Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Trump question...

The Question is: "When did Trump sell the United States Sovereignty and democratic government to Putin for Putin's help in winning the election? All other questions are irrelevant.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Response to NY Times article: "What we are fighting for".

This story is a story about principles, personal and national principles. Principles based on the philosophy that all men are created equal, endowed with inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The simple fact that there are no special people. We are testing this principle under President Trump. Who hasn't informed us of any of his philosophy or principles. To logically pursue this principle of equality and justice we need to change from being the Republic into an Actual Democracy: the people don't get represented by elected Representatives. Only by voting directly on the laws under which we live will we be free and our voices have equal political force. We must vote directly on the Executive officers and directly on the Judicial officers, the Judges. Every member of the Government must be answerable to the people and the people must be responsible for the laws. It is the next evolutionary step in democracy, freedom, and equality. If we do not fight for these fundamental principles, and to expand and promulgate them, we fight for rulers and material garbage and to be superior when superiority is impossible. What we fight for and should fight for, until they are accomplished, is personal freedom and personal equality guaranteed to each of us by all of us. We are wise enough to govern ourselves and we should do it. See Join up, contribute both money and time. Fight for these singular principles.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump & sanity

The excuses that the Administration spokespersons and news reporters for President Trump's continued lying miss the whole point. They fundamentally say Trump is 'unusual', That he sees reality differently. etc. The only reasonable conclusion is that Trump does not distinguish reality from his opinions or beliefs. That is clearly the definition of a psychotic person. If reality is not the basis from which the President draws inferences and conclusions then he has no right being the decision maker for the United States and should be removed. To continue to lie about any factual condition is insane. Trump does it on a regular basis. The media, in not pointing this fact out, is supporting an insane person as our president.

Overcome this Government

We are now free to publically curse blacks and immigrants and praise whites to no end. The Superiority of whites is now confirmed by Sessions being the Attorney General, Trump as President, Bannon as Chief advisor, etc. The poor will not get into the middle class because there will be no middle class now that the Billionaires are making the decisions without regulations on banks and financial firms. Lie after lie after lie will be told to prove Trump and the Republicans above the Constitution, Above the law, above restrictions on making money from their offices. We are seeing the moral successes of five generations going down the tubes. We are told we should have stolen other Countries natural resources while our children got slaughtered there. Torture is advocated as if the Eighth Amendment doesn't say "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" cannot be used. How can it even be discussed by our officials? Because we no longer have principles. Listen to the lies coming from the White House day after day, tweet after tweet. This paranoid set of Republicans, far worse than Nixon ever was, will destroy science, truth, and justice and make a virtue out of doing so. And criticism, even in the Senate, is no longer permitted. Unless the dissenters and marchers and resisters focus on a common goal and work to get that goal accomplished American will end. I suggest we work toward an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote directly on the laws, President, and Judges:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Senate Shutting Warren Down.

It is obvious that the Republicans are failing to understand the Constitution and its obvious intent. Instead they have fallen into hiding from criticism. As said in the book "Animal farm", Some Pigs are more equal than other Pigs. MCconnel and the Republicans are "more equal Pigs". Lets see how they keep their being "more equal Pigs" when the ballot box calls the people to judge them. And you cannot Silence Senators with repercussions. They might even call you a stupid dictatorial Pig. Well, at least I will. One "at-a-girl" for Senator Warren. Seems all the Republicans are following their great leader, "Thin skinned" Trump the little boy who cries wolf.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resist and Overcome. Time to get up and defend liberty and justice "for all".

The "round up of illegals" is starting. The United States of America is physically going to remove "unwanted aliens", as if they are garbage to be collected and thrown out. The "Brown shirts" are coming out of the history of the holocaust and going to work in America. Armed and dangerous. 
If "We the People" had a vote we would probably choose to keep the illegal aliens and throw out the Republicans. The haters, the crazy, the lunatic fringe is governing America and we stand by and watch it. We'll be watching men and women being killed in a little while. Because they are "THE ENEMY". The cause of our (non-existent) problems.
This "need" to punish, maim, export, and if need be, kill these people is part of the Trump white-supremacist power hunger, conspiracy theory, and hate of Democracy, Freedom, and Love of our Neighbor. It is anti-American. Anti-Christian, Anti-human, anti-humane.
I will not suffer my neighbors to be rounded up, imprisoned, and deported because the Republicans have chosen Fascism over American Democracy.
Demand a Constitutional Convention with the aim of installing an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote on the laws, the executives, and the judges. Or buy guns and join the NRA and fall back on the Second Amendment, it's the only one the Republicans honor.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump's businesses will make a lot of money because Trump is President.

All of Trump's businesses are functioning. They are taking in money for products and services and the businesses themselves are getting more and more valuable. They doubled the cost for a year at Trump's Florida golf resort, from $100,000 to $200,000, as an example. After Trump leaves office he will step into a company hundreds of times it's current value. Effectively, Trump has made America a whore house: people bring him or his children, or other front men, money, and they get to screw America.