Friday, October 17, 2014

Practical Benefits of Actual Democracy

                               The Practical Benefits of Actual Democracy

If the People had the right and duty, the power and responsibility, to vote on their own laws then a majority of their votes for a proposed law would make the proposition the law. For example, if a majority of the people wished to limit the amount of Carbon dioxide and other “green house” gases put into the atmosphere, their voting for and passing such a law would give the expressed limitation the force of law. The Executive would be obliged to administer the law by any means he saw fit that lead to the limitations defined in the law. The Courts would be called upon to interpret the law that implemented the limits and determine if it did or did not violate The Constitution. And both the Executive and Judges will be elected by the people and term limited: the Executive to two 4 year terms and the judiciary, to two 9 year terms. Subject, of course, to the will, and votes, of the people should they decide differently.

Those who were in the minority on the voting would be able to try and muster a greater number of supporters and get the law replaced with one they wanted.If the majority of people voted for limitations on gun ownership those limitations would be law.If the majority voted for a higher minimum wage, higher taxes on corporations or the wealthy; even lower taxes on the corporations and the wealthy, that would be the law, until such time as a majority changed their mind.

Most laws passed by Congress are budgetary. The same can be presumed by Actual Democracy where the people are performing the legislative duties. So the majority of people would determine how much money was needed to run the Federal Government, implement the laws, preserve the peace, pay for the Courts, police agencies, the military, scientific research, health and welfare, run the Social Security Office, the Internal Revenue Service, etc. It would be the people who decide if the Government requires 4 trillion dollars to run, if banks should pay 2% interest on deposits and charge 30% interest on loans. That commerce should have more or less controls. Whether corporations should have limits on their profit, on management's salaries, on Teachers salaries, etc. Even on what kind of economy we should have and support.

The Criminal code and punishments would be voted on by the people. Limits on the Judiciary sentencing practice may or may not be implemented.

And always, after a period of time, error will get corrected, the government will evolve to become a “more perfect” government. The powerful will need to influence the majority of the citizen voters. The media will be guided by laws, perhaps exposing outright lies and slanders to legal action and criminal correction.

This is the current important step in the evolution of government: from a Republic to an Actual Democracy. We should hurry and implement it:; join it, support it, work hard for it, make us a truly free and independent people and a government of the people's votes, by the peoples votes, for the people's freedom and equality.

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