Sunday, April 23, 2017

Comey and the 2016 election with Trump's Treason as well known....

I firmly believe Comey realized early on in the election that Trump and his people were conspiring with the Russians for the Russians to "interfere with the internal processes of the United States Government": the 2016 election. I believe comey then planed to help Trump get elected by himself interfering in the election to Trump's advantage and Hilary's disadvantage; for the purpose of then later, after Trump became President, bringing Trump down, charging Trump with Treason, which Trump had committed and planned. And by doing so Comey will go down in history as the savior of American Democracy.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trumps treaon must cause a new election.

Trump is not just "utterly incompetent at governing". He is utterly incompetent at thinking, understanding, honesty, and truth. The only serious question is what will the Nation do about his coming Treason exposure. How do we fix his incompetence of honesty and the illegal election that he won? Only one way: declare the entire Federal election of 2016 "null and void". Since the Trump campaign knowingly and wittingly conspired with Russia to interfere in the internal politics of the United States election, there can be no question that the election was "interfered with" on all levels, and must be found null and void. An entirely new election must be held, starting with party nominations for all Federal offices up for election. Anything else will leave the stink of Trump on our political horror story of 2016.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

It is Treason, cruel and foul.

So it is Treason, cruel and foul. Trump will be tried and found guilty. He should be hung by his neck until dead.
The Presidential election of 2016 will be declared null and void. America will need to go through a new election. Trump sold his office before he got it. Wikileaks publication was one of the payments. Destruction of the State Department may well be another. Trump is done because he is a traitor to the United States of America and to the American people. The evidence is coming in, fast and furious. He should confess and resign. But he cannot save himself.
Cry havoc in the streets.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Perjury and more perjury

One more American Representative is above the law: Attorney General Sessions. The man lied under oath to the Senate subcommittee. Anyone not a Senator, a 'good old boy' would be in front of a federal judge charged with perjury. You and I would be. And Flynn did the same thing. No charges there. What's happened to justice "for all". These foolish men trying to play spy have told all of us they were playing spy. Why else commit perjury?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

justice and equality for all...

 It is a never ending struggle for justice and equality for all people. And it's not just for the underprivileged. The fight for their rights stands out because they are the easiest targets for the authoritarians. But Trump, like Big Brother, is attacking our very institutions: The Courts and the Press, whoever has the authority and responsibility to point out how unprepared, unknowledgable, unprincipled, this life long thief and bully is.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reply to "Even if Trump is the Enemy his followers are not", nyt column

Your premise is wrong. Without the whiners and "help me" people who contribute little and take little Trump and the thieves of America would loose all credibility, all 'followers' . Trump Wants to rule and they want to be ruled. Fools and traitors to self-determination, the Constitution, mankind, and themselves. See Eric Fromm, "Man for Himself", and "Escape From Freedom". The big problem is our failure to give a solid, "liberal" education to our children, along with the love of knowledge, adventure, and self-reliance it instilled in mankind since the Renaissance.

Trump's Philosophy and Overcoming

Roger Duronio The philosophy behind superiority of class, gender, religion, race, and opinion is that I and mine are correct and everybody else is wrong, and probably stupid. Even worse, evil. Trump and his crew of science and truth failures need to have others hating others so they don't look Trump and his crew in the eye and see their ignorance, their need to bring everyone else down, and their need to change reality. We are in far more trouble than a minor political change. The soul of this nation will not look moral, caring, hard working, truth loving, future striving, and creative if we just "go along". resistance isn't enough. We must overcome.
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