Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Response to Constitution rewrite

  • Shoshana Osofsky This is not a smart ass question - I recently read the Constitution for the first time in my life (I'm ashamed to say). It was not the brilliant document I expected. It's obtuse, slavery is written into and I'm sure I'd have other concerns if I could understand it all. Do we need another constitution? One that is clear and at a minimum honors all humans?
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  • Roger Duronio Clarity would be good. Equality would be good. Responsibility and authority to carry out that responsibility given to the people as the legislature would be good. The AAAD is looking for a simpler way than a complete rewrite via a Constitutional convention. We trust people, don't  get me wrong. But A Constitutional convention, now, would stay under control of the 1% and current political structure. An amendment is very straight forward, We have done it 16 times after the bill of rights, for a total of 26.
  • Roger Duronio Also, we have no leverage now with our representatives. What real pressure do we have? We won't vote for them? A lot of them would consider that a blessing, now that they are among the 'insider' group, and can start lobbying for 'real money'. The real threat would be: "Fix the climate-energy-environment problem or we will fix the Government so we don't have to beg congress to save the world, we will just have to vote for it - after considered and open debate, of course. We'll make the Government an Actual Democracy and put legislative politics aside. We'll make the laws we live under. That, I believe, is a good threat. And if we start enough of a movement to so, which certainly has vast merit of its own, they will take us seriously and fix the climate-energy-environment problem to keep the move for Actual Democracy down.. But we save the Climate. Without a viable threat they will commit suicide and take us with them.
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