Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Lost American Dream

What Wall Street and our Representatives have stolen from the American People is nothing less than the American Dream. You remember the American Dream don't you? A good job for people ready and willing to work. A decent house paid for with a decent job and a decent mortgage. The kids getting a college eduction and becoming hard working productive citizens in a nation where liberty and justice for all reigns supreme.  And what have they given us: mortgages on houses we couldn't pay for so they could rob a large section of the middle class investors by selling them the worthless mortgages.  The poor got used, had their dream of a  house crushed and the investors lost their 'easy money' and jobs were lost, recession crushed the optimism of the world. Now they have made our children college loans that the children, even with our help, cannot pay. And they knew they would never be able to pay: and THEY are the Wall Street banks and Investment firms. Knowing the children would never be able to pay for the easy, unsecured, loans the Wall Street and Banking "Sharpies" paid their flunkies, Our Representatives, to write a clause in the student loan laws that the students cannot claim bankruptcy, the bankruptcy that was guaranteed to occur as soon as the students graduated. And if the newly graduated students couldn't pay the government would have to pay. The Money Changers got a direct path into the United States Treasury through the unsecured loans for our children. And they got help from the Universities, who took their dip into the Treasury by raising the cost of an Education. So the loans that could never be paid make the Educators and Money Changers wealthier that ever and are destroying the country. So, again, a financial crises of great magnitude hangs over the United States because the Representatives of the United States sold the American Dream of job, house, and education for the kids to the already rich and powerful so the rich and powerful could be more rich and powerful and laugh at the Representatives for the fools and Cowards that they are. Contempt is what they have for us, the American's without the possibility of a Dream. And all the while the rich and powerful rule our Representatives, and us by default. The rich and powerful don't even give a thought to the harm they have done to the world. They got paid. They made a mistake. Tough.
            In the previous financial crises the laws they got passed were the "Deregulation of banks and Investment Industry". And they deregulated food production controls. And they regulated doctors so health care companies and insurance companies got to 'manage' health care. The price got so high people could not afford this 'managed' health care. No problem. Congress will always take over what people can't afford. They are paid to do it by the people who manage them, who manage food production and distribution, who manage our loans, who manage our cash flow, who manage 'global commerce', who manage every decision we make on where to work, how to spend our money and what we dream of and aspire to today. The modern 'robber barons' manage the budget to control their cash flow and power over energy generation, food production, education, health care, charities, and the very law itself. They direct where and how 4 trillion dollars of tax money are spent, 4 trillion every year, to support their command and control over either supporting, crushing, or exploiting the hopes and dreams of the people. They accomplish it by buying our Representatives with money, a small semblance of power, and public exposure. And we stand by and watch because this is exactly how the system was designed to work: for the people to be used by the rich and powerful as the source of their wealth and power.  And each generation steps up to the voting booth, elect Representatives that are hand picked, paid for, honored, promoted, and controlled (managed) by the rich and powerful to use our votes against us and our taxes and laws as a source of their money and power. 
     Only by removing Representatives as our law makers can we get free of the corrupt power of the Rich Money Changers, The Wall Street Sharpies, The Bankers. We must make our own laws. Laws for equal opportunity, equal education, equal responsibility, equal justice, equal health care, equal housing. We need to be able to have the American Dream again. One not managed by our Government of bribed and corrupt 'honorable' me. Only An Actual Democracy where the people vote for the laws themselves will enable us to believe in that Dream again. Change the Constitution. Govern yourselves. Make sure our children Govern Themselves.

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