Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pitiful Trump in Mike Schmidt's interview.

I was embarrassed for Trump. I know he is immoral, a lier, pretty much uneducated, and just a twisted mind looking at the world through "green colored" lenses. Mike Schmidt let Trump expose his personal failings at understanding, understanding of history, law, governing, etc. I pitied his lack of knowledge and how to talk in sentences. I have no pity for what he has done to the Republican Party, to American Justice, and believe firmly that he is a traitor. What I came away with is that Putin did not need to be a "super spy" to turn Trump into a Russian Agent. He can't resist anyone who pats him on his overblown head, like Schmidt did in this interview. Pity my President, and yours, is such a completely empty drum. Not a bit of substance anywhere, in any field of human intercourse. What has brought us to this condition should frighten all of us. Indifference, depending on others to be alert and self-defensive has failed. We each must quit being so tolerating of fools.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Evidence of Trump's treason

Putin ordered Trump to change the Ukrainian plank in the Republican platform to not offer heavy weapons to the Ukraine , and Trump had it changed. Putin ordered Trump to put Manafort and Flynn on his campaign in high positions, and Trump did. After the Trump presidential victory Putin ordered Trump to put Tillerson in the position of Secretary of State and to ruin our State Department, and Trump did and Tillerson has. Putin also ordered Trump to remove the sanctions off Russia but Trump couldn't because the sanctions were under the control of the Congress. But Trump started working on it. And he still is.
The conclusion is simple: Trump is a traitor, a foreign agent of Russia, and should be imprisoned. Hopefully, all the FBI members know these actions occurred and can prove them to the American people.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Prepare to stop the Traitors

The Conspiracy between Trump and Putin was first shown when Trump had the Ukrainian arms plank of the Republican Platform changed for Putin's benefit, for Russia's benefit. It came out the other side when Putin didn't immediately respond to Obama's taking the Russian houses here and throwing some 70 Russians out of the U.S. because Trump had Flynn ask him not to react, through the Russian Ambassador. Trump and Putin both acted in support of the other. Treason, pure and simple. 
Now the Republicans are gathering to join the Treason and support Trump and Putin working together to destroy the United States form of Government. They are wrong, they are aiding the rule of men over the rule of law, and they may well push us to armed revolt against a gang of Party members determined to destroy that rule of law and replace it with a rule of men: THEM. We will stand against them and NOT be Ruled. We shall face this treason and overcome it. Even if the army supports the Republican treason. It will just take longer.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The foolish attacks on Mueller

 And it isn't "corruption". No laws were broken. People exchanged their opinions, they hated Trump. That's not a crime. That didn't change their work or their attitude toward their work. Nothing but their opinions are talked about. The Republicans are committing Slander by calling someone who said Trump is deplorable is unfit to investigate if Trump is a traitor. The Traitor will be found by the trail of actions he performed, not by bias or by love: just the facts Jack. The Truth will not set Trump free, it will condemn him as a traitor.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Traitors in the House...

The Republicans on the house Judiciary Committee, in attacking Mueller's investigation are plainly joining Trump in committing Obstruction of Justice. I know the Constitution protects them from being questioned on any matter they talk about in the performance of their duties in the House. But they are also saying Mueller should be removed because people working for Mueller have opinions that Trump is unfit to be president in other venues, such as Fox News Channel. One of the obvious conclusions of Mueller's investigation is that Trump and his campaign members conspired with the Russian government to interfere in the American election of 2016. In a layman's sense this breaks several specific laws, but it really is Treason: they sold the office of the President to Putin before Trump even had the office. Now the Republicans are aiding and abetting these conspiratorial traitors. These Republican Congressmen were aiding traitors. When you aide treason you adopt treason. Thes men were supporting a pedophile for the Senate the day before they exposed that they are also supporting traitors. I will start working for a return of our Representatives to Represent us and not their selves, their party, their controlling contributors, and the Russian Government but to obey the law. It's so disheartening to see our Representatives sit on television and support the criminals of America.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Meuller must Indict Trump, Congress will not impeach Trump.

I repeat myself:
The Republican Congress will never impeach Trump. If he is impeached it will be for conspiring with Russia to interfere with the internal processes of the United States Government: the 2016 election. Meuller will prove this case of Conspiracy and probably Treason on the part of Trump and his campaign. But proving the conspiracy will automatically prove the election was illegitimate, in legal terms it will be declared null and void. Once the 2016 election is determined null and void, because of the Trump conspiracy, and probable Treason, then a new election must be held, from primary elections through all congressional elections that took place in 2016. Congress will need to declare itself null and void, which it is. They will not declare themselves null and void, because they are far from great statesmen, or men of honor. Trump cannot be impeached by these self-serving politicians. Meuller must indict Trump, if he seeks Justice.

