Thursday, December 18, 2014

Response to NYT Op-ed on racial Bias

Perceived bias is one thing. Executive officers of color, Obama and Holder, for example, who avoid their oath of office and don't convene Federal Grand Juries to investigate police denying black citizens their civil rights by denying them their lives "without due process of law", and don't convene Federal Grand Juries to investigate our Nations starting "The George Bush American Inquisition and torturing, under the American Torquemada, Dick Cheney". The people of the United States fought and 600,000 of them died to free the black slaves. Why? Because the majority of us, then and now believed, and felt, slavery was wrong. Brown vs. School Board stopped government segregation of the Schools, all Justices ruling were white. Why? Because we knew, and felt, it was right, and the law. The Civil rights acts of the 1960's were passed because we (at least the majority) knew, and felt, it was right, and should be the law. Now we have "death by policemen" and "torture by government fiat" and we have it with impunity. These are clear violations of law. And race bigotry is probably involved, maybe even deeply involved. I refuse to believe that this Nation, that the majority of American voters, either believe or feel that these activities are right. However, by not having equal accountability before the law the Government, in the persons of Obama and Holder, explicitly support the bias that blacks are inferior and enemies can be tortured and the perpetrators are above laws. Pity.

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