Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Amendment can be made.

Slavery took 80 years, from the declaration to the civil war, and 600,000 deaths to get taken out of our way of life, by three Constitutional Amendments. Woman's right to vote took 60 years, from 1860s 'til 1920 to get into effect, and it took a Constitutional Amendment. And most of us know the task is not easy. It's much easier to analyze the problem, which you have fairly well done, than work for a plausible solution. This isn't pie in the sky, no nirvana or Utopia will come from Actual Democracy, but it is the next logical evolutionary step in practical politics aimed at liberty and equality. You asked for an answer. Then you say it can't be done. You say it was a rhetorical question. The answer wasn't. There are a million reasons why things don;t get done,there's only one reason why they do, because you do them. We can keep begging for representation or represent ourselves. Does this seem logically flawed to you? We can beg for freedom or vote for it. We can beg for equal opportunity, equal rights, equal justice, or we can vote for it. Which do think would be more effective? And the cost, no matter what it may be, must be paid. The price of liberty is not "vigilance" it is time, money, hope, cooperation, and a determination to free and equal, and to live in a just and equal society. We don't have this, and we should work to get it. I thinks its plain and simple. You think it's impossible. At least one of us is wrong.

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