In Truth, since congress is itself null and void, due to the Trump conspiracy it has had no standing to make laws or to impeach anyone.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Republicans elected in the House and Senate in 2016 cannot judge Trump in impeachment

It appears that the Trump campaign members conspired together and with the Russians to interfere with the internal affairs of the United States Government: the 2016 election. The evidence is overwhelming and mueller is presenting it masterfully. But the end game dare not be a report to Congress, a hope for impeachment and a conviction thereof. An impeachment will brought by a House of Representatives elected in the 2016 election carried out under Treason by the Trump Campaign members and Crimes committed by their Russian Co-conspirators. Mueller must indict the Traitors and not let them be charged by the House that was elected in an obviously null-and-void election which benefitted every Republican member of the House and the Republicans in the one third of the Senate elected also benefitted from the Treason of the Americans and the crimes of the Russians. We dare not let the beneficiaries of crime and treason judge the criminals and the traitors whose actions benefitted those judges in the election. And, of course the election must be declared null-and-void and a whole new election held, from the primaries through election. Nothing else comes close to being just.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mueller must indict Trump rather than send a report to Congress

Mueller must indict Trump rather than send a report to Congress because the members of the House of Representatives were all elected during the null-and-void election of 2016.  The Republican majority benefitted from the Trump treasonous conspiracy with Russia to interfere with The United States Election of 2016. An Impeachment would need to have a two thirds vote from the House of Representatives for it to go ahead.  A finding of impeachable offenses on Trumps part would mean that the House Representatives would be declaring their election a direct consequence of the illegal actions of Trump conspiring with the Russians which would mean the House was illegally elected also. This would equally apply to 1/3 of the Senate also, the fractions of the Senate that was elected in 2016. These bodies would be adjudicating their own legitimacy while they were adjudicating Trump's Treasonous Conspiracy with Putin and Russia. 

Only by inditing the Conspirators can justice be impartially applied to them, with full constitutional protections, and only judged by an independent body without self-interest in the conclusion.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2016 Election is null and void

Several people in the Trump campaign failed to register as agents of a foreign government. They were therefore secret agents of a foreign government. Secret agents are spies. Trump and many of his campaign workers conspired with Russian officials, from Putin on down to Kisliak, the lawyer Jr. met with, etc. The unavoidable conclusion is they all committed treason to get Trump elected. The election is therefore null and void and we must redo the election of 2016 beginning with the primaries for every office that was filled.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Moyers blog and it's proof of Trump's Treason.

The Republicans will not let Trump's Treason be made official. If you follow the facts and logic of you cannot avoid the conclusion of Trump's Treason: he conspired with the Russians to affect the internal processes of the United States Government: the election of 2016.
It was easy to see that Congress would become ultra-partisan over The Traitor Trump, just as they did Nixon, especially when Ryan let Devin Nunes to remain the chairman of the House Intelligence committee after he did Trump's bidding in trying to deflect the committee's focus from the Trump Treason to the disclosure of individuals who were talking to foreign agents of foreign nations.
Of course the Republicans are "Honorable men, so are all of Trump's supporters "Honorable men."

Saturday, October 21, 2017

General Kelly has surrendered his "honor".

 John Kelly looked past the words and deeds of his commander in chief when he said America used to respect women. His Boss said " can grab them by their pussy," his doesn't, on its face, seem respectful. I'd also like to mention that Kelly lied about Frederica Wilson's speech in 2015. For a person many people have called "honorable" this comes up very short of being honorable. It reminds me of Marc Anthony's oration at Caesar's death: "and [Kelly] is an honorable man, so are they all, all honorable men. Trump doesn't understand abstract things like the West Point code: "duty, Honor, country" but one would expect a 4 star general to understand them, and live by them. Kelly failed in both instances by his lying in defense of the "Liar in Chief".

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The dumb America as aspiration....

