Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resist and Overcome. Time to get up and defend liberty and justice "for all".

The "round up of illegals" is starting. The United States of America is physically going to remove "unwanted aliens", as if they are garbage to be collected and thrown out. The "Brown shirts" are coming out of the history of the holocaust and going to work in America. Armed and dangerous. 
If "We the People" had a vote we would probably choose to keep the illegal aliens and throw out the Republicans. The haters, the crazy, the lunatic fringe is governing America and we stand by and watch it. We'll be watching men and women being killed in a little while. Because they are "THE ENEMY". The cause of our (non-existent) problems.
This "need" to punish, maim, export, and if need be, kill these people is part of the Trump white-supremacist power hunger, conspiracy theory, and hate of Democracy, Freedom, and Love of our Neighbor. It is anti-American. Anti-Christian, Anti-human, anti-humane.
I will not suffer my neighbors to be rounded up, imprisoned, and deported because the Republicans have chosen Fascism over American Democracy.
Demand a Constitutional Convention with the aim of installing an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote on the laws, the executives, and the judges. Or buy guns and join the NRA and fall back on the Second Amendment, it's the only one the Republicans honor.

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