Sunday, March 22, 2015

The future will be OK. Really?

This is way too optimistic. WE don't believe capitalism will go by the wayside. Certainly the billionaires don't believe it, or the Representatives the billionaires have bought sure don't believe it. The status quo is working, badly, of course, but it is working. And that is what conservatives wish to conserve, and do conserve, until they really do good and roll things back to the 50's. There really isn't class warfare, the average Americans lost it a long time ago. And there really is only one way to bring about reasonable economic policy: group source and group think and group vote all of America and its future. That means the people must take responsibility for voting on the laws themselves and no outsourcing law making to Republicans or Democrats. See While we have wealthy people who can buy representatives we won't have any freedom, justice, equality, or security until we group source the whole governing process. We should start, now.

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