Another member of the "Lunatic Fringe" is going to be a Senator. Washington cannot pass any laws, even with a majority in all branches of government the Republicans fail, and the people support the failure. We are getting to the point where Science and literature cannot carry the country any longer, and they are starting to not want to carry the country. We must use minor coercion to get people voting, a tax deduction etc. or, like Australia, a law that says you must vote. We've abandoned our government to the gypsies, tramps, and thieves. It's pathetic to see, and a horror to live through. We appear to aspire to incompetence, self-aggrandizement, and hopelessness. We have become traitors to our stated ideals and watch actual traitors run our country. Perhaps we should just surrender to the rich and powerful.

Monday, September 25, 2017

No one loves The American United States more than I do, all they can do is tie. And I agree that people that love the Country in different ways than I do can be offended by some one taking a knee during the National Anthem being played. I disagree with them about the knees meaning because it doesn't lead me to love my country less, it actually leads me to love it more. A protester has the right to protest. The person who gets goose bumps when the Star Spangled Banner plays, a person like me, is not in any way reduced, not in anyway attacked, the Amount of love for the country is not reduced by theses actions. Our freedoms and ambitions are not challenged. The protest is simply saying, please, America, treat us black and mixed races citizens like you treat all white people: don't shoot us down in the street. If anyone is violating the law arrest them, don't kill them. If they are killed don't let the policemen off because they are white, but because they made the right decision, as found by a thorough and objective investigation. Please honor the rule of law, not the rule of men, or the rule of men of a particular race. It's not the bending of the knee you dislike, it's someone putting the fact of bigotry, injustice, and there being "special people" who are above the law, and other "special people" undeserving of the protection of the law. And you know America and America's ideals put you bitching and moaning over people standing up for what we say everyone has, justice and equality, against those people, those black people, those other people, those undeserving people, on the wrong side of the argument. "All men are created equal". America strives for "Freedom and Justice for all", and the people who are following Trump and complaining about the blacks and others pointing out the fact that they have never had equal treatment in America and that their complaints are somehow challenging the existence of America, are 100% wrong. If we don't give equal treatment to all citizens then we are not America, we have failed to strive for "A more perfect Nation", we are settling for not honoring the Constitution, and the Declaration. We are unamerican when we want other people to not be equal and free, free like us. And taking a knee to say you white guys have failed to meet the challenge isn't the problem. The fact that you don't want to see the failure, to feel it is your personal failure, is the trouble.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

News channels incorrectly say Trump can pardon anyone,

The constitution says: The President "...shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment ..." "EXCEPT in CASES of IMPEACHMENT" If there was (or is) a conspiracy (such as: to aide Russia to interfere with the internal processes of the American Government) that leads to the impeachment of the President, then the President cannot pardon any of the members in that conspiracy because they are implicated in the "case" encompassing the impeachment, they contributed to the case leading to impeachment. Trump, his family members, his campaign members, anyone who acted, knew about, assisted in covering up,or trying to cover up the crime or crimes, the high crimes or misdemeanors, leading to the impeachment, cannot be pardoned by the President; either before, during, or after the impeachment case is presented to the House of Representatives.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump cannot pardon himself or the conspirators who aided

 I believe it is incorrect that Trump can pardon anyone. The Constitution says he can "Except in cases of impeachment". Presumably impeachment follows high crimes and misdemeanors. If the high crime is a conspiracy than all members of the conspiracy cannot be pardoned, they are tied into the "impeachment" by way of conspiracy. All the campaign 'conspirators' and the President himself have committed treason, which I'll assert follows their conspiring to aide Russia in interfering with America's internal affairs, particularly the election of 2016. They are all traitors conspiring with the impeachable President to commit treason against the United states. I believe this is correct and easily seen. Any prosecutor and judge would probably accept the premise and argument.

Monday, July 10, 2017

New york Times gives smoking gun of Treason to the Country

Treason! Pure and simple. Conspiracy to aid Russia interfere with the internal processes of the American Democracy. They did it, they denied it, and they are guilty of it. The whole 2016 election must be found null-and-void and a new election held, from the beginning, for all Federal offices filled in November 2016. See NYT article out tonight.

Trump needs to be impeached before he Pardons anybody. And Congress must take the pardon power from him. If he's smart he will pardon himself and everyone in his campaign, tonight. It won't hold up, but he can try. Everyone in the White House should resign and hope they get caught up in being charged with the treason they either committed or supported.

