Monday, December 29, 2014

Human Rights

There is only one human right, and we are all
denied it: the right to vote directly on the laws under which we live, to live in an Actual Democracy. Only when each national government has the people of that nation as its legislature, voting directly on the laws of the nation, and not voting for "representatives" to make the laws they must obey, will the people the nations be free and independent, living under political equality with complete and equal opportunity in all facets of the life of the nation. And finally, whatever International government there be it will need to also have its laws, executives, and Judges, voted on directly by the people of the World. World Democracy, not World Representative Government by "special people", by "Philosopher Kings". Government through the vote of the people on the laws they must live under. Freedom. Equality. Self-determination. See

Friday, December 19, 2014

Government service unions and firing... NYTimes Brooks Column

Brooks claims that public-sector unions have become an impediment to reforms. What reforms is he talking about? Firing bad cops and firing bad teachers. The real joke is that the unions don't hire the people that government wants to fire. The representatives of the people hire them. And the laws governing the hiring and firing process are all written by, you guessed it, our government representatives. So the easy conclusion is the Government has hired incompetent workers and negotiated away the right to fire incompetent workers. So the problem is the Unions, who simply obey the law and argue that their members need protection from arbitrary firing by politicians, a process known to occur when new politicians need to pay off election supporters with government jobs. Now the politicians who negotiated away the power to remove incompetent workers want the power back. Why don't they just change the law? Because they lack the courage to do so. The people can't interfere because Representative have been corrupted and sides are dug in. There are too many government workers and too few Representatives competent enough to serve the people and keep the sizes of unions down and their own corruption minimal. But they will sell jobs for votes and votes for rich and powerful money. Put in an Actual Democracy, where the People vote on the laws directly and remove Representatives who don't represent the people. The Republic has failed, in more ways then this. See

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Response to NYT Op-ed on racial Bias

Perceived bias is one thing. Executive officers of color, Obama and Holder, for example, who avoid their oath of office and don't convene Federal Grand Juries to investigate police denying black citizens their civil rights by denying them their lives "without due process of law", and don't convene Federal Grand Juries to investigate our Nations starting "The George Bush American Inquisition and torturing, under the American Torquemada, Dick Cheney". The people of the United States fought and 600,000 of them died to free the black slaves. Why? Because the majority of us, then and now believed, and felt, slavery was wrong. Brown vs. School Board stopped government segregation of the Schools, all Justices ruling were white. Why? Because we knew, and felt, it was right, and the law. The Civil rights acts of the 1960's were passed because we (at least the majority) knew, and felt, it was right, and should be the law. Now we have "death by policemen" and "torture by government fiat" and we have it with impunity. These are clear violations of law. And race bigotry is probably involved, maybe even deeply involved. I refuse to believe that this Nation, that the majority of American voters, either believe or feel that these activities are right. However, by not having equal accountability before the law the Government, in the persons of Obama and Holder, explicitly support the bias that blacks are inferior and enemies can be tortured and the perpetrators are above laws. Pity.

Feds sue NY over Riker's Island conditions.

Sure Obama can sue for the horror that goes on in prison. Why can't he sue, or have Federal Grand juries investigate, the street deaths of citizens who have had there lives taken by the lower executive officers of the State, the police? While I'm at it, why can't Obama have a Federal Grand Jury investigate the American Inquisition of George Bush and his Grand Inquisitor, the American Torquemada, Dick Cheney? By not bringing charges for executive officers, and other government representatives of the people, violaions of the law and cositution, President Obama has violated his oath of office to "protect and defend the constitution". And President Obama knows he is doing it, has chosen to do it: he taught Constitutional Law at Chicago University. Guess he believes banks are too big to fail and government officials are too far above the law to jail. How we have spun and twisted the humane hopes of our Nation into "death by policeman" and "torture by Presidential fiat", with impunity, is horrible, disturbing, and totally Un-American, in the meaning that had before our Representatives became our Rulers instead of our Public Servants.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Police State

In the sixties ( 1960 -1969) we demonstrated against many things, the war, the political atmosphere, the economic inequality (much less worse than today), and the POLICE STATE. Our college students took the brunt, 4 getting killed by national guard Soldier. Many were arrested in California, Many fled to Canada to escape the draft.

Today's "Black lives Count" march is really focused on how much worse the POLICE STATE is. Our children are stopped on the open street, searched, abused, and made to prove themselves innocent of not committing any possible crime, any uncharged crime. All the while the Police are breaking the 4th Amendment's command that the people are to be secure in their persons, except on issue of warrant based on probable cause. There is no probable cause to take our freedom because the Police have chosen to. They have changed from a "presumption of innocence" to a presumption of "guilt", even "terrorist".

Taking to the streets is simply begging the Police State to quit being what it is: the reaction of the frightened and cowards that are our Representatives. They have all, from the President, Congress, Department of Justice, down to the police on the street, sworn to "protect and defend the Constitution". They don't. They kill people without arrest, charge, indictment, trial and conviction. They deny any and  all "due process of law". They refuse to prosecute equally. White Aristocratic Representatives, policemen, CIA agents, Executive officers, can kill and torture with impunity. The President has failed to seek indictments for civil rights violations of the dead black children and unarmed adults. The President as failed to seek indictments for violations of the laws, treaties, and Constitutional prohibitions against torture, (4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments).
We must rid ourselves of a Government of Representatives and "the Republic" for they stand and replace this failed Republican form of government and replace it with an Actual Democracy - and I'm talking about "parties". The people vote for entertainers every day of the week, on TV talent shows. The people debate all issues over public media, every minute of every day. We vote and debate, all the time, today. We therefore can vote directly on the laws under which we live. We can have a majority of the 200,000,000 million registered voters choose the laws under which we live. If 2 heads are better than one 200 million are better than the 538 Representatives in Congress. See,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Aristocratic Representatives and what they do.

