Trump or his campaign says again, if we ever could. They are all unprincipled, liars with no moral, no honor, no principles, and no respect. And they say the Obamas are not to be trusted. Seems like Trump and all around him are just scum. Pity.

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