All Republicans should lock their doors and not answer the phone or emails. They have supported this traitor and should be punished for having done so. The Democrats should speak softly, be judicious and sympathetic in pursuit of all the traitors. But be sure to get them all. I believe Ryan and McConnell may well have known. Bjut the election should clear the air, get young minds and bodies into the House and Senate, and get us on our way to an Actual Democracy. see

Saturday, July 8, 2017

What the Republicans have given us:

 What the republicans have given us: Hoover, the depression; Eisenhower, big highways and big 'military - industrial complexes' ( and said watch out for them), Nixon, watergate, the cover-up and a lost Vietnam; Reagan, poor economy (I'm still waiting for the trickle to come down), and Iran-Contra; George Bush (Dad) The beginning of the middle east unending wars and 'no new taxes'; George Bush (W); unending war, torture, poverty, broken educational system, and bitterness; Trump, the worst of war and peace, lies and damned lies, Treason ( helping a foreign nation interfere in the internal affairs of this nation), hatefulness, and 'more money for the rich and undeserving'. Thank you very much, Republicans.

Friday, July 7, 2017

More evidence of Trump's Treason.

Trump correctly says Obama didn't do anything about Putin attacking our democracy by hacking and otherwise interfering in the election. Trump today did what obama should have done: Trump shook hands with Putin, several times. Accepted Putin's assertion that he and the Russian government didn't do what the CIA, FBI, NSA, and 14 other intelligence agencies say he did. And, of course, he didn't fail to anything about the hacking and other interference, like Obama did, he just let it slide and said, "We'll just go on from here." Everyone will have the 'American Dream' as soon as we forget that Putin attacked us and interfered in the internal affairs of our Democracy and Country. It's all ok with Trump. Why? Because he's a traitor to the United states, its people, and its constitution. And that's the most straightforward explanation for Trump's being Putin's Puppet. I will certainly entertain any and all other explanations.

Monday, June 19, 2017

They aren't "picking on Trump"

The people are not picking on this President, any more than picked on Nixon, and then threw the man out for covering up a petty burglary. Nor are they picking on him anymore than they picked on the Great president Ronald Reagan, in the Iran Contra affair, where 14 people went to jail. After Reagan took the stand and testified many many times that he had no memory of anything about his people violating a law that Congress had passed that no military weapons go to Iran from the United States. They aren't picking on Trump at all. They are seeking the Truth. And Trump won 't tell them the truth, very often. He did say he fired Comey over the Russia thing. And he told the two Russians in the oval Office that firing the "nut job" Comey took the pressure off him. So he was flat out, from his own mouth, obstructing a Federal Investigation by firing Comey. But he never explained what the pressure was, or how it got off of him by firing Comey. But we can guess about it. Trump is trying to hide the fact that Putin has great influence over Trump and Trump also has influence over Putin. They have conspired together to use the power of both countries to get hundreds of billions of dollars, personally, out of Russian Oil, and anything else they can, working together. Most people, me included, have been mean and ugly to and about Trump. For my part is mostly about his continuous lying. But it is also about the fact that his team got the Ukrainian plank about heavy defensive weapons going to the Ukraine changed. Why? Because of Putin. And the pay back seems to be that Putin got the hacked DNC documents published by Wikileaks and strategic times during the campaign. Then there is fact that perhaps seven of Trumps men have all lied about meeting with Russians, left it off security documents that they had met with Russians, or had ever had phone calls with Russians. Why the lies? Then there is the fact that flynn ws on the phone with the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak, five or six times the day after Obama put sanctions on Russia, sent 35 Russians back to Russia, and took 2 big houses in America off of Russia. Flynn apparently told Kislyak to have Putin not react to Obama's actions, and that Trump would fix it all when Trump became President, in 2o some days. Never before had Russia not reacted to America throwing out Russians by doing like-wise and throwing out Americans from Russia, Never. But Putin did not retaliate and throw any Americans out of Russia or do anything in retaliation to Obama. I don't believe Putin took Flynn's word that everything would be OK after Trump became President. But I believe he took Trump's word. If I'm right, and God knows I've wrong in many things in my life, but if I'm right in what all this means, then Trump is going to be charged not only of obstruction of justice, like Nixon was, but he will be charged and convicted of treason. AS he he should be.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Science is the backbone of progress, power for personal ends isn't...

Science works!!! Look at Television, phones, cars, planes, more and better food, better clothes, longer lives... Laugh at no following science and its results, based on physics, chemistry and biology and you are laughing at what is productive, positive, common to all life, to all the universe. Lies and power grabbing by spreading fear that "somebody is telling you what to do" is just bull shit kid stuff. Working together is not telling people what to do, it's study, research, looking the facts in the eye and then using facts to make thins improve. Trump is a person with no appreciation for anything but power, ignorance, and how to use power and ignorance to maintain his control over people. Pity so many people are willing to give up on what has worked in American since it's founding: TRUTH, JUSTICE, And what used to be "The AMERICAN way". All I See are Red states in poverty and poor schools for 40 years and people jumping on the band wagon of the philosophies that have made that poverty and ignorance..

