Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What can be done to combat nihilism and corruption?

  • Roger Duronio I most certainly have asked myself that question (What can be done?). All is not lost. There is an ages old idea that hasn't yet been tried: Actual Democracy. We the people simply become the legislature and vote on the laws directly, like we can vote on 'the voice', 'American idol' etc.
  • Roger Duronio We must quit begging representatives to represent us. And if we replace one generation of representatives we will have to beg the next generation to represent us. The answer is a Constitutional Amendment : . The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State. Which keeps power from being centralized, keeps the people free to debate, argue, lie, cheat, reason, openly debate, do politics, then choose, by voting, the laws under which they will live, Choose by voting for their Executives and the Judiciary. Only that is Democracy, Freedom, and political equality. If there are no representatives there is no one to be directly bought or directly influenced by corruption. There are arguments against Direct Democracy. But they come down to only one: the people can't do it, won't do it, and shouldn't do it. Jefferson said, "It's frequently said man is not wise enough to govern himself, then he should govern others?" it's carved in stone, at the Jefferson Memorial, in his first inaugural Address. The majority votes of 200,000,000 Citizens will probably be more accurate in representing the considered judgement of the people than the current 538 representatives judgement. Actual Democracy would not give an equal voice to everyone, it would give and equal VOTE to everyone. A billionaires, Nobel prize winner, local drunk, all the raw uneducated glorious citizens, all the grand Ph.D. researchers, teachers, the brilliant and the indifferent, all with equal power, equal say, equal vote. We build buildings, cars, planes, make electricity, educate our youth, exchange knowledge, emotions, hopes, dislikes, disgruntlements, etc. We can certainly decide which laws we should live under and quit delegating those few decisions every year to others. The government, 538 representatives, spend 4 trillion ( 4 with twelve zeros, 4 * 10^12) dollars every year. And they are no more qualified to do so than any 538 individuals randomly picked from the general population. And 90% of our laws are budgetary, how to spend the money. We have "Escaped from freedom" (Fromm), surrendered our responsibilities, and are now ruled by others. And we are angry about it, don't know how to fix it, and march in the streets saying "we won't take it any longer". We're taking it because we're doing IT. We should stop delegating our responsibility and right to govern ourselves and start doing it. See assocactualdemocracy.com, Support it, work for it, spread the idea, become, finally, a Free and Equal people.

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