Monday, July 9, 2018

What needs done...

Tear down the children concentration camps! Don't remove ICE, remove the Republican party from supporting them. Why hasn't Mueller indicted Trump, declared the 2016 election null and void, and required a totally new 2016 election? Flynn's guilty plea implies Flynn was a Russian spy getting Trumps desires passed to Putin through Kislyak. Therefore Trump is a Traitor, the Entire election of 2016 is null and void because of the Russian interference with Trump and Flynn's, and others, help? Therefore all the Supreme Court rulings made with Trump's appointment on the Court are null and void, as are all the laws passed by the illegitimate Congress. Fight the Right Fight: for truth and justice. Is Muller really on the level? I hope so. But why has he let the Traitor Trump continue?

Friday, June 29, 2018

One Truth on "Witch Hunt"

Remember: General Flynn has pled guilty to lying about being a traitor and a Russian agent.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trumps Concentration camps for children

These are concentration camps for brown children who are "polluting America". As all good white people , especially  Republicans, all know. Totally reprehensible, totally against UN charter and other treaties, totally Trumps "immigration"policy. Like the good German and Putin Puppet he is.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Putin plan for Trump ...

Putin's goals seem clear: destroy America's ability to influence other democracies; destroy America's ability to morally and militarily oppose Putin's new plan of Russian expansion and influence in the world. 

The destruction of our ability to influence other democracies started with the destruction of the United State's State Department.  It is almost complete, in one year of Trump's obedience to Russia.

The removal of the the United States from the Trans Pacific Trade agreement totally degraded our influence over the entire Pacific rim along with their trust in the U.S..  

The removal of the United States from the Iran agreement made our allies in Europe and Asia trust us less than they have ever trusted us.

Our removal from the Paris Climate Agreement totally degraded our moral leadership in protecting the physical World for the future of our children and all children and all people in the future.

These are four major accomplishments of Putin in removing the opposition of America in the world against the military expansion and political free hand he wishes for himself, the Russian Country, and his allies, in influencing the people of the world to denigrate America, truth, morality, democracy, and freedom.

It was a simple philosophy, ruthlessly accomplished, for little money and a small set of American traitors: Trump and a few Republican leaders.  The smallest cabal in history to destroy the trust and power of a nation in a year.  Machiavelli would be justly impressed. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

What's Up with Mueller?

Mueller has guilty pleas from two men who lied about not acting with the Russians: Flynn and Papadopoulos. Effectively they lied that they were not traitors and spies, conspiring with Russian officials. And, it seems that Russia would not act on the word of these underlings, but they would if they knew Trump was supporting these two conspirators. Why hasn't Mueller brought indictment against Trump and the rest already?

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hypothetical indictment of Trump...

Hypothetical: Mueller indicts Trump for treason.  The argument presented to justify the indictment is simple and straight forward:
The Accused is not above the law and must answer this set of indictments that were handed down by a Grand Jury from the proper venue.
If the President is not required, by this court, to answer these charges then this court, with all due respect, is saying the President is above the law. If he is above the law then this Court has just  appointed him the Dictator of the United States and has abandoned it's responsibility to the rule of law and made us, against the Constitution's intent, a nation ruled by one man.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

On the White House Reporters Dinner

The good journalists, celebrating their job at the White House, have been out maneuvered by the street wise Trump in many ways, but the key way is in how Trump joined them in calling the Russian investigation an investigation of "collusion". Trump is incorrect that there was no collusion, but the media was wrong in that label. What the Russian investigation is about is TREASON. Trump has conspired with the Russian Government to assist that government in interfering with the internal processes of the American Government: the 2016 election. So journalism has minimised the treason by not calling it what it was, and probably still is, treason against the United States of America. He had the Ukrainian Plank of the Republican platform changed from offering heavy weapons to the Ukraine to something much less formidable. And Trump did at the request of Putin, through intermediaries, like Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, or General Flynn or even Jeff Sessions. Whatever. It was treason, doing the bidding of a foreign government to change the internal processes of the American election. Then There was publically asking the Russians to interfere in the election by publishing the "missing 30,00 Clinton emails." It was Trump asking Russia to interfere in our internal affairs, which they soon did, by putting up the DNC hacked information on wikileaks. Simple, straight forward interference in the American election, aided and solicited by Trump and his campaign, on television. There was collusion but it is collusion to commit treason, collusion in support of Treason. Flynn's phone calls with Kislyak show the treason expanded to the promise of removal of sanctions if the Russians did not react to Obama's imposition of sanctions in December of 2016. Trason,pure and simple: giving aide and comfort to an adversary of 90 years, the Russian government. Trump is a TRAITOR. They are all traitors. Trump said he fired Comey to get rid of the "Russia thing": treason.