Friday, December 15, 2017

The foolish attacks on Mueller

 And it isn't "corruption". No laws were broken. People exchanged their opinions, they hated Trump. That's not a crime. That didn't change their work or their attitude toward their work. Nothing but their opinions are talked about. The Republicans are committing Slander by calling someone who said Trump is deplorable is unfit to investigate if Trump is a traitor. The Traitor will be found by the trail of actions he performed, not by bias or by love: just the facts Jack. The Truth will not set Trump free, it will condemn him as a traitor.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Traitors in the House...

The Republicans on the house Judiciary Committee, in attacking Mueller's investigation are plainly joining Trump in committing Obstruction of Justice. I know the Constitution protects them from being questioned on any matter they talk about in the performance of their duties in the House. But they are also saying Mueller should be removed because people working for Mueller have opinions that Trump is unfit to be president in other venues, such as Fox News Channel. One of the obvious conclusions of Mueller's investigation is that Trump and his campaign members conspired with the Russian government to interfere in the American election of 2016. In a layman's sense this breaks several specific laws, but it really is Treason: they sold the office of the President to Putin before Trump even had the office. Now the Republicans are aiding and abetting these conspiratorial traitors. These Republican Congressmen were aiding traitors. When you aide treason you adopt treason. Thes men were supporting a pedophile for the Senate the day before they exposed that they are also supporting traitors. I will start working for a return of our Representatives to Represent us and not their selves, their party, their controlling contributors, and the Russian Government but to obey the law. It's so disheartening to see our Representatives sit on television and support the criminals of America.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Meuller must Indict Trump, Congress will not impeach Trump.

I repeat myself:
The Republican Congress will never impeach Trump. If he is impeached it will be for conspiring with Russia to interfere with the internal processes of the United States Government: the 2016 election. Meuller will prove this case of Conspiracy and probably Treason on the part of Trump and his campaign. But proving the conspiracy will automatically prove the election was illegitimate, in legal terms it will be declared null and void. Once the 2016 election is determined null and void, because of the Trump conspiracy, and probable Treason, then a new election must be held, from primary elections through all congressional elections that took place in 2016. Congress will need to declare itself null and void, which it is. They will not declare themselves null and void, because they are far from great statesmen, or men of honor. Trump cannot be impeached by these self-serving politicians. Meuller must indict Trump, if he seeks Justice.

In Truth, since congress is itself null and void, due to the Trump conspiracy it has had no standing to make laws or to impeach anyone.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Republicans elected in the House and Senate in 2016 cannot judge Trump in impeachment

It appears that the Trump campaign members conspired together and with the Russians to interfere with the internal affairs of the United States Government: the 2016 election. The evidence is overwhelming and mueller is presenting it masterfully. But the end game dare not be a report to Congress, a hope for impeachment and a conviction thereof. An impeachment will brought by a House of Representatives elected in the 2016 election carried out under Treason by the Trump Campaign members and Crimes committed by their Russian Co-conspirators. Mueller must indict the Traitors and not let them be charged by the House that was elected in an obviously null-and-void election which benefitted every Republican member of the House and the Republicans in the one third of the Senate elected also benefitted from the Treason of the Americans and the crimes of the Russians. We dare not let the beneficiaries of crime and treason judge the criminals and the traitors whose actions benefitted those judges in the election. And, of course the election must be declared null-and-void and a whole new election held, from the primaries through election. Nothing else comes close to being just.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mueller must indict Trump rather than send a report to Congress

Mueller must indict Trump rather than send a report to Congress because the members of the House of Representatives were all elected during the null-and-void election of 2016.  The Republican majority benefitted from the Trump treasonous conspiracy with Russia to interfere with The United States Election of 2016. An Impeachment would need to have a two thirds vote from the House of Representatives for it to go ahead.  A finding of impeachable offenses on Trumps part would mean that the House Representatives would be declaring their election a direct consequence of the illegal actions of Trump conspiring with the Russians which would mean the House was illegally elected also. This would equally apply to 1/3 of the Senate also, the fractions of the Senate that was elected in 2016. These bodies would be adjudicating their own legitimacy while they were adjudicating Trump's Treasonous Conspiracy with Putin and Russia. 

Only by inditing the Conspirators can justice be impartially applied to them, with full constitutional protections, and only judged by an independent body without self-interest in the conclusion.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2016 Election is null and void

Several people in the Trump campaign failed to register as agents of a foreign government. They were therefore secret agents of a foreign government. Secret agents are spies. Trump and many of his campaign workers conspired with Russian officials, from Putin on down to Kisliak, the lawyer Jr. met with, etc. The unavoidable conclusion is they all committed treason to get Trump elected. The election is therefore null and void and we must redo the election of 2016 beginning with the primaries for every office that was filled.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Moyers blog and it's proof of Trump's Treason.

The Republicans will not let Trump's Treason be made official. If you follow the facts and logic of you cannot avoid the conclusion of Trump's Treason: he conspired with the Russians to affect the internal processes of the United States Government: the election of 2016.
It was easy to see that Congress would become ultra-partisan over The Traitor Trump, just as they did Nixon, especially when Ryan let Devin Nunes to remain the chairman of the House Intelligence committee after he did Trump's bidding in trying to deflect the committee's focus from the Trump Treason to the disclosure of individuals who were talking to foreign agents of foreign nations.
Of course the Republicans are "Honorable men, so are all of Trump's supporters "Honorable men."