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The systematic undermining of the American people.

McConnell is much worse than Trump. Trump is using the people only for his own purposes. McConnell is using them to maintain power over the people systematically, and against their own interest, for the Republican Party. Like Carl Rove. He knows he is using the ignorance, prejudice of the raw uneducated citizens of the land as a weapon to get and keep power over them so he can perpetuate that power and the ignorance it comes from. They pander to the poor to keep the rich rich. They pander to the religious so they can spend 4 Trillion of our dollars a year. They elect the worst lawyers in the country, the ones that can't get a decent job, by giving them money to run with and then use them to perpetuate their power in the Congress. The only way to stop them is fire them all: make America an Actual Democracy where the people 'represent themselves' by voting directly on the laws, not on people to make their laws. Where the people vote directly for Executives and members of an electoral college. Where they vote directly on Judges and make them answerable t o the people. See:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump's Repeated Treason.

Treason! Giving Aide and comfort to the enemy. Assisting a foreign government to interfere in the internal processes of our Government. Trump has done it many, many, times. He changed a plank in the Republican platform to not give weapons to the Ukraine. He asked Russia to hack the democrats computers to 'find the missing 30,000 missing emails. He had Flynn tell Putin, via the Russian Ambassador, to not respond to Obama's adding sanctions and kicking Russian spies out of the United States. Putin agreed, and did not react. He now gives top secrets to the Russian Ambassador and Russian Foreign Minister. Traitor. Certainly committed an "High Crime (Treason), and misdemeanors". He should impeached. Then tried for Treason.

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Profession of Vipers

Its obvious that the most corrupt profession, the profession that holds us in utter contempt, that consistently lies to us, that has the least respect for us, that takes our money, our blood, sweat, and tears, even our children, and imprisons them, sends them to war to die, is utterly dishonorable, and is truly a profession of vipers, are our Legislative, Executive, and Judicial officers, our Governmental Representatives.

It is incumbent upon us to change this. They have now taken away 70 years of struggle that resulted in an initial, and flawed, health care system. They have literally become killers of our children, our killers, destroyers of our trust, of our love for each other, of our respect for each other and the historical struggle that led us to a successful and honored quality and quantity of life. Their cynicism and hypocrisy have no bounds.  They take our tax dollars and use them against us. They take our votes and use them against us. They mock our needs and laugh at our poverty without any attempt to even cover up doing so. And we take it, and take it, and take it.

If the very idea of America, the idea that we are all equal, that we are are all entitled to justice before the law, that we should be free of fear, hunger, and disease, that opportunities are not to be bought and sold in a corrupt market place, if these basic needs are to survive as the aspirations of this Nation, or any Nation, the form and function of our Government must change.


We must change the Government into an Actual Democracy, Into a government where we vote directly on the laws, without representatives that sell us and their offices to the Rich and Powerful. Into a government where money is not more important than people. We must vote directly for the Executives that spend our tax dollars for our benefit and not just the benefit of the rich and powerful, or of party, friends, family. or supporters. We must vote directly for the Judiciary and make them responsible to our wishes and needs and not just to the wishes and needs of oligarch class. See Don't work to change the corrupt and corruptible Representatives. Work to make them unnecessary, unwanted, and powerless.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Comey and the 2016 election with Trump's Treason as well known....

I firmly believe Comey realized early on in the election that Trump and his people were conspiring with the Russians for the Russians to "interfere with the internal processes of the United States Government": the 2016 election. I believe comey then planed to help Trump get elected by himself interfering in the election to Trump's advantage and Hilary's disadvantage; for the purpose of then later, after Trump became President, bringing Trump down, charging Trump with Treason, which Trump had committed and planned. And by doing so Comey will go down in history as the savior of American Democracy.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trumps treaon must cause a new election.

Trump is not just "utterly incompetent at governing". He is utterly incompetent at thinking, understanding, honesty, and truth. The only serious question is what will the Nation do about his coming Treason exposure. How do we fix his incompetence of honesty and the illegal election that he won? Only one way: declare the entire Federal election of 2016 "null and void". Since the Trump campaign knowingly and wittingly conspired with Russia to interfere in the internal politics of the United States election, there can be no question that the election was "interfered with" on all levels, and must be found null and void. An entirely new election must be held, starting with party nominations for all Federal offices up for election. Anything else will leave the stink of Trump on our political horror story of 2016.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

It is Treason, cruel and foul.

