Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purpose of society, response to NYT article 2/11/15

The purpose of society is to guarantee each person life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness in any way they choose so long as that way does not deprive someone else of the same rights. Law and justice determine the line that determines if the deprivation takes place. The society should therefore enable each citizen to have equal influence in what laws are made to govern all the citizens. This is basic democracy. The citizens must then decide who will administer the laws and who will interpret the laws and fairly try those who violate the laws, as well as provide equal and just punishments for those found guilty. The laws the people make will provide for equal opportunities in economic, educational, health care, housing, and all factors of 'quality of life'. But that is their choice. To date, no society is run this way. Power, in the form of having greater influence over the laws governing us, reside in political parties, media outlets, extreme economic resources, religious influence, small groups of active people working for the groups benefit over the benefit of all. Society should be fair but man's basic corruptibility seemingly guarantees lack of fairness, favoritism. Only Democracy, Actual Democracy: people voting directly on the laws will be just. The Republic failed. No representative government will be just. Actual Democracy is required. See and http . Join, help, work.

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