Thursday, December 11, 2014

Response to the Torture Report.

Support war, support poverty, support ignorance, support torture, VOTE.  Because when you vote you vote for Representatives who have all, with a very few exceptions, all voted for war, poverty, ignorance, and torture. You voted for an organized set of gangsters who have caused financial melt downs, food shortages, health care denials, jobs exported and lost, educational system failures, our culture degraded to where our children are less well educated than their parents and the standard of living of our children is less that what we had. We're going backwards, morally, economically, and in our equal application legal penalties.


Because the lawmakers have put Government employees, our public servants, above the law. Because the people are not the source of power in our nation, they are the source of taxes and jobs for the Government Bureaus, which have become businesses. Worse, though, the laws that control economics, financial laws, the laws of Corporate entities, and small business are not written for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the Corporations: "What's good for the Rich and Powerful, is Good for America". Just ask them. Or for the people. The people are the source of the money and power of the Nation but can use none of it for their own.

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