Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Response to Trump's Son-in-law NYT opinion letter on anti-Jewish speech.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire. But the president of the United States, the one who can't be indicted and viciously covers up his soliciting interference in the next election, and did so in public; President Trump that is, doesn't believe that people who have an opinion that he disagrees with, should be "permitted" to speak that opinion. Hail to the King, God bless the American Monarch, and his Monarchy. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are only pieces of paper now, not instruments of Governance. Jefferson has lost to Trump. Trump is above the law; the Republicans, the group looking to have "High Office" in the new Monarchy, to finally have support for their long, long belief in their superiority, support King Trump and aid him in stealing our freedoms and rights. The Republic has failed. The Monarchy has arrived, the American experiment has proven that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people cannot long endure. The Representatives always make laws to benefit the Representatives and not the people. Jefferson said (paraphrase); a little revolution every now and then is probably a good thing. Trump was talking about a civil war three weeks ago. He has no idea what will come down the halls of history and lead to slaughter again.

Trump's Impeachment..

Rousseau said elected representatives were an elected aristocracy. Whatever Trump does he does for the benefit of Trump. What is good for thr King is good for the Country. To not honor legal subpoenas in case of impeachment, when you are the target, is to tear up "law and order". The Democrats haven't made this point to the Republican Senators or the people. To seek foreign help to win an election is an admission that the people will not honestly, without interference, elect you. That you are not worthy of the responsibility, and that you don't care about the people or the nation, that you are ruled by love of power for yourself. Trump, now with the power of the U.S. Presidency, will do anything and everything, legal, honest, illegal, corrupt to keep that power, anything. He must be stopped before he is the first KING Trump, his ultimate objective. And the Republicans, looking with poor morals and hope for power themselves, are quit ready to give the Republic up for a few pieces of silver, and the chance to be a member of the new Aristocracy of America. And why not? Who's going to stop them? The ignorant, easily conned, people? The moral, weak Democrats? The Courts who take 6 months to rule that members of the executive must answer a subpoena? I believe my grand children will live in the Aristocracy of America, and I'm sick about it.

Monday, December 9, 2019

On the Post article about the Afghan war being viewed as unwinnable....

Duty, Honor, Country... Way to Go American's Generals, and Admirals. You gave up your duty, surrendered your honor, and failed your country but kept your good paying jobs. You cheated the American public. You knew you couldn't win the Afghan war, like your predecessors knew they couldn't win the Vietnam war. The treasure lost is horrible. The dead and wounded are beyond explanation. They were murdered, gun fodder, cannon fodder, dead men walking into a lost cause, and an impossible dream of Generals and their political commanders. Two wars, in my lifetime, that the strongest army on the planet could not devise a plan to win, so they were lost, at tremendous cost, in lives and treasure. But the generals got to plan wars, order new planes and boats, new toys, to make a good appearance for the parents of the dead and wounded. I cannot curse my country, as worthy as it seems to deserve being cursed. But I can curse my government and armed services for killing our children. And, believe me, I do curse you.

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of Treason...

The Confederate flag has always stood for treason to me.  The Confederate Government and Confederate Army stood for the destruction of the United States Declaration of Independence, The destruction of the American Constitution, and  contempt for Black People, Freedom, and all men being equal. And it led to the slaughter of 600,000 Americans.  We are free in America to burn the US flag, which implies that it is legal to burn the Confederate flag also.  I do not advocate flag burning. Burning symbols is only to anger those who have an emotional investment in the symbol being burnt. And angering someone is a waste of time and petty. I do believe the Confederacy were traitors and hope our history starts telling all of us, especially people who are still emotionally invested in loosing that war, that the citizens of the Union were loyal to America, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the citizens of the Confederacy were not loyal to those ideals.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Senate failures to the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is the workplace of two known sex offenders: Kavanaugh and Thomas. The Senate of the United States is one of the most immoral institutions anywhere in history. It put it's imprimatur on these men: it voted for them to decide "what the law is". Many men are in the prisons of this nation who have no faith in the decisions of this Court. Men who are suspect morally, and legally, have put those men in prisons by way of their interpretations of "the law". Justice does not appear to flow from those hallowed halls any more. It appears to be a debate society with biased and obviously flawed debaters. The respect the institution once commanded has turned to contempt. We are in a deeper problem than the late 30;s and 40's when the philosophy of the dissenters of opinions were seen to be correct. Today, the dissenters are seen as co-conspirators staying and working under corrupt conditions. We may well need to heed Jefferson and elect the judges.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

When & Why Executives Run Amuck.

Morality is broken. Poorly educated people are not self-critical enough. And our educational system is broken. Listen to your congressmen speaking during the impeachment hearings. They don't know the english language. They don't know history. They frequently spurn the truth and twist it into lies and deceit to confuse and use and mold the public opinion. That is lack of honor, contempt for the people, and rule of man instead of rule of law. The Executive branch found, after Clinton's impeachment I think, that the head of the Executive branch cannot be indicted by the department of justice. The chief of police can't be arrested, just ask him. Every dictator and King in history first proclaimed himself above the law, especially after he acted illegally. Then they argued that they ruled, not by the will of the people, but by 'divine right'. Trump is following the history of Kings and dictators. That is why he uses the government for his own benefit. The government ceases to be a government when the executive uses its power for his benefit. That's when the Constitution requires impeachment. Power used in support of keeping power is power run amuck. And only harm results. If all men are not equal most of them are slaves.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Congressional Hearings in my Life...

I have watched Congressional Hearings since 1953. There were the Kefauver hearings on corruption. Then McCarthy hearings asserting everybody in the Pentagon and State Department and Hollywood were Communists. Then The Warren investigation came and I read it. Not very compelling either. Watergate was a blast just after finding out that Vietnam was an illegal war and the Harvard Boys got so many killed knowing they had no chance of winning the War. Reagan didn't remember anything about the Iran-Contra Affair but the hearings were good. The Republicans, after 8 years of investigation Impeached Bill Clinton for consensual oral sex; the impeachment was more obscene than Bill's actions. George Bush and Gore had hanging chads and the Supreme court ruled on a case it had no jurisdiction over, except when it says it has jurisdiction it does have the jurisdiction. But in no case before or after has the Supreme court ruled that it has jurisdiction over a State Supreme Courts Rulings over the state election processes. And we are all still looking for the "weapons of mass destruction". Now I've been through the Mueller Debacle and the Ukraine hearings. We will survive, but never be the same. We won't even be able to hold our heads up if and when we get to Heaven. Please dear God, deliver us from evil, and from our elected officials who do this evil, generation after generation.