Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The dumb America as aspiration....

Another member of the "Lunatic Fringe" is going to be a Senator. Washington cannot pass any laws, even with a majority in all branches of government the Republicans fail, and the people support the failure. We are getting to the point where Science and literature cannot carry the country any longer, and they are starting to not want to carry the country. We must use minor coercion to get people voting, a tax deduction etc. or, like Australia, a law that says you must vote. We've abandoned our government to the gypsies, tramps, and thieves. It's pathetic to see, and a horror to live through. We appear to aspire to incompetence, self-aggrandizement, and hopelessness. We have become traitors to our stated ideals and watch actual traitors run our country. Perhaps we should just surrender to the rich and powerful.

Monday, September 25, 2017

No one loves The American United States more than I do, all they can do is tie. And I agree that people that love the Country in different ways than I do can be offended by some one taking a knee during the National Anthem being played. I disagree with them about the knees meaning because it doesn't lead me to love my country less, it actually leads me to love it more. A protester has the right to protest. The person who gets goose bumps when the Star Spangled Banner plays, a person like me, is not in any way reduced, not in anyway attacked, the Amount of love for the country is not reduced by theses actions. Our freedoms and ambitions are not challenged. The protest is simply saying, please, America, treat us black and mixed races citizens like you treat all white people: don't shoot us down in the street. If anyone is violating the law arrest them, don't kill them. If they are killed don't let the policemen off because they are white, but because they made the right decision, as found by a thorough and objective investigation. Please honor the rule of law, not the rule of men, or the rule of men of a particular race. It's not the bending of the knee you dislike, it's someone putting the fact of bigotry, injustice, and there being "special people" who are above the law, and other "special people" undeserving of the protection of the law. And you know America and America's ideals put you bitching and moaning over people standing up for what we say everyone has, justice and equality, against those people, those black people, those other people, those undeserving people, on the wrong side of the argument. "All men are created equal". America strives for "Freedom and Justice for all", and the people who are following Trump and complaining about the blacks and others pointing out the fact that they have never had equal treatment in America and that their complaints are somehow challenging the existence of America, are 100% wrong. If we don't give equal treatment to all citizens then we are not America, we have failed to strive for "A more perfect Nation", we are settling for not honoring the Constitution, and the Declaration. We are unamerican when we want other people to not be equal and free, free like us. And taking a knee to say you white guys have failed to meet the challenge isn't the problem. The fact that you don't want to see the failure, to feel it is your personal failure, is the trouble.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

News channels incorrectly say Trump can pardon anyone,

The constitution says: The President "...shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment ..." "EXCEPT in CASES of IMPEACHMENT" If there was (or is) a conspiracy (such as: to aide Russia to interfere with the internal processes of the American Government) that leads to the impeachment of the President, then the President cannot pardon any of the members in that conspiracy because they are implicated in the "case" encompassing the impeachment, they contributed to the case leading to impeachment. Trump, his family members, his campaign members, anyone who acted, knew about, assisted in covering up,or trying to cover up the crime or crimes, the high crimes or misdemeanors, leading to the impeachment, cannot be pardoned by the President; either before, during, or after the impeachment case is presented to the House of Representatives.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump cannot pardon himself or the conspirators who aided

 I believe it is incorrect that Trump can pardon anyone. The Constitution says he can "Except in cases of impeachment". Presumably impeachment follows high crimes and misdemeanors. If the high crime is a conspiracy than all members of the conspiracy cannot be pardoned, they are tied into the "impeachment" by way of conspiracy. All the campaign 'conspirators' and the President himself have committed treason, which I'll assert follows their conspiring to aide Russia in interfering with America's internal affairs, particularly the election of 2016. They are all traitors conspiring with the impeachable President to commit treason against the United states. I believe this is correct and easily seen. Any prosecutor and judge would probably accept the premise and argument.

Monday, July 10, 2017

New york Times gives smoking gun of Treason to the Country

Treason! Pure and simple. Conspiracy to aid Russia interfere with the internal processes of the American Democracy. They did it, they denied it, and they are guilty of it. The whole 2016 election must be found null-and-void and a new election held, from the beginning, for all Federal offices filled in November 2016. See NYT article out tonight.

Trump needs to be impeached before he Pardons anybody. And Congress must take the pardon power from him. If he's smart he will pardon himself and everyone in his campaign, tonight. It won't hold up, but he can try. Everyone in the White House should resign and hope they get caught up in being charged with the treason they either committed or supported.

All Republicans should lock their doors and not answer the phone or emails. They have supported this traitor and should be punished for having done so. The Democrats should speak softly, be judicious and sympathetic in pursuit of all the traitors. But be sure to get them all. I believe Ryan and McConnell may well have known. Bjut the election should clear the air, get young minds and bodies into the House and Senate, and get us on our way to an Actual Democracy. see

Saturday, July 8, 2017

What the Republicans have given us:

 What the republicans have given us: Hoover, the depression; Eisenhower, big highways and big 'military - industrial complexes' ( and said watch out for them), Nixon, watergate, the cover-up and a lost Vietnam; Reagan, poor economy (I'm still waiting for the trickle to come down), and Iran-Contra; George Bush (Dad) The beginning of the middle east unending wars and 'no new taxes'; George Bush (W); unending war, torture, poverty, broken educational system, and bitterness; Trump, the worst of war and peace, lies and damned lies, Treason ( helping a foreign nation interfere in the internal affairs of this nation), hatefulness, and 'more money for the rich and undeserving'. Thank you very much, Republicans.

Friday, July 7, 2017

More evidence of Trump's Treason.

Trump correctly says Obama didn't do anything about Putin attacking our democracy by hacking and otherwise interfering in the election. Trump today did what obama should have done: Trump shook hands with Putin, several times. Accepted Putin's assertion that he and the Russian government didn't do what the CIA, FBI, NSA, and 14 other intelligence agencies say he did. And, of course, he didn't fail to anything about the hacking and other interference, like Obama did, he just let it slide and said, "We'll just go on from here." Everyone will have the 'American Dream' as soon as we forget that Putin attacked us and interfered in the internal affairs of our Democracy and Country. It's all ok with Trump. Why? Because he's a traitor to the United states, its people, and its constitution. And that's the most straightforward explanation for Trump's being Putin's Puppet. I will certainly entertain any and all other explanations.