Thursday, October 22, 2020

Last Preseidential debate, 2020.

Trump's record condemned him: cruelty to children and families at the border; no understanding of needed plans to stop the spread of covid-19; stealing money and taking money from foreign governments; and pathological lie after pathological lie, exposing a probably deeper pathology behind the lying. He's a defeated man, glad to be going probably. He has to know how unfit he is for the job that requires someone with greater experience, greater honesty, greater worldview, and more experience in governing and government. Trump was a gamble for his "base" and both he and his base lost the gamble. Snake eyes Donald Trump. Pass the dice.


Friday, October 9, 2020

Response to NYT article on Loving Your Country

 Whatever game Trump and the Republicans are playing it is not the "Glass Bead Game", but it is just as poorly defined. Trump is not a Magister Ludi, He's a fool in fool's clothing. There is no guidance but raw power seized, used for one's benefit, and all else irrelevant, irrelevant. This philosophy has been attacked and contained throughout history, but it has prevailed everywhere. An "eye for an eye" prevails over "love thy neighbor". Caesar won the wars but lost the form of government. The Caesars lasted 700 to 1000 years. And there was no progress in the number of people or quality of life until the 1600's, the time of sanitation and the Renaissance. But it was the Medici and Borgias, and power of the Church that brought the Renaissance. Education overpowers everything else. The Corporations today, money changers aside, are scientific research organizations. And mostly closed in objective and method. The "founders" were always "right". And that's simply not true. Objectives run into opposing objectives . Governments and civilizations must improve both their scientific objectives and economic objectives.100% of the right, JFK said, is rarely on one side of an argument. Respect for people, aided by law, not forced by law, the "perfectibility of men and institutions" needs a rehearing, in scientific terms. A Nation is a group of people who have bought into a common aspiration: "man is wise enough to govern himself", or "The others need ruled by 'us' ",or , really, me.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The boy who cried...


                                                   It is not a hoax. 

               The boy who cried, "There is no wolf", got bitten.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Coming Biden Trump debates...

 He was impeached for conspiring to fix the election with help from Ukraine. The Senate did not remove him because the Republicans want power more than justice and truth. Trump is going to face the people for his conspiracy with Russia - that the Republican Senate Report says is true and he did collude and conspire with Russia. Remember the six members of his 2016 campaign that WENT TO JAIL? There will be more this time, after he is voted out. He already said he can't win the debates. Biden will be given drugs to debate him, according to what he said last week. He's afraid, and he should be. Biden will do well, but he is Right, Biden isn't a kid anymore, but anybody off the street will beat Trump in any debate about anything: Trump will lie and even his followers hate him for being the pathological liar he is. He lied about the virus and 204,000 Americans are dead and 7,000,000 have gotten sick from the virus: he's Donald Death in my mind and will be for all the rest of my life. Moscow Mitch and Donald Death should be put under the jail, not in it. Vote.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

One more time: Actual Democracy

We are all equal before the law or there are special people.  America and Trump believe in special people. The Constitution holds a big conrodiction: 5th and 14th Amendments say no person can be deprived due process of law or the equal protection of the law. The first and second article declare that the legislative power of America resides in the Congress and the Representatives in the House will be elected by their constituents and Senators will be elected by State legislatures (later change to direct election by amendment). Article two says the President will enforce the laws and be elected by an electoral college. Judges are appointed by the Executive. No citizen votes for the laws  they under. No citizen votes for the Executive officers, No citizen votes for Federal Judges.

We are denied the right to choose laws, to choose Representatives, to choose judges. Consequently, the citizens are denied the right to govern themselves. Does due process of law include having a say in making, executing, and interpreting the laws? Certainly not in America. Mankind is not wise enough to govern itself. There are special people, Representatives and Executive officers and  Judges. They are asserted to be able to govern us, because, simply, they are special, superior, people.  There is no equality before the law when 538 + 2 + 9 =549 people make the laws, execute the laws, and interpret the laws. If two heads are better than one then 200 million voting age citizens are better than 549 people. On man, one vote, only for other men to pick Executives, judges, and the laws.  Throughout history Representatives have betrayed their constituencies and robbed them, accepted bribes of power and money, and caused revolutions. Revolutions put in new Representatives, who got corrupted, and brought another revolution. With one more Amendment to the Constitution we can cut off the need for the coming revolution: see: 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Vote your "self-interest"

 You can't believe this man, Donald Trump, who deliberately tells you to die for him by giving yourself, unprotected to a deadly virus, "Don't wear masks." gives a damn about the American People? He kisses Putin's ass in public, says America is a second rate nation, seals every billion dollars that he can, and wants to keep killing Americans and Stealing their tax dollars. You probably heard about "voting your self-interest". It means vote for people who are slightly prepared to make sure the laws are made properly, enforced properly, and tax dollars spent properly. Trump doesn't know what properly means and ignores the law, ignores everything, and takes what he wants and says he's doing it for you-, because he "loves" you. He loves you like he loves soldiers: they are "chumps", "suckers" and he really believes it, and his supporters, are "suckers", he says so. A vote for trump is damned near suicide and giving him your bank account passwords.

This Country is all backwards. We are arguing who should interpret our laws and tell us what to do, how to live, what to eat, where to live, and who to love.  Some Democracy!!
Right now, we are free to obey. Quit obeying and they take your freedom.  We must vote directly on the laws ourselves. We must vote directly on the executives. We must vote on the judges.  I don't want a Democrat or Republican making laws for me. They take our tax dollars then steal them. They make laws so their children go to harvard and ours to the local community college.  Trump says the soldiers are fools and suckers. But we all are. We vote for an elected Aristocracy, not laws, not people to enforce those laws, not people to interpret the laws. We have to quit being suckers and vote our self-interest, not the oligarchs. See Join, donate, work for actual freedom, direct responsibility, real freedom: Party politics is slave politics, with a Trump name. It really is time for a change, time for a change in the FORM of government.

See, join, donate, make America an Actual Democracy.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Ginsburg, another "Great Dissenter"...

The Great Dissenters of the 30s and 40s, Black and Douglas, saw their descents become the law in the 50s and 60s. And I watched the progress of equal rights, equal opportunity, get applied to the black community, the women, immigrants, sports, humanity. But always fighting the conservative philosophy of "superior people" with money and power. The Supreme Court has caused so much division in this nation by supporting the rich and powerful while denigrating the common man, the citizens of this nation. Jefferson's idea, evolved from and through humanity's history, that "all men are created equal" where "men" stands for "each member of mankind" is created equal, has been denigrated by Supreme Court decisions throughout our history. The great dissenters of each generation have fought hard against our prejudice, our fear, our ignorance and our acceptance of the status quo, generation after generation. We need to change our government into an Actual Democracy: people voting for laws, executive officers, and judges, without "representatives" making the laws we live under, electoral college choosing our Executive officers, and the Executive choosing the judges. We will be free when we free our institutions of prejudice against any and all classes that "compete" for the power of the common purse and common law making. We, the common people, should choose our laws, our executives who execute the laws, and the Judges who interpret the laws. See