Our Aristocratic Representatives Support torture, deny evolution, call down God onto their opponents, deny temperature and energy increase in the atmosphere, empower banks to pay 1% interest and collect 30% interest, deny equal protection of the laws to their citizens, deny equal economic and educational opportunity to their citizens, have special health care laws for the aristocrats of Congress, have the aristocratic Government officials immune to indictment for murder, torture, and trillion dollar fraudulent financial transactions (several times in one generation), send jobs overseas, let Corporations write the laws that govern them, subsidize the energy corporations and food producing corporations, sell their votes and office to anyone and everyone who can give them a few hundred thousand dollars. And still, our Aristocrats of Government get a good rating of 12%. "What fools these mortals be." Remove the Aristocratic Republic and replace it with An Actual Democracy where the people vote on the laws as they vote for entertainers and debate which aristocratic Representative is the worst. See and

Response to a Black mother with a son looking to "pass".

We owe our children a world where the Civil war was won, slavery ended, 3 amendments added to the Constitution: 13 ending slavery, 14 giving due process of law and the equal protection of the law, 15 giving black men the right to vote. Black women had to wait a long as white women on the vote, another 60 years, until 1920. But the written law has not gotten into the 'hearts and minds' of the American Culture. Racism is a fear and a prejudice that should shame it's owner. It is too frequently used as a divisive leverage point to keep "you and him fighting" and not seeing what has been taken from both of you while you are fighting: your virtue, integrity, and courage. Our children should grow up where those around them mock the racist, explain how he is a frightened person with no insight to the human condition, that he shares with all men and women. That day will come. It will come not when we are all one color through the evolution the foolish deny, but when the color of a man's skin is not praise-worthy or denigrating: when we grow up. We owe a mature society of honorable men who don't shout down at difference but embrace it. Who believe we are all better when each person reaches, or nearly reaches, his full potential for contributing and giving to his society while getting the physical and emotional support we all need from each other. Hopefully the guys working on longevity will get us 1000 year life-spans. We may need them before our children find this world of virtue.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ethical question on Representatives

Is it ethical to delegate our responsibility to govern ourselves to others and thereby expose them to forces of corruption that few, if any, persons, throughout history, have been able to resist; and then, subsequently, condemn them for being corrupted?

Response to the Torture Report.

Support war, support poverty, support ignorance, support torture, VOTE.  Because when you vote you vote for Representatives who have all, with a very few exceptions, all voted for war, poverty, ignorance, and torture. You voted for an organized set of gangsters who have caused financial melt downs, food shortages, health care denials, jobs exported and lost, educational system failures, our culture degraded to where our children are less well educated than their parents and the standard of living of our children is less that what we had. We're going backwards, morally, economically, and in our equal application legal penalties.


Because the lawmakers have put Government employees, our public servants, above the law. Because the people are not the source of power in our nation, they are the source of taxes and jobs for the Government Bureaus, which have become businesses. Worse, though, the laws that control economics, financial laws, the laws of Corporate entities, and small business are not written for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the Corporations: "What's good for the Rich and Powerful, is Good for America". Just ask them. Or for the people. The people are the source of the money and power of the Nation but can use none of it for their own.

Duty, Honor, Torture

The American people are again shown that Rousseau was right: "Elected Representatives are elected Aristocracy". And the Aristocracy is above the law. These men who ordered torture and by doing so broke United Nations Treaty agreements, the United States law against torture, the Constitution's mandate that "no one can be compelled to testify against himself", "The people have the right to be secure in their persons, papers and effects" and that "no cruel or unusual punishments" shall be applied. AndI don't want to talk about moral and ethical violations that condemn our representatives, the doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and executive officials, Congressional officials, and even Judicial officials (habeas corpus was denied and the Supreme Court kept its hands clean by making no rulings it knew the Executives would not enforce. And we knew it was happening and put our moral, legal, and ethical blinders on. In 2007 or 2008 this News Paper published the U.N. findings on American Torture at Gitmo. All of this new found indignation is disgusting. We will not indict this outright gang of RICO Conspirators. We will no ask for our money back from the consultants. And the men who have put 200,000 men in prison since the 2002 war started for breaking Federal law will not be put into Federal prisons. They are Special People. "Too Big to Jail". Jail is only good for people whose crimes are not under full force of National Corruption. "Duty, Honor, Torture" will forever be our anthem.

But no defending the laws and applying them to all law breakers breaks the Social, legal, and moral contract that binds us. It says there is no equality between the ruling class and the ruled class. Just like they have their own health system, they have their own justice system. And it give them immunity to kill, maim, and torture under any circumstances anyone who they care to. Their citizens, the citizens of any country in the world, and even some presidents of other countries. They rule us. They rule the world. They have no honor, no respect for law, and still are immune from punishment because of the timid cowardice of we the people. We take it. We condone it, because we know we are complicit in it.

The laws they break only applied to us. They are Special. We are not. We are the herd-animals and they are the Shepherds. We obey. They command. They commanded that every humane stance, every legal stance, every American dream of equality and justice under law that every soldier believed, and believes, they fight and die for, was to be violated, "for the good of the people". They commanded and we obeyed the closing our law books, our Church doors, our school doors, and everything we believed made us a great and good nation and had us, at their command, desecrate all of that. I missed the Rise of the American Nation but I have witnessed the Fall of the American Nation.

