Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Critique of The American Evangelicals

Religion has been called many things, Criticized by many people, found wanting by many people. It has been central in almost all cultures. And after time, in all its forms, in the various cultures, it gets internally corrupted and replaces its dogma with a power seeking group of men who place themselves before the teachings of their religion and twist that teaching to become the justification of their dictates to the people. The Religious leaders of Nations don't "render unto Cesar that which Cesars". They use God, their interpretations of God and his texts, as a justification for their pushing their values, their philosophy, their opinions of how mankind should live, down the throats of the citizens of their Nation. They make a virtue out of being unvirtuous, intolerant of differing views, intolerant of different religions, intolerant of science, intolerant of questioning among their members. The American evangelicals are textbook examples of intolerance to any question of their motives or their need to dictate. They don't trust the will of God unless God happens to agree with them. And if the Testaments of their Religion contradict their opinions they lie as what the testaments say. This is not religion, this is power seeking using the name of God, the belief in God to justify getting power. It is laughable, pathetic, and self-defeating. The Bible tells them, "seek the truth" and when people do, they find this set of "Bible Thumpers" unGodly, immoral, and untruthful.

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