Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump University settlement

 Our President-elect has admitted he's a thief. But who doesn't know that. The American have tried honor and hope and hard work to live like people on tv and it didn't work. So now they want to try lying, fraud, stealing, cheating, and every underhanded thing imaginable. But I think history shows that doesn't work either. Pity.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why and how Trump won

I've been going over why the Republicans in the non-urban areas supported Trump and believe he will "make America great, again" and what they believe that means. First, what is the cause of their being disgruntled. The economy is just a small part. What I have concluded is that they believe they no longer are "special". As I grew up and then older I saw the color and race of America changing. We whites were 87% of the country. "We" made the decisions, chose the path to the future. We were in charge. We were special.With television and movies and legal actions, starting with Brown vs. School Board, where "separate but equal" was shot down - by an all white Supreme Court"- integration of blacks into the "white" communities got sped up and 'normalized'. Whites were no longer "as special", they lost some "specialness". Then the Spanish migration came from various countries, mostly legal. And Asian peoples joined the few who already here. Whites were less andless "special". Obama's election was like a final blow, nothing was 'sacred' anymore. While the majority of us cheered that the U.S. has matured to the point that we had a black President, many in the rural areas saw the bottom drop out of the their world-view and their view of themself, and of the nation. Then the economy went bad, schools went bad, etc. And many Asian Indians and Middle Eastern Arabs came to America, and illegal latino immigrants were here in large numbers. And we whites had less and less reason to believe we were 'running things, and were "special". We were "loosing" OUR Country. And THEY wanted it back, like it was. Well, you won't get it. And you won't get it because we still believe what the Declaration of independence says: "All men are created equal..." That means there are no special people. Whites are not special. Blacks are not Special. Asians and Arabs and Latinos aren't special. Trump tapped into this loss of "being on top" and won the election. But he can't make whites "special, again", because we never were. We are all Americans, entitled to all the rights and privileges everyone else is entitled to. We are all "involved in mankind". We might know it but its true. My advice to the "disgruntled" white community is what the comedian lady said to the Bernie supporters at the convention: "Get over it" There are no special people. Work together or get out of the way. You've b locked the way, here in 2016, for a few years, maybe even decades, but "the truth will out". We whites are not special and Trump is certainly not the person who is going to make us "special again. Sorry its so long.

Prepare for the attack on the Bill of Rights and 'illegal immigrants"

We'll need to put away food and books, preparing for thousands of American "Ann Franks". And we need to re-read how to form a resistance, from Camus and the French writers of Combat. We should get copies of Orwell 1984 and Animal House. We should put away some cash so the Homeland Security can't track bank withdrawals, etc. We can stand against this coming deportation and loss of Freedoms. The Trump Administration is preparing, we should too. Soon the right of assembly will go, the right of protest, and then free speech. "Political correctness" is under attack and that means the First Amendment, with the "New Judges" to support it all. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preparing for the Trump Presidency

We should start thinking about making our cellars and attics places where we can hide our friends and families from the Trump deportation troops. We should start thinking how we can get arms, for home and family protection. Perhaps we should join the NRA so they will assist us in getting and keeping weapons.

Trump won - who didn't know that?

Here is a peer of Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Kennedy,Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, named Donald Trump. He is not their equal, but his our President. He will meet this responsibility as best he can. I am fearful that the best he can do is too little to assist us in going positively into the future. I think he is unfit and unworthy of the responsibilities we the people have given him. We shall survive, but not prosper. The intelligentsia of this nation has brought a revolt against its philosophy and arrogance. But the price the rebels will have to pay may well be too great cost. Trump is still a degenerate moral,sexual, intellectual, and human being. I, for one, will not look upon this man as anything but a fascist fool.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comey puts himself in election again: Hillary emails clean.

 Comey says Hillary's emails are not a cause of FBI action. He has interfered in the election, for the third time. I hope Hillary gets a "bump" in the voting, but I still think Comey should be fired and loose his pension. He's dispicable, a coward that panders to the Republican congress, and his personal prejudices. Pathetic person to run the FBI.

Take emotion out of your election selection

It's imperative that we set aside hate and vicious attitudes and look coldly and logically into this election: Trump is a worthless stupid terrible human being with no experience in government, many failures in business, is a sexual pervert, a lying dog, a foul mouth disrespectful fool, and totally unfit to be a dog catcher, let alone a President. Now, what I really think is....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trump is a degenerate

Donald Trump is a degenerate: morally, physically, intellectually, sexully, and spiritually. He believes you must lie, cheat, steal, rob, conive, use, abuse, and bully to be successful. It is the Trump way and he wants to make it the American way. A vote for Trump is a vote for American degeneracy, not American greatness.