Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Religious Liberty and Equality, nyt Brooks

Brooks frequently misinterprets America, through the colored glasses of misunderstanding the difference between right to believe and promulgate that belief and the right to act in accordance to that belief. God's laws, as interpreted by individuals and by their religious community simply come in in second place to the secular laws passed by the legislatures and in third place when put against the First Amendment. If your religion tells you to kill the infidel and you commit murder you are guilty of murder. God will love you but the people will punish you. If your religion tells you gay and lesbian people are the greatest offense to God ever imagined and you refuse to serve them you have deprived those people of their right to equal protection of the laws. You have broken the civil rights acts. You are a criminal. God may well love you, but the people will punish you. All men are created equal. Their Gods and goddesses are not created equal, some gods are interpreted to be vicious bigoted self-serving killers and war mongers. Some are less hateful. Some have drowned every human being on the planet except for one 'righteous' family.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Response to President Janet Glass of Bergen Ethical Society on Climate Destruction

The climate warming issue is immense, and I worked putting up signs, handing out leaflets, making calls and as a 'peacekeeper' in the parade. But a few months back Leader Joe Chuman presented us with just about all the major ills of our time: wars, both political and religious; government corruption where torture, ethnic and racial prejudice, bought elections, spying on the citizens, economic and legal injustice, a Supreme Court ruling that money is more important than people and its use to bribe our representatives is free speech; and on and on; is the norm of America's and the worlds human condition. In looking for the common denominator in all this active contempt for the rights of man and moral embrace of equality and justice I saw, and now firmly believe, that the Republic form of government endowed by history and our founding politicians, denies us, and all peoples governed by a representative government, the right of voting directly on the laws under which we live, of voting directly for the executives and judges of our current governments. As long as we avoid the responsibility of governing and permit others to use the power of lawmaking that we give them to use that power against the common good we will not even approach good governance, not approach Actual Democracy, but be ruled by those who buy and sell our representatives for their own economic, political, moral, religious, and generally corrupt selfish ends. We must stop wars, tear down police states, fix the environment and government, respect accepted goals for progress (while arguing what they should be), and enforce our core belief that all men are created equal and should equally determine their common fate by making all men responsible for choosing the basic aims of our species.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The future will be OK. Really?

This is way too optimistic. WE don't believe capitalism will go by the wayside. Certainly the billionaires don't believe it, or the Representatives the billionaires have bought sure don't believe it. The status quo is working, badly, of course, but it is working. And that is what conservatives wish to conserve, and do conserve, until they really do good and roll things back to the 50's. There really isn't class warfare, the average Americans lost it a long time ago. And there really is only one way to bring about reasonable economic policy: group source and group think and group vote all of America and its future. That means the people must take responsibility for voting on the laws themselves and no outsourcing law making to Republicans or Democrats. See assocactualdemocracy.com. While we have wealthy people who can buy representatives we won't have any freedom, justice, equality, or security until we group source the whole governing process. We should start, now.

Monday, March 9, 2015

On Obama's Selma Speech

The President spoke well. There is much that must be overcome, and we must overcome it. He failed to add that some of what must be overcome are his implemented policies: spying on all American citizens, denying us of our right to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects! He is  violating his oath of office on this issue: To protect the Constitution. He is violating the Constitution. What he says is correct, what he does is unconscionable violation of our most sacred rights. The U.N. calls force feeding torture and Obama is force feeding at Gitmo. Obama says America doesn't torture but the U.N. says it does. I say we do. Obama says the people don't go and vote. Why? he asks. But he knows why: the votes are useless. The votes are not for laws, not for the President, not for judges: they are votes for people who rule us, people like him, who sell their authority, or are talked out of using it. We vote for men and women who do not represent us but are paid to represent the special interests. Obama said Ferguson was racist but he and Holder refused to enforce the law charging whoever deprives another of his Constitutional rights, under color of State law, can, and should, face Federal trial for doing so. But this President, who speaks about justice, fails to execute the laws justly when a member of his own race is deprived his life without due process of law. Obama acts in contradiction to how he speaks. assocactualdemocracy.com is next step in perfecting America.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Supreme Court on Health Care 3/4/15

This is nit-picking to destroy health care and equal access to affordable health care, and nothing else. The Right wing ideologues will vote that the people should not have equal access to anything, but they should, all their lives and for all purposes of governance, be managed by the government. They are not public servants, representatives have devolved to mangers of the people, not representatives of the people. Hamilton's idea that man is not wise enough to govern himself has completely overpowered Jefferson's opinion that the majority of the people can easily choose the best path for their own governance. Jefferson said if man is not wise enough to govern himself, "he should govern others?". And, of course, the governing representatives of our undemocratic Republic, know they are superior to the people in judgement, character, and wisdom. Even though there is massive evidence that no one is superior, on average, to any other member of our species. The Supreme Court has been so conservative throughout history that they have supported, slavery, monopolies, segregation, Money as more important than the people, Government is allowed to have secrets, to torture, to kidnap, to imprison without warrant or trial, to invade citizens homes without warrant, all in violation of the spirit and letter of the constitution, and only changing their rulings when 75% of the people completely rebelled against their generations old conservatism. We need Democracy! assocactualdemocracy.com.