So it is Treason, cruel and foul. Trump will be tried and found guilty. He should be hung by his neck until dead.
The Presidential election of 2016 will be declared null and void. America will need to go through a new election. Trump sold his office before he got it. Wikileaks publication was one of the payments. Destruction of the State Department may well be another. Trump is done because he is a traitor to the United States of America and to the American people. The evidence is coming in, fast and furious. He should confess and resign. But he cannot save himself.
Cry havoc in the streets.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Perjury and more perjury

One more American Representative is above the law: Attorney General Sessions. The man lied under oath to the Senate subcommittee. Anyone not a Senator, a 'good old boy' would be in front of a federal judge charged with perjury. You and I would be. And Flynn did the same thing. No charges there. What's happened to justice "for all". These foolish men trying to play spy have told all of us they were playing spy. Why else commit perjury?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

justice and equality for all...

 It is a never ending struggle for justice and equality for all people. And it's not just for the underprivileged. The fight for their rights stands out because they are the easiest targets for the authoritarians. But Trump, like Big Brother, is attacking our very institutions: The Courts and the Press, whoever has the authority and responsibility to point out how unprepared, unknowledgable, unprincipled, this life long thief and bully is.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reply to "Even if Trump is the Enemy his followers are not", nyt column

Your premise is wrong. Without the whiners and "help me" people who contribute little and take little Trump and the thieves of America would loose all credibility, all 'followers' . Trump Wants to rule and they want to be ruled. Fools and traitors to self-determination, the Constitution, mankind, and themselves. See Eric Fromm, "Man for Himself", and "Escape From Freedom". The big problem is our failure to give a solid, "liberal" education to our children, along with the love of knowledge, adventure, and self-reliance it instilled in mankind since the Renaissance.

Trump's Philosophy and Overcoming

Roger Duronio The philosophy behind superiority of class, gender, religion, race, and opinion is that I and mine are correct and everybody else is wrong, and probably stupid. Even worse, evil. Trump and his crew of science and truth failures need to have others hating others so they don't look Trump and his crew in the eye and see their ignorance, their need to bring everyone else down, and their need to change reality. We are in far more trouble than a minor political change. The soul of this nation will not look moral, caring, hard working, truth loving, future striving, and creative if we just "go along". resistance isn't enough. We must overcome.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Putin and Trump; Traitors

So it turns out Trump and Putin are passing notes back and forth during the election and just after it. Like kids in school. Only these notes are about how they will let the Ukrainian and Crimean people live. What kind of government they will give the people there and how they will control those people: for the good of the world. These men, Putin and Trump are traitors. They are traitors to their people, traitors to freedom and justice, traitors to self-determination of people. They should be tried as traitors.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Trump question...

The Question is: "When did Trump sell the United States Sovereignty and democratic government to Putin for Putin's help in winning the election? All other questions are irrelevant.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Response to NY Times article: "What we are fighting for".

This story is a story about principles, personal and national principles. Principles based on the philosophy that all men are created equal, endowed with inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The simple fact that there are no special people. We are testing this principle under President Trump. Who hasn't informed us of any of his philosophy or principles. To logically pursue this principle of equality and justice we need to change from being the Republic into an Actual Democracy: the people don't get represented by elected Representatives. Only by voting directly on the laws under which we live will we be free and our voices have equal political force. We must vote directly on the Executive officers and directly on the Judicial officers, the Judges. Every member of the Government must be answerable to the people and the people must be responsible for the laws. It is the next evolutionary step in democracy, freedom, and equality. If we do not fight for these fundamental principles, and to expand and promulgate them, we fight for rulers and material garbage and to be superior when superiority is impossible. What we fight for and should fight for, until they are accomplished, is personal freedom and personal equality guaranteed to each of us by all of us. We are wise enough to govern ourselves and we should do it. See Join up, contribute both money and time. Fight for these singular principles.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump & sanity

The excuses that the Administration spokespersons and news reporters for President Trump's continued lying miss the whole point. They fundamentally say Trump is 'unusual', That he sees reality differently. etc. The only reasonable conclusion is that Trump does not distinguish reality from his opinions or beliefs. That is clearly the definition of a psychotic person. If reality is not the basis from which the President draws inferences and conclusions then he has no right being the decision maker for the United States and should be removed. To continue to lie about any factual condition is insane. Trump does it on a regular basis. The media, in not pointing this fact out, is supporting an insane person as our president.

