Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Donovan case on Staten Island

The evidence of Donovan's incompetence, prejudice, and distrust of the people is written all over his actions. He could not get an indictment when he had a picture of a man being strangled, Mr. Eric Garner. He could not get an indictment when the coroner said the death of Mr. Garner was a homicide! He chose to not let the people decide if Mr. Panteleo had broken any law by trying him for the death of Mr. Garner. He put his judgement ahead of the peoples and put Mr. Panteleo beyond the judgement of a trial by a jury of his peers. Mr. Donovan put his judgement over that of a juries. It is criminal that he did so. There can be no justification, there is no justification, for such an egotistical, biased, illegal, action. He was derelict in his duty to his community, his oath of office, his profession, to the law, and to the Constitution. And his audacity is apparently unlimited. Having completely failed in his responsibilities to the people he now wishes to make the laws for the people. The man should be run out of public service because he has proven he will refuse to serve the public. He will serve his own opinions over the law, common sense, and the demands of justice. The man is unfit for public service. He doesn't believe in public service. He acts as if his opinion's are superior to the law. He is, of course, wrong. Supporting Donovan is supporting anarchy, the rule of man, him, over the rule of law, over the will of the people.

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