Monday, January 23, 2017

What the Woman's and Subsequent Marches Should March For...

For three years I have been saying that we must make our own laws, vote on our own laws, and end this failed Republic. ( see: Representatives don't represent us. And they sell their office even before they run for the office. This is the problem Bernie Sanders is screaming about: oligarchy. He wants to limit the money that is used in bribing the Representatives. It's not a solution. As long as there are people who make our laws rich people will bribe them, buy them. The only solution is to remove the Representatives and vote for the laws we live under ourselves. Also vote directly for Pres and vice-Pres and vote for the Judges.
More importantly, Actual Democracy is the only way we can have real equality: everyone's vote counts as much as everybody else's. And they are votes for laws,for the people who execute the laws, and for the people who interpret the laws. That makes those 'servants of the people' answerable to the people.
The wonderful people at Occu-evolve and other local organizations march to change the oppression that we all face and demand that oppression be changed. They have won small battles in the war for justice and equality and I honor them for that, join them for that when I can. But the Woman's March, that my wife marched in, made no discernible demands that could be accomplished. Abortion was ruled the law of the land in 1972 by the Supreme Court. The fight should be over. But the religious using politicians keep the 'battle' going to keep descension among the people. But all the problems come back to Representatives who rule us by making laws to benefit special interests and not the interests of "we the people".
We can win Freedom and Justice only if we win Actual Democracy and end this Republic run by oligarchs. Demand our freedom based on our making our own laws, choosing our executive and judicial officers and work for that end. We must march for Freedom and Justice by Marching for the proper method for having them. A small Constitutional Amendment along these lines.
"The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly carry out all other legislative functions stated in Article I of the Constitution, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State."
I submit it is worth fighting for. The next movement for Democracy, Freedom, and Justice.

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