Overcome this Government

We are now free to publically curse blacks and immigrants and praise whites to no end. The Superiority of whites is now confirmed by Sessions being the Attorney General, Trump as President, Bannon as Chief advisor, etc. The poor will not get into the middle class because there will be no middle class now that the Billionaires are making the decisions without regulations on banks and financial firms. Lie after lie after lie will be told to prove Trump and the Republicans above the Constitution, Above the law, above restrictions on making money from their offices. We are seeing the moral successes of five generations going down the tubes. We are told we should have stolen other Countries natural resources while our children got slaughtered there. Torture is advocated as if the Eighth Amendment doesn't say "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" cannot be used. How can it even be discussed by our officials? Because we no longer have principles. Listen to the lies coming from the White House day after day, tweet after tweet. This paranoid set of Republicans, far worse than Nixon ever was, will destroy science, truth, and justice and make a virtue out of doing so. And criticism, even in the Senate, is no longer permitted. Unless the dissenters and marchers and resisters focus on a common goal and work to get that goal accomplished American will end. I suggest we work toward an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote directly on the laws, President, and Judges:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Senate Shutting Warren Down.

It is obvious that the Republicans are failing to understand the Constitution and its obvious intent. Instead they have fallen into hiding from criticism. As said in the book "Animal farm", Some Pigs are more equal than other Pigs. MCconnel and the Republicans are "more equal Pigs". Lets see how they keep their being "more equal Pigs" when the ballot box calls the people to judge them. And you cannot Silence Senators with repercussions. They might even call you a stupid dictatorial Pig. Well, at least I will. One "at-a-girl" for Senator Warren. Seems all the Republicans are following their great leader, "Thin skinned" Trump the little boy who cries wolf.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resist and Overcome. Time to get up and defend liberty and justice "for all".

The "round up of illegals" is starting. The United States of America is physically going to remove "unwanted aliens", as if they are garbage to be collected and thrown out. The "Brown shirts" are coming out of the history of the holocaust and going to work in America. Armed and dangerous. 
If "We the People" had a vote we would probably choose to keep the illegal aliens and throw out the Republicans. The haters, the crazy, the lunatic fringe is governing America and we stand by and watch it. We'll be watching men and women being killed in a little while. Because they are "THE ENEMY". The cause of our (non-existent) problems.
This "need" to punish, maim, export, and if need be, kill these people is part of the Trump white-supremacist power hunger, conspiracy theory, and hate of Democracy, Freedom, and Love of our Neighbor. It is anti-American. Anti-Christian, Anti-human, anti-humane.
I will not suffer my neighbors to be rounded up, imprisoned, and deported because the Republicans have chosen Fascism over American Democracy.
Demand a Constitutional Convention with the aim of installing an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote on the laws, the executives, and the judges. Or buy guns and join the NRA and fall back on the Second Amendment, it's the only one the Republicans honor.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump's businesses will make a lot of money because Trump is President.

All of Trump's businesses are functioning. They are taking in money for products and services and the businesses themselves are getting more and more valuable. They doubled the cost for a year at Trump's Florida golf resort, from $100,000 to $200,000, as an example. After Trump leaves office he will step into a company hundreds of times it's current value. Effectively, Trump has made America a whore house: people bring him or his children, or other front men, money, and they get to screw America.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What the Woman's and Subsequent Marches Should March For...

