Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Human Nature

Just watched "The Imitation Game". Once again I find a biography that makes me angry at all of our ancestors, and 99.9% of our contemporaries.  How many good men have been destroyed by not so good men?  There are simply times when I cannot -- Can't think  of the word, ah, I just did -- "countenance" mankind and our stupid fear and laziness that leads us to letting a set of half capable people, who believe in their own competence, and through their unrecognized prejudices, ignorances, and inhumane-ness, make decisions that lead to the tragedy and death of productive, but flawed, good human beings. Men, and women, far less flawed than the morally corrupt who impose tragedy, absurdity, and death, on 'better men' than they are.
Some examples: Socrates, Christ, Thomas Moore, Galileo, Dostoevsky, Bertrand Russell, Turing,  Oppenheimer,  and many, many more that I either don't know, have forgotten, or couldn't possibly have learned about.  Like the witches burned at the stake, the soldiers ordered into death's dream kingdom, the slaves butchered because they could be, the children starved to death, deliberately and by accident, all the victims of rape subsequently killed, or not. All of man's inhumanities to man are evidence that man does not deserve to have a life of any kind, not even an absurd one, lived in slavery, with death guaranteed, and love and hope unrequited, as we actually have.  Human Nature must be changed or destroyed, I'm for the change, but only because I'm an optimist: one who believes, against all evidence, that, in time, everything is going to be all right.
         But the only way it will be all right is, if and when, we make this world an Actual Democracy where each person votes for each law under which he lives, votes for each Executive that administers those laws, votes for each Judge who interprets those laws.
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Republican saw:"You're talking class warfare", is incorrect. We've already lost the class struggle. The Founding 1% made sure we do not vote on the laws, do vote directly for the executives, and nobody votes for Judges. And they had the audacity to call this pre-defined 'old boys club' a Democracy. We have economic inequality, educational inequality, opportunity inequality, justice inequality, inequality inequality. The Representatives don't try and determine how to serve the people, only the "rich and powerful". They worry about "managing the people", not serving them. All the letters to your Congressmen and Senators are worthless. The gerrymandering has made Representatives the most corrupt people in the World. The Fifa corruption scandel is a joke compared to 500 men and women, our Representatives in Congress, who spend 4 trillion dollars a year and have Pac money they gouge from anyone and everyone for their personal benefit. And the Courts say this corruption is "free speech". And our Government's spying on the people, at tremendous cost and little return on the spying, is Constitutional, according to our Supreme Court of Injustice. This is the "Generation of Vipers" and they are our non-representing Representatives. Our Representatives won't vote for higher minimum wage or welfare for the children of unwed and unemployable mothers but they build 12 nuclear powered Aircraft Carriers, invade countries that haven't harmed us, lie to get our volunteer soldiers slaughtered on foreign shores, imprison the people who say all this corrupt stupidity is unAmerican, unconstitutional, inhumane, and evil, as well as dumb and hateful. We must instill an Actual Democracy to have a chance of any equality. Votes must be votes for the laws under which we live, directly, no intermediary who has sold his office, and his soul, for pieces of silver. The possibility of corruption must be removed from our government, that means Representatives must be replaced by direct elections of our public servants. Support

If we want to save the Earth from being destroyed by the greed of corporations and their managers we must vote on laws limiting what they can do to all of us in the name of their profits. The Representatives who we put in a position to be bribed and influenced by money and power whose small minds never dreamed such wealth was even possible can not stand against the temptation to take the bribes and sell out mankind, sell out their constituents.

The Executive branch has declared the last 5 wars, where the Constitution requires only Congress to declare war. And the fools were not even smart enough to win the wars they declared: Korea, Viet Nam, two in Iraq ( and heading for the third), and Afghanistan. They waste our treasure and say it's the poor taking it from the other poor that is the economic problem. They pit one class of powerless people against another powerless group and say, "There is the problem": The powerless are ruining this country! The greatest lie, the greatest political, moral, and inhumane lie of all time. The Representatives,to whom we gave the power of our votes, use that power against us! AGAINST US, the Citizens of the United States. The Courts condone it. The military industrial complex gets to spend, and steal, a Trillion dollars a year while our children owe hundreds of thousands for the poor education they got in failed and greedy Universities that the Representatives have given a place at the public trough of corruption. We don't weigh the value of education by a schools effective graduates, we measure their "endowment", how much influence money they have gouged from their graduates. We must throw the money changers, the greedy and immoral, the weak and immoral, the corrupt and immoral Representatives out of Government, once and for all, and accept our responsibility to govern, directly, our own Country, our own Corporations, our own economy, our own educational institutions, our public media and propaganda outlets, our own humanity and diversity, our own future.

We must start holding "Actual Democracy" rallies, conventions, speak-outs, marches, and change the Constitution so the people keep their power of making laws and accept the responsibility to do so. Join me, join each other, group-source, group-think, and group-act for the good of "One man one vote", on each law, for each major Executive Officer, for each Judge, and not let the rich and powerful corrupt the corruptible among us and use "Representatives" to make laws for the benefit of only the rich and powerful, and our demise.

We have lost the Class Struggle, so now we must do away with Classes. If we each have the same say in what our laws permit, and don't permit; in how our treasure is to be spent for the benefit of all; on how our children are to be equally educated and have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to the world according to their abilities; for our country to have a new birth of Freedom and Equality and not be ruled by one party, by no one philosophy, no one religion, no one class, no one ethnic race or group, where Justice can once again prevail and prisons hold criminals and not children who have made minor mistakes. And on and on with a litany of the corrections we can, should and must make to save our hope for any reasonable and just society.

Join the Association for the Advancement of Actual Democracy and work for Democracy, Equality, Justice, and Independence of thought and action. Oh, and send some money, The Cost of Freedom is more than vigilance, its cold hard cash, too.