Saturday, January 20, 2018

We are all, now, Putin puppets

Why is it no one sees that Putin ordered the Government shutdown? Why is it that this nation of non-science (non-sense) and conspiracy theories doesn't see Russia's hand in all that Trump, and his supporters, do?

Friday, January 19, 2018

McConnell, Trump, and the Government shutdown

McConnell shut the Government down on Obama and now he's shutting it down on Trump. He won't let the Senate vote on a clean DACA bill. Trump doesn't even know what that means. But in a way McConnell is right to shut down the government until Trump can say what he wants. Trump said he would go along with a bipartisan bill. The Senate sent a bipartisan bill to Trump and he said he would never sign it because it wasn't the bill he wanted. Trump's really getting carried with his lies, he's now lying to himself. Now, that really is crazy!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Treason Continues: Why Trump didn't fire Flynn and then Tillerson: Cry Havoc

The Secretary of State of the United State, Tillerson, called President Trump "A fucking moron." several months ago. Why hasn't Trump fired him? Why hasn't this egotistical paranoid schizophrenic maianic not fired Tillerson? For the same reason Trump didn't fire Flynn for 18 days after Flynn's treason was uncovered: PUTIN won't let Trump fire Tillerson (Tillerson is a "Hero of the Russian People"). We all recognize the Obedience Trump has to Putin and that recognized obedience is TREASON. Putin, through the traitors Trump and Tillerson has destroyed our state department, our trust from Allies, from the world, our rule of law (Trump says "Defend me." not "Defend the constitution", another TREASON). Now the whole Republican party is fighting to keep the Treason going, fighting to aide and abet Russia against the United States.
It's all plain, all visible, and all TREASON. Cry havoc in the streets.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pitiful Trump in Mike Schmidt's interview.

I was embarrassed for Trump. I know he is immoral, a lier, pretty much uneducated, and just a twisted mind looking at the world through "green colored" lenses. Mike Schmidt let Trump expose his personal failings at understanding, understanding of history, law, governing, etc. I pitied his lack of knowledge and how to talk in sentences. I have no pity for what he has done to the Republican Party, to American Justice, and believe firmly that he is a traitor. What I came away with is that Putin did not need to be a "super spy" to turn Trump into a Russian Agent. He can't resist anyone who pats him on his overblown head, like Schmidt did in this interview. Pity my President, and yours, is such a completely empty drum. Not a bit of substance anywhere, in any field of human intercourse. What has brought us to this condition should frighten all of us. Indifference, depending on others to be alert and self-defensive has failed. We each must quit being so tolerating of fools.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Evidence of Trump's treason

Putin ordered Trump to change the Ukrainian plank in the Republican platform to not offer heavy weapons to the Ukraine , and Trump had it changed. Putin ordered Trump to put Manafort and Flynn on his campaign in high positions, and Trump did. After the Trump presidential victory Putin ordered Trump to put Tillerson in the position of Secretary of State and to ruin our State Department, and Trump did and Tillerson has. Putin also ordered Trump to remove the sanctions off Russia but Trump couldn't because the sanctions were under the control of the Congress. But Trump started working on it. And he still is.
The conclusion is simple: Trump is a traitor, a foreign agent of Russia, and should be imprisoned. Hopefully, all the FBI members know these actions occurred and can prove them to the American people.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Prepare to stop the Traitors

The Conspiracy between Trump and Putin was first shown when Trump had the Ukrainian arms plank of the Republican Platform changed for Putin's benefit, for Russia's benefit. It came out the other side when Putin didn't immediately respond to Obama's taking the Russian houses here and throwing some 70 Russians out of the U.S. because Trump had Flynn ask him not to react, through the Russian Ambassador. Trump and Putin both acted in support of the other. Treason, pure and simple. 
Now the Republicans are gathering to join the Treason and support Trump and Putin working together to destroy the United States form of Government. They are wrong, they are aiding the rule of men over the rule of law, and they may well push us to armed revolt against a gang of Party members determined to destroy that rule of law and replace it with a rule of men: THEM. We will stand against them and NOT be Ruled. We shall face this treason and overcome it. Even if the army supports the Republican treason. It will just take longer.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The foolish attacks on Mueller

 And it isn't "corruption". No laws were broken. People exchanged their opinions, they hated Trump. That's not a crime. That didn't change their work or their attitude toward their work. Nothing but their opinions are talked about. The Republicans are committing Slander by calling someone who said Trump is deplorable is unfit to investigate if Trump is a traitor. The Traitor will be found by the trail of actions he performed, not by bias or by love: just the facts Jack. The Truth will not set Trump free, it will condemn him as a traitor.