Thursday, January 5, 2017

response to Times: why rural area supported Trump.

The article is correct. The rural philosophy differs from the city philosophy. The question is why? Science is disdained as a bunch of lies, as agenda. Religion is emphasized as the correction to 'evil science'. The rural areas are more poorly educated than the city, and the city schools are terrible. Schools are 'bureaucracies', plain and simple. They are places where tax dollars are spent to support teachers, superintendents, 'special education', security guards, kitchen workers, principles, assistant principles, advisors for college preparation, and on and on. If the rural area teaches the religious 'badness' of mankind while the urbans learn the goodness of mankind then they are both wrong! Those are moral judgements made without biological support. Science has given us a tremendous boost in quality of life. Religion has given us decaying roads and preachers of hate and separation. The Rural areas are neglected because the religiously trained elected representatives of the rural areas have used their office to not spend tax dollars on their communities but on themselves. The 10 poorest states are solidly Republican. The ten worst educated states are solidly republican. It's not an accident. The Republican philosophy is to use government as a means robbing the people. And they have convinced the people they are robbing that the Democrats are the thieves. People who routinely vote against their own self interest soon have nothing. Cities subsidize rural areas.

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