Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Supreme Court on Health Care 3/4/15

This is nit-picking to destroy health care and equal access to affordable health care, and nothing else. The Right wing ideologues will vote that the people should not have equal access to anything, but they should, all their lives and for all purposes of governance, be managed by the government. They are not public servants, representatives have devolved to mangers of the people, not representatives of the people. Hamilton's idea that man is not wise enough to govern himself has completely overpowered Jefferson's opinion that the majority of the people can easily choose the best path for their own governance. Jefferson said if man is not wise enough to govern himself, "he should govern others?". And, of course, the governing representatives of our undemocratic Republic, know they are superior to the people in judgement, character, and wisdom. Even though there is massive evidence that no one is superior, on average, to any other member of our species. The Supreme Court has been so conservative throughout history that they have supported, slavery, monopolies, segregation, Money as more important than the people, Government is allowed to have secrets, to torture, to kidnap, to imprison without warrant or trial, to invade citizens homes without warrant, all in violation of the spirit and letter of the constitution, and only changing their rulings when 75% of the people completely rebelled against their generations old conservatism. We need Democracy!

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