Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feds sue NY over Riker's Island conditions.

Sure Obama can sue for the horror that goes on in prison. Why can't he sue, or have Federal Grand juries investigate, the street deaths of citizens who have had there lives taken by the lower executive officers of the State, the police? While I'm at it, why can't Obama have a Federal Grand Jury investigate the American Inquisition of George Bush and his Grand Inquisitor, the American Torquemada, Dick Cheney? By not bringing charges for executive officers, and other government representatives of the people, violaions of the law and cositution, President Obama has violated his oath of office to "protect and defend the constitution". And President Obama knows he is doing it, has chosen to do it: he taught Constitutional Law at Chicago University. Guess he believes banks are too big to fail and government officials are too far above the law to jail. How we have spun and twisted the humane hopes of our Nation into "death by policeman" and "torture by Presidential fiat", with impunity, is horrible, disturbing, and totally Un-American, in the meaning that had before our Representatives became our Rulers instead of our Public Servants.

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