And now, the real burial of America, the rule of law, the equal protection of the law, FOR ALL, is taking place. All the men, all our Representatives, Executive officer, and Judicial officers have chosen to set aside their personal oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead they choose to protect and defend the impunity of those who work for us in the Government that they give themselves for violating the Constitution. The Torture Regime of the Executive branch defecated on the Constitution and those who do not punish them wipe the torturer's clean with the Bill of Rights.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pardon Bush and Cheney response

We didn't pardon the German Executives or Judges after the Second World War. These men and neocons who they hired, followed, and believed in, have desecrated our "Sacred Honor" as a Nation. Our military are taught, and believed in, "Duty, Honor, Country" and the CIA, BUSH, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. ordered "Duty, Honor, TORTURE". Despicable men who violated every decent thing this Nation ever stood for: the rule of law, separation of Powers (Cheney had the Energy bill that Congress Passed written by the Energy Company Lawyers and passed by the Congress. When this was challenged in Court, The Supreme (Supreme, mind you) Court of the United States said it was completely Constitutional. My Country right or wrong, and this was all wrong. They went to war without a declaration of war from Congress. The Constitution requires Congress to declare war. Not the Executive. Bush sent more black men to death when was Governor of Texas than any other Governer. They also put 200,000 American citizens in Federal Prisons. They deregulated the Banks and Investment Companies so their friends could take the American Dream of home ownership and give loans to people who could not afford the house, took what capital the poor had, gave them a mortgage they couldn't pay, sold the bad mortgages to investors and ruined the poor, the investors, the Investment Houses, and never got charge with stealing anything, let alone the American Dream. They should tried, convicted in the Hague, and mocked as fools.

We don't need special prosecutors for police killings

We don't need "Special Prosecutors". In fact we don't need or believe that anyone or anything is "Special". We simply need honest, hardworking, public servants who believe that truth and justice and the good of the people should take precedence over their self-serving personal greed for fame, money, and power. We need citizens who know all of us are corrupt and therefore we should not trust others to govern us, without corruption. They never have and they never will. Vote for all the representatives you wish to. Select the finest men, the best and the brightest, and they will get corrupted and make laws to benefit themselves, their class, religion, family, and, sometimes, the people. But the people are in last place. Every revolution is one where the government is so corrupt the good people, often at the cost of many of their lives, throw the bad government out and become the good government. Then they in turn are corrupted and another revolution is needed. The lie that there are special people: philosopher kings, benign dictators, needs recognized as a lie. It is told so people will not believe they can govern themselves. That they are not wise enough, just enough, bright enough, courageous enough, involved enough, care enough, smart enough, good enough, honest enough to govern themselves. But no matter who governs us, they are a person. And if we are not wise enough to govern ourselves how can they be wise enough to govern others? A solution:

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cameras on Policemen are not an answer

We don't need cameras on policemen so we can "police the police". What is required is policemen who don't need to be policed. They would be public servants that know, believe, and promote the idea that everyone alive in their jurisdictions are "members of the public" they serve. They need to feel that the 'community of police persons' doesn't exist for the benefit of the police. They need to be "involved in mankind" and willing to  serve. It is a quality of character coupled to a sense of honor, a sense of equality with he public and not a sense of superiority. Put plainly, we need moral, honest, public servants. The question is then,:"How do we get moral, honest,public servants?"  You pay them better and have them work together toward that goal. And you punish, shame, and fire those who refuse to believe and act as if they are not 'special people', just like prosecutors, judges, and whole legal community doesn't look down their noses at the police. Oh, I forgot, they do look down their noses. Well, there has to be "rank". People who are classified, judged and pinned on the wall of inferiority, rebel against those who degrade them. We must give respect and get respect, but we must also hold everyone, everyone, to the legal standards of equality before the law, due process of law, and responsibility for their actions. The police don't generally do this with the public and the public rarely does that with the police. We're all in this TOGETHER or we promote anarchy.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Lost American Dream

