Monday, March 9, 2015

On Obama's Selma Speech

The President spoke well. There is much that must be overcome, and we must overcome it. He failed to add that some of what must be overcome are his implemented policies: spying on all American citizens, denying us of our right to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects! He is  violating his oath of office on this issue: To protect the Constitution. He is violating the Constitution. What he says is correct, what he does is unconscionable violation of our most sacred rights. The U.N. calls force feeding torture and Obama is force feeding at Gitmo. Obama says America doesn't torture but the U.N. says it does. I say we do. Obama says the people don't go and vote. Why? he asks. But he knows why: the votes are useless. The votes are not for laws, not for the President, not for judges: they are votes for people who rule us, people like him, who sell their authority, or are talked out of using it. We vote for men and women who do not represent us but are paid to represent the special interests. Obama said Ferguson was racist but he and Holder refused to enforce the law charging whoever deprives another of his Constitutional rights, under color of State law, can, and should, face Federal trial for doing so. But this President, who speaks about justice, fails to execute the laws justly when a member of his own race is deprived his life without due process of law. Obama acts in contradiction to how he speaks. is next step in perfecting America.

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