For three years I have been saying that we must make our own laws, vote on our own laws, and end this failed Republic. ( see: Representatives don't represent us. And they sell their office even before they run for the office. This is the problem Bernie Sanders is screaming about: oligarchy. He wants to limit the money that is used in bribing the Representatives. It's not a solution. As long as there are people who make our laws rich people will bribe them, buy them. The only solution is to remove the Representatives and vote for the laws we live under ourselves. Also vote directly for Pres and vice-Pres and vote for the Judges.
More importantly, Actual Democracy is the only way we can have real equality: everyone's vote counts as much as everybody else's. And they are votes for laws,for the people who execute the laws, and for the people who interpret the laws. That makes those 'servants of the people' answerable to the people.
The wonderful people at Occu-evolve and other local organizations march to change the oppression that we all face and demand that oppression be changed. They have won small battles in the war for justice and equality and I honor them for that, join them for that when I can. But the Woman's March, that my wife marched in, made no discernible demands that could be accomplished. Abortion was ruled the law of the land in 1972 by the Supreme Court. The fight should be over. But the religious using politicians keep the 'battle' going to keep descension among the people. But all the problems come back to Representatives who rule us by making laws to benefit special interests and not the interests of "we the people".
We can win Freedom and Justice only if we win Actual Democracy and end this Republic run by oligarchs. Demand our freedom based on our making our own laws, choosing our executive and judicial officers and work for that end. We must march for Freedom and Justice by Marching for the proper method for having them. A small Constitutional Amendment along these lines.
"The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly carry out all other legislative functions stated in Article I of the Constitution, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State."
I submit it is worth fighting for. The next movement for Democracy, Freedom, and Justice.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump is in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution (ARTICLE I, SECTION 9, CLAUSE 8) because money is flowing from many of his overseas businesses into his companies. A lot of that money is directly, or indirectly, from the governments of those countries. He has tax breaks to manufacture clothes in Turkey, for example. He should be impeached. To Trump, money is more important than people and more important than any law disallowing him to make more money.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Trump is an illegitimate President.

Why Trump is an Illegitimate President

He has sexually assaulted at least 12 women. This is a set of repeated crimes. He's a serial sex criminal.

He has denied African-Americans equal access to apartments in his buildings. In 1972 he and his father paid two fines to the Government. There was no criminal guilt asserted. But, there was a defined civil violation of the 1968 Housing Laws which then implied that Trump and Father denied Blacks the equal protection of the Housing Laws.

He has paid $25 Million dollars in a civil fraud case from Trump University defrauding many, if not all, of the students. This payment, like the one above, brought no criminal guilt, but plainly shows that Trump again violated the rights of American Citizens and cheated them out of, at least, $25 Million dollars. And, again, while doing so, denied the students the equal protection of the laws he violated.

Now he will be the President of the United States, the most powerful man on earth, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and to administer and execute the laws of the United States. He is not fit to administer laws that he has consciously violated. He is someone who denied many citizens the equal protection of the laws and also defrauded them of their money while he did. Such a person cannot administer laws that he disparaged and violated throughout his life.

To put it plainly, Trump is a moral pervert, a sexual pervert, and a proven racist. As President he will sign new laws and recommend laws to Congress. Since he has shown, SHOWN, contempt for laws throughout his life these laws will not be legitimate. It is the Criminal becoming the Chief of Police.

The women he assaulted should sue him. Prosecutors in the jurisdictions where the women were assaulted should bring criminal charges. A special prosecutor should be assigned to charge Trump with criminal fraud in running the Trump University.

He is illegitimate.   

Trump and his position toward Putin

The 'media' is missing Trump's intent in normalizing Putin. Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, and Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, owns the rights to drill for oil in 62 million acres of Russian land. With the sanctions that the U.S. has on Russia they cannot get the oil from this land or sell the oil from this land. Trump has aimed to normalize Russia so that he can remove the sanction from Russia and surreptitiously profit, along with Exxon, Tillerson, etc., in robbing the Russian people. Trump is, was, and always will be a petty thief stealing large amounts of money. The 'pettiness' comes from how weak minded and transparent his crimes really are.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

response to Times: why rural area supported Trump.

The article is correct. The rural philosophy differs from the city philosophy. The question is why? Science is disdained as a bunch of lies, as agenda. Religion is emphasized as the correction to 'evil science'. The rural areas are more poorly educated than the city, and the city schools are terrible. Schools are 'bureaucracies', plain and simple. They are places where tax dollars are spent to support teachers, superintendents, 'special education', security guards, kitchen workers, principles, assistant principles, advisors for college preparation, and on and on. If the rural area teaches the religious 'badness' of mankind while the urbans learn the goodness of mankind then they are both wrong! Those are moral judgements made without biological support. Science has given us a tremendous boost in quality of life. Religion has given us decaying roads and preachers of hate and separation. The Rural areas are neglected because the religiously trained elected representatives of the rural areas have used their office to not spend tax dollars on their communities but on themselves. The 10 poorest states are solidly Republican. The ten worst educated states are solidly republican. It's not an accident. The Republican philosophy is to use government as a means robbing the people. And they have convinced the people they are robbing that the Democrats are the thieves. People who routinely vote against their own self interest soon have nothing. Cities subsidize rural areas.