What Wall Street and our Representatives have stolen from the American People is nothing less than the American Dream. You remember the American Dream don't you? A good job for people ready and willing to work. A decent house paid for with a decent job and a decent mortgage. The kids getting a college eduction and becoming hard working productive citizens in a nation where liberty and justice for all reigns supreme.  And what have they given us: mortgages on houses we couldn't pay for so they could rob a large section of the middle class investors by selling them the worthless mortgages.  The poor got used, had their dream of a  house crushed and the investors lost their 'easy money' and jobs were lost, recession crushed the optimism of the world. Now they have made our children college loans that the children, even with our help, cannot pay. And they knew they would never be able to pay: and THEY are the Wall Street banks and Investment firms. Knowing the children would never be able to pay for the easy, unsecured, loans the Wall Street and Banking "Sharpies" paid their flunkies, Our Representatives, to write a clause in the student loan laws that the students cannot claim bankruptcy, the bankruptcy that was guaranteed to occur as soon as the students graduated. And if the newly graduated students couldn't pay the government would have to pay. The Money Changers got a direct path into the United States Treasury through the unsecured loans for our children. And they got help from the Universities, who took their dip into the Treasury by raising the cost of an Education. So the loans that could never be paid make the Educators and Money Changers wealthier that ever and are destroying the country. So, again, a financial crises of great magnitude hangs over the United States because the Representatives of the United States sold the American Dream of job, house, and education for the kids to the already rich and powerful so the rich and powerful could be more rich and powerful and laugh at the Representatives for the fools and Cowards that they are. Contempt is what they have for us, the American's without the possibility of a Dream. And all the while the rich and powerful rule our Representatives, and us by default. The rich and powerful don't even give a thought to the harm they have done to the world. They got paid. They made a mistake. Tough.
            In the previous financial crises the laws they got passed were the "Deregulation of banks and Investment Industry". And they deregulated food production controls. And they regulated doctors so health care companies and insurance companies got to 'manage' health care. The price got so high people could not afford this 'managed' health care. No problem. Congress will always take over what people can't afford. They are paid to do it by the people who manage them, who manage food production and distribution, who manage our loans, who manage our cash flow, who manage 'global commerce', who manage every decision we make on where to work, how to spend our money and what we dream of and aspire to today. The modern 'robber barons' manage the budget to control their cash flow and power over energy generation, food production, education, health care, charities, and the very law itself. They direct where and how 4 trillion dollars of tax money are spent, 4 trillion every year, to support their command and control over either supporting, crushing, or exploiting the hopes and dreams of the people. They accomplish it by buying our Representatives with money, a small semblance of power, and public exposure. And we stand by and watch because this is exactly how the system was designed to work: for the people to be used by the rich and powerful as the source of their wealth and power.  And each generation steps up to the voting booth, elect Representatives that are hand picked, paid for, honored, promoted, and controlled (managed) by the rich and powerful to use our votes against us and our taxes and laws as a source of their money and power. 
     Only by removing Representatives as our law makers can we get free of the corrupt power of the Rich Money Changers, The Wall Street Sharpies, The Bankers. We must make our own laws. Laws for equal opportunity, equal education, equal responsibility, equal justice, equal health care, equal housing. We need to be able to have the American Dream again. One not managed by our Government of bribed and corrupt 'honorable' me. Only An Actual Democracy where the people vote for the laws themselves will enable us to believe in that Dream again. Change the Constitution. Govern yourselves. Make sure our children Govern Themselves.

Friday, December 5, 2014

A personal whine...

Just , I don't know, disappointed with America, myself, the lack of caring and lack of justice. The killing of people by the police is a horror to me. I heard a police supporter on CNN say Garner didn't obey the policeman who was arresting him. Disobedience of police order gets immediate death sentences, now , I thought. Others said we need to get policemen cameras so everyone can see what's going on. I just disagree. We need to have policemen that don't need to be watched. Policemen who respect and honor all citizens. Who will arrest everyone that needs to be charged with committing a crime. But not shoot them down in the street. And we need citizens who get on grand juries who respect the dead as well as the police but respect the idea of civilization more. And I want to tell the black citizens that maybe they should join the NRA and teach their children to shoot... But it isn't even funny. Why are we at odds over race, class, political party? Why do we fear of each other, fear "foreigners" and "immigrants"? The real question is why aren't we trying to get better public servants? We need to pay them more help them more and not tolerate talk about "They're like animals" meaning "The others" not like themselves... And I don't just mean policemen. Our teachers are paid poorly, our Representatives are pathetic people who sell their office even before they run for it because it doesn't pay enough for people to want it if they can't take bribes. Disappointed, tired, tired of being tired. Our children grow up less free than we did. Way past bed time. Just mumbling

Thursday, December 4, 2014

prosecutors as criminals

Prosecutors in the United States, local and Federal, can "indict a ham sandwich" when they choose to. They support racism and civil divisions by indicting blacks at 5 times the rate they indict whites (blacks = 67% of prison population and 13% of the population; 85% of executed criminals are black, 6 times their percentage of the population as a whole.) The prosecutors, who are not answerable to the people, have a corrupt attitude on how best to serve a diverse population: persecute the people who make it diverse. They need to be fired. Just simply removed from office and elected directly by the people and not answerable to a 'department head'. In passing, I'd like to ask the prosecutors who didn't indict the policemen that were the direct cause of the death of citizens, what happened to the 4th Amendment in their practice? "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..". And the 5th amendment's admonition that "No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; ...". What process of law was given to Gardner, Brown, and their dead-by-police predecessors ? No process whatsoever. Let alone due process. The law has not failed the community. The Executives who selectively enforce the law have failed us. They should be the targets of our bitterness. They are the un-Americans, the un-constitutionals, the actual criminals.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

On race after Brown murder

"All men are created equal" trumpets the Declaration of Independence. Yet we do not treat 'the others' as equals. We are in dire competition with all for the necessities of life. We have inherent fear that 'the others' will take our possessions, rape our wives, and make slaves of our children. We fear it because it has and is happening everyday in this world. It is part of 'Nature', despite Steven Pinker and his 'Better Angels'. And to maintain power the political and propaganda minded use that fear to support their 'power base'. Divide and keep them ignorant so they don't have any power, don't deserve any power, and that they don't have it or deserve it because the powerful point them to 'the others' as the cause of their powerlessness. Politics pure and simple. Race, class, nationality, education achievement, intelligence, geographical location, religion, sexual appetites, even favorite foods: all are sources of personal pride and self-aggrandizement and degradation of the 'others'. The black race has been enslaved, freed, kept uneducated, separated from whites, hung and set on fire in their own back yards, hated, feared, by educated and uneducated whites since the beginning of history. Yet we fought a political fight for 80 years and a civil war for 4 years, at the cost of 600,000 lives, to stop slavery. Brown vs. School Board and then Dr. King helped equality. We know, deep down, 'All men are equal' but we choose to not believe it. We need to work and educate, and love.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Response to article about ignorance of Senators.

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All my life I was told managers don't need to know how to do what their workers do, only get them to do it. It's part of the "dumbing down" generations. Most congressmen don't know which end of the screw driver goes in the hand. So why should they understand Cosmology, Evolution, Energy and Entropy. They obviously haven't read Shakespeare, Gibbon, or any philosophy either. Their job is to spend 4 trillion dollars a year. Their backers tell them how to, if they wish to keep the backing, and they do it very well, thank you. The fact that our underpaid educators don't educate is right in line with our underpaid Representatives don't Represent, us. The corruption of our Representatives, before they can even run for office and sell it, is systemic. We have made a virtue out of it. It gives us something to whine about. Of course the easy fix of changing the Constitution and becoming an Actual Democracy gets pooh hoohed, mocked, laughed at, denigrated in every possible way. But as a sworn member of the 'lunatic fringe' I know we will soon begin campaigning to have the people vote directly on the laws, the Executives, and the Judges. Its our only salvation, save revolution, and we will never do that because the means of Amending the Constitution is solid, used, and soon to be used again. End this failed Republic by finally making the U.S. the first Actual Democracy in the world. Replace the hope for freedom and equality with your votes for them. See & join.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post 2014 Election remark to NT

As the commercial says,"Everybody knows that." The government is broken. The Representatives don't represent the people, they represent the rich and powerful. The representatives are not bad people. We have a bad form of government: we vote for law makers but need, to vote for laws.  Neither our voices nor our votes count. Until we make this nation an Actual Democracy, where the people debate and vote directly for the laws under which they live we will be ignored, ruled, and used to serve the ends our Representatives are influenced to choose. This corruption will end only when we remove "The Republic of the United States" and replace it with "the Democracy of the United States". We vote for entertainers on TV. We debate every issue in social media. If we can vote and debate issues we can debate and vote on laws and not representatives to make the laws, to choose our executives, and select the judiciary, "FOR US". Corruption will only end when there is no one who can be corrupted, no one to use the power we give them against us and for special interests. If no one can be influenced to make laws for 'special' people then the laws must be made by 'ALL' the people. The rich and powerful politicians, now ironically called 'Fathers', who wrote the Constitution made sure people did not vote for laws, for Executives, or for Judges.  We must amend the Constitution so we vote directly for laws, the Executives, and judges: see Join it, and support it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Note to IHEU

Of course open debate is essential for free and open societies. Voicing one’s opinions is central to the very concept of Democracy: “I disagree totally with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it.” But more is needed.
To speak truth to power is fine, but too often futile, and ignored. And there are no Democracies anywhere in the world. For the people of the world to weigh, measure, analyze, and agree or disagree on statements, and then implement the conclusions and actions inferred or plainly stated in those freely made statements they must be able to vote on their implementation. The Constitutions of the world all have “Representatives” making the laws, voting for the laws, under which the people live. The legislative function must evolve, and devolve, back to the source of its power: the people. The people have avoided their legislative responsibility throughout history, consciously or other wise. The rationale behind Republic governments has always been “We all can’t fit under the town’s central tree and openly debate and discuss our common needs and wants and then make legislation.” Today we live under the branches of our communication satellites and debate freely and often on all topics. We also vote electronically for television entertainers on a variety of shows. The “ways and means ” of debating and voting on the laws under which we live is available. We should cease begging our legislatures, with our free speech, to implement our desires, hopes, wishes, and considered judgement, and vote directly on the laws ourselves. See

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Notes to friends in Occue-Evolve (O

OCCUPY Congress: Don't replace congressmen, replace Congress, replace with Actual Democracy, the people as the Legislature!

To be free, to be equal, to be counted, our votes must count! Vote for laws, not for men. I'll say why I firmly believe this in a moment.

Our voices will count only when our actions do, the action of voting for laws is the only true way to govern ourselves. We must cease pledging allegiance to the flag and ”The Republic for which it stands”, and pledge allegiance to the Flag and “The Democracy for which it stands...” once we make it an Actual Democracy. The details of how to do this are coming. But this is my goal, man ruling himself, governing himself.

Represent yourselves. Represent your children, your future and their future. Represent America by voting for economic equality, vote for equality of opportunity at work, school, in the market place, in the media, in your religions, in your sex life, in your taxes, in your very lives. For our votes to count we must become the Congress. We must become the law makers. 200 million of us can do it better than any group of Congressmen possibly can. We group-source, group-think, group-research, every Corporation is a group, a think tank, on how to get our money with minimal exertion and maximum return. The only chance we have is to “group-govern” our nation, and the best group we can form is the group of all the people, of “WE the People”.

Would you vote for the issues you march for, advocate over social media, advocate in conversation, beg your representatives to vote for? Things like reversing the climate-energy-environment troubles that threaten our very existence, like equal justice in the courts, at work, in health care, in education, and in life, generally? Well, you can't. And the only way you and all the other citizens and their children down through the ages will be able to is if we become an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY: one where the people make and vote directly on the laws and not for other flawed and corruptible people to make the laws “for them”. Who makes the rules RULES. We are RULED by our Congress, not Represented by our Congress.

The mechanics of ACTUAL DEMOCRACY:

Right now Article I of the Constitution assigns the Legislative Responsibilities of the Nation to the Congress: that is the House of Representatives and The Senate. They make 'bills' that are proposed laws by having these bills generated in subcommittees of committees. When a subcommittee passes a bill it 'passes it on' to the full committee for passage, which is passing it on the full House of Representative for them to vote on the proposed bill. It's a three step procedure. The Senate hase the same procedure but only with fewer members on the sub committees, the committees, and the full Senate. If both the House and Senate pass the bills, they frequently need to “reconcile” the bills because they are usually slightly different versions in the House than the Senate. Once the “joint House and Senate” reconciliation vote succeeds in passing then the 'final bill' is voted on by the full house and the full Senate. If it passes it goes on to the President to be signed into law, vetoed, or neither. If neither happens within ten days the bill is automatically vetoed.

The Congress can override the President's veto by a 2/3 majority vote in both houses of Congress. In which case it becomes a law.
The Executive branch enforces and administers the laws. This is set out in Article II of the Constitution. Article III requires the Courts to interpret the laws and run trials for those accused of violating the laws.

Actual Democracy, as I envision it, will replace Congress with the people directly voting on the laws. Instead of the 438 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators generating or submitting bills through subcommittees, to committees, from the committees to the full Houses for Votes, the people will do it, almost exclusively electronically. There will be subcommittees of various types set up, probably, at the beginning, the same ones currently in Congress. They will be made up of citizens who volunteer to be on such a committee. People interested in labor will go on the labor committee. Those interested in banking to the banking committee. Same with education, military, commerce, transportation, the budget, etc. They will elect members for subcommittees. The subcommittees will debate issues, call on experts for their opinions, then propose bills to become laws, which the full committees will vote on and send to a docket of proposed bills. The bills that get a majority vote from the full committee will then be scheduled for open debate by the people and after a given time, probably months, will get voted on by the people. A majority of the votes for the bill will send it on to the President for his signature. Democracy, plain and simple.
If problems arise in the process then the people will address the problems, change the process by passing laws to change it. We have amended the Constitution 26 times. There is no counting how many laws have been changed, replaced, or thrown away, Any interference in the process of voting and making laws will be severely punished. In future years we may not even recognize the law making process of the people from what it was when it began. That is not important. What is important is the majority of 200 million citizens will be choosing and voting on the laws under which they will live. Each coming generation will no longer be tied to the previous generation's laws that they inherit through inertia and laziness of the current and previous generations.

What problems appear will get fixed. What path to travel in the progress of the nation will be chosen by the people. Then corrected by the people. The American governmental experiment will continue, evolve, and serve for the benefit all the people. Nothing else is political equality, a just society, and a free and independent society of the people, by the people, and for the people. The media will publish all the various opinions they care to publish, but lies of fact will be subject to legal and civil attack. The Corporations will generate goods and services, hire employees, sell stock, but do so under the watchful eye of the people. Power will no longer slip away from the people into the hands of a few.
The real and probably final question is a big one:

Are the people wise enough, responsible enough, involved enough, smart enough, strong enough, and concerned enough to 'bother' making the laws, to expend the time and energy it takes to study, evaluate, challenge the guess that the law will be a good law

The best answer to this is Jefferson's answer in his first inaugural address in 1800, when he became the third president:
"It is often said man is not wise enough to govern himself; then he should govern others?" It's there, in the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C., carved in stone!

There are many others who have answered this question. Plato, in his book “The Republic” concluded that the people were not wise enough to govern themselves, that they should be governed by “Philosopher Kings”. And it reads like he might have been running for the office.
The best answer I've that challenges this claim is Bertrand Russell, in his 'Historhy of Western Philosophy, p 107:
  But even if we suppose that there is such a thing as "wisdom," is there any form of constitution which will give the government to the wise? It is clear that majorities, like general councils, may err, and in fact have erred. Aristocracies are not always wise; kings are often foolish; Popes, in spite of infallibility, have committed grievous errors. Would anyone advocate entrusting the government to university graduates, or even doctors of divinity? Or to men who, having been born poor, have made great fortunes? It is clear that no legally definable selection of citizens is likely to be wiser, in practice, than the whole body.
    It might be suggested that men could be given political wisdom by a suitable training. But the question would arise: what is a suitable training? And this would turn out to be a party question.
   The problem of finding a collection of the "wise" men and leaving the government to them is thus an insoluble one. That is the ultimate reason for democracy.

Our elected representatives, our Congressmen, make the laws. Laws are limits on the free actions of men required to keep the peace when people differ. To protect the weak from the strong. To use tax dollars to build and maintain the infrastructure, to keep a police force, a judicial system to punish law breakers, to guide the course of commerce and economics, set up schools, etc. Once the criminal code is made law becomes an adventure is spending tax dollars. There are inevitable 'kick backs' to the law makers when they help a group of businessmen get wealthy. The 'special interests' buy the votes of representatives. Those who have capital, a lot of money, which is power over others, fight hard for laws that let them keep that power, and even enable more power to be gotten. Every hour of labor gives a good percentage of the fruits of that labor to the 'owners', the bosses, the rich and powerful, making them more powerful. The citizens of the United States have been through this economic theft of their productivity for 218 years under the Constitution and Capitalism. That's 11 generations of oppressed workers, teachers, scholars, artists, machinists, bricklayers, artisans, manual laborers, and just folks and citizens. Too much greed has taken away all faith in this government's form and function. The only solution is to change the form and function of the government and move on to a 'more perfect' form of government: Actual Democracy.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Practical Benefits of Actual Democracy

                               The Practical Benefits of Actual Democracy

If the People had the right and duty, the power and responsibility, to vote on their own laws then a majority of their votes for a proposed law would make the proposition the law. For example, if a majority of the people wished to limit the amount of Carbon dioxide and other “green house” gases put into the atmosphere, their voting for and passing such a law would give the expressed limitation the force of law. The Executive would be obliged to administer the law by any means he saw fit that lead to the limitations defined in the law. The Courts would be called upon to interpret the law that implemented the limits and determine if it did or did not violate The Constitution. And both the Executive and Judges will be elected by the people and term limited: the Executive to two 4 year terms and the judiciary, to two 9 year terms. Subject, of course, to the will, and votes, of the people should they decide differently.

Those who were in the minority on the voting would be able to try and muster a greater number of supporters and get the law replaced with one they wanted.If the majority of people voted for limitations on gun ownership those limitations would be law.If the majority voted for a higher minimum wage, higher taxes on corporations or the wealthy; even lower taxes on the corporations and the wealthy, that would be the law, until such time as a majority changed their mind.

Most laws passed by Congress are budgetary. The same can be presumed by Actual Democracy where the people are performing the legislative duties. So the majority of people would determine how much money was needed to run the Federal Government, implement the laws, preserve the peace, pay for the Courts, police agencies, the military, scientific research, health and welfare, run the Social Security Office, the Internal Revenue Service, etc. It would be the people who decide if the Government requires 4 trillion dollars to run, if banks should pay 2% interest on deposits and charge 30% interest on loans. That commerce should have more or less controls. Whether corporations should have limits on their profit, on management's salaries, on Teachers salaries, etc. Even on what kind of economy we should have and support.

The Criminal code and punishments would be voted on by the people. Limits on the Judiciary sentencing practice may or may not be implemented.

And always, after a period of time, error will get corrected, the government will evolve to become a “more perfect” government. The powerful will need to influence the majority of the citizen voters. The media will be guided by laws, perhaps exposing outright lies and slanders to legal action and criminal correction.

This is the current important step in the evolution of government: from a Republic to an Actual Democracy. We should hurry and implement it:; join it, support it, work hard for it, make us a truly free and independent people and a government of the people's votes, by the peoples votes, for the people's freedom and equality.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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This is one of the historical blogs that have "Fallen still born" from the web.

If the idea is good tell my why. If its good but futile, tell me why. If you agree, or don't, tell me why.


Am I getting the idea across, clearly and simply?  Where am I going wring in my attempt to engage and motivate people to support Actual Democracy?  Criticize me, the website, the blog, the idea, ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

What the People Want.

We the people” are going to the streets to beg our representatives to represent us. We want justice from the Courts; equal opportunity in the workplace, in schooling; we want fair taxes, and fair return on our taxes from the Legislature; and we want the laws fairly and equally applied to all of us by the Executive.

Today, too many of us are imprisoned just to employ guards, mid level administrators, and placate the frightened; the prison industry exists so the representatives have patronage jobs to give to their supporters. Certainly not to rehabilitate, re-educate, recoup the talent and save the life of offenders. Too many people routinely loose their incomes and their savings. Corporations and their executives violate sanctions against terrorist countries, launder money for drug cartels, avoid paying fair taxes, and do so with impunity. Only five out of nine Justices of the Supreme court seem to know what the law is; the other four learn what the law is when the other five tell them. Banks pay 2% interest on deposits and charge 30% interest on credit cards.

The Executive branch invades countries, tortures people, spies on the citizens, selectively prosecutes the citizens, selectively assists the poor or totally ignores them. It permits unarmed citizens to be shot down in the street by the police, with impunity. It permits guns everywhere so the angry and ill can routinely slaughter the people in the streets or at work, and the children in their schools. A large percentage of health care costs go to insurance companies. Health care has become the largest businesses in the United States when it once was a place for scientific and humane caring of the sick. Doctors and patients are Managed. Why? So those who don't know medicine, don't care for the sick, can earn money off the knowledge, work and understanding of the Doctors and nurses. Educators are doing the same thing: there are as many assistant principles, principles, counselors, security officers, janitors and maintenance personnel, office secretaries, as there are teachers; maybe even as many as students. And we come in 24th in educational effectiveness while spending more money per student than any other nation. It's a bad return on our investment.

The Courts are not just. The Legislature is unresponsive to the will and needs of the people. The Executive ignores justice, equality, and human rights. 

The rich and powerful influence all decisions in the United States and the people pay them, unwillingly, to do so.

We all know this. It's why there were over a thousand groups and organizations pulled, and pooled, together and marched in the People's Climate March hoping and begging the representatives to fix the climate.

We know the problems. We are seeking the answer. And it is right in front of us. Look at the signs carried in the People's Climate March. They demand, seek, beg for representation, justice, and simple common sense, to be applied to a problem. We have been doing so on the climate for 30 years. It is futile.

Every revolution where good people have overthrown bad people has, in time, seen the 'good people' become 'bad people' and another revolution takes place; to get another set of good representatives who go bad in a rather short time.  It must stop. We must stop it. We must take control of our lives, our government, and our future. And it is simple and could be easy, but it won't be. We must replace this representative Republic with an Actual Democracy. The people must become the Legislature and vote directly on the laws, they must vote directly for the President and Vice president, and vote directly for the Judges. We must make the laws and vote directly for the administrators and interpreters of the laws, with no intermediary “representative” (Rousseau called them elected Aristocrats).

A Constitutional Amendment along these lines is needed:

The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly carry out the legislative functions defined in Article I of this constitution, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State.

Think of the consequences. The people vote, after open debate, raucous argument, discussion, study, analysis, and with full responsibility for their vote, which will count as much as the vote of every billionaire, every Nobel Prize winner, every drunk, every parent, every religious and irreligious, every moral and immoral citizen of this nation. The Government spends 4 trillion dollars every year. 538 representatives decide how to spend that much money. And they even fail to make and publish the budget. We will decide how much to spend and on what it will be spent. We the people, all 200,000,000 citizen voters (if two heads are better than one, 200 million are better that 538), will decide what the criminal code will evolve into. We will honor the Constitution's bill of rights. We will ensure justice, domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare, and all human rights, justly and equally. We will be an Actual Democracy. Only then will we get what we seek: justice from the Courts; equal opportunity in the workplace, in schooling, in everything; fair taxes with fair return on our taxes from the Legislature; and the laws fairly and equally applied to all of us by the Executive. We will get it because we will vote for it, not beg for it.

We the people are seeking Actual Democracy.

Support The Association for the Advancement of Actual Democracy with your time, money, and determination to finally have political equality and personal freedom:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Response to Constitution rewrite

  • Shoshana Osofsky This is not a smart ass question - I recently read the Constitution for the first time in my life (I'm ashamed to say). It was not the brilliant document I expected. It's obtuse, slavery is written into and I'm sure I'd have other concerns if I could understand it all. Do we need another constitution? One that is clear and at a minimum honors all humans?
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  • Roger Duronio Clarity would be good. Equality would be good. Responsibility and authority to carry out that responsibility given to the people as the legislature would be good. The AAAD is looking for a simpler way than a complete rewrite via a Constitutional convention. We trust people, don't  get me wrong. But A Constitutional convention, now, would stay under control of the 1% and current political structure. An amendment is very straight forward, We have done it 16 times after the bill of rights, for a total of 26.
  • Roger Duronio Also, we have no leverage now with our representatives. What real pressure do we have? We won't vote for them? A lot of them would consider that a blessing, now that they are among the 'insider' group, and can start lobbying for 'real money'. The real threat would be: "Fix the climate-energy-environment problem or we will fix the Government so we don't have to beg congress to save the world, we will just have to vote for it - after considered and open debate, of course. We'll make the Government an Actual Democracy and put legislative politics aside. We'll make the laws we live under. That, I believe, is a good threat. And if we start enough of a movement to so, which certainly has vast merit of its own, they will take us seriously and fix the climate-energy-environment problem to keep the move for Actual Democracy down.. But we save the Climate. Without a viable threat they will commit suicide and take us with them.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Amendment can be made.

Slavery took 80 years, from the declaration to the civil war, and 600,000 deaths to get taken out of our way of life, by three Constitutional Amendments. Woman's right to vote took 60 years, from 1860s 'til 1920 to get into effect, and it took a Constitutional Amendment. And most of us know the task is not easy. It's much easier to analyze the problem, which you have fairly well done, than work for a plausible solution. This isn't pie in the sky, no nirvana or Utopia will come from Actual Democracy, but it is the next logical evolutionary step in practical politics aimed at liberty and equality. You asked for an answer. Then you say it can't be done. You say it was a rhetorical question. The answer wasn't. There are a million reasons why things don;t get done,there's only one reason why they do, because you do them. We can keep begging for representation or represent ourselves. Does this seem logically flawed to you? We can beg for freedom or vote for it. We can beg for equal opportunity, equal rights, equal justice, or we can vote for it. Which do think would be more effective? And the cost, no matter what it may be, must be paid. The price of liberty is not "vigilance" it is time, money, hope, cooperation, and a determination to free and equal, and to live in a just and equal society. We don't have this, and we should work to get it. I thinks its plain and simple. You think it's impossible. At least one of us is wrong.

What can be done to combat nihilism and corruption?

  • Roger Duronio I most certainly have asked myself that question (What can be done?). All is not lost. There is an ages old idea that hasn't yet been tried: Actual Democracy. We the people simply become the legislature and vote on the laws directly, like we can vote on 'the voice', 'American idol' etc.
  • Roger Duronio We must quit begging representatives to represent us. And if we replace one generation of representatives we will have to beg the next generation to represent us. The answer is a Constitutional Amendment : . The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State. Which keeps power from being centralized, keeps the people free to debate, argue, lie, cheat, reason, openly debate, do politics, then choose, by voting, the laws under which they will live, Choose by voting for their Executives and the Judiciary. Only that is Democracy, Freedom, and political equality. If there are no representatives there is no one to be directly bought or directly influenced by corruption. There are arguments against Direct Democracy. But they come down to only one: the people can't do it, won't do it, and shouldn't do it. Jefferson said, "It's frequently said man is not wise enough to govern himself, then he should govern others?" it's carved in stone, at the Jefferson Memorial, in his first inaugural Address. The majority votes of 200,000,000 Citizens will probably be more accurate in representing the considered judgement of the people than the current 538 representatives judgement. Actual Democracy would not give an equal voice to everyone, it would give and equal VOTE to everyone. A billionaires, Nobel prize winner, local drunk, all the raw uneducated glorious citizens, all the grand Ph.D. researchers, teachers, the brilliant and the indifferent, all with equal power, equal say, equal vote. We build buildings, cars, planes, make electricity, educate our youth, exchange knowledge, emotions, hopes, dislikes, disgruntlements, etc. We can certainly decide which laws we should live under and quit delegating those few decisions every year to others. The government, 538 representatives, spend 4 trillion ( 4 with twelve zeros, 4 * 10^12) dollars every year. And they are no more qualified to do so than any 538 individuals randomly picked from the general population. And 90% of our laws are budgetary, how to spend the money. We have "Escaped from freedom" (Fromm), surrendered our responsibilities, and are now ruled by others. And we are angry about it, don't know how to fix it, and march in the streets saying "we won't take it any longer". We're taking it because we're doing IT. We should stop delegating our responsibility and right to govern ourselves and start doing it. See, Support it, work for it, spread the idea, become, finally, a Free and Equal people.