Monday, December 8, 2014

Pardon Bush and Cheney response

We didn't pardon the German Executives or Judges after the Second World War. These men and neocons who they hired, followed, and believed in, have desecrated our "Sacred Honor" as a Nation. Our military are taught, and believed in, "Duty, Honor, Country" and the CIA, BUSH, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. ordered "Duty, Honor, TORTURE". Despicable men who violated every decent thing this Nation ever stood for: the rule of law, separation of Powers (Cheney had the Energy bill that Congress Passed written by the Energy Company Lawyers and passed by the Congress. When this was challenged in Court, The Supreme (Supreme, mind you) Court of the United States said it was completely Constitutional. My Country right or wrong, and this was all wrong. They went to war without a declaration of war from Congress. The Constitution requires Congress to declare war. Not the Executive. Bush sent more black men to death when was Governor of Texas than any other Governer. They also put 200,000 American citizens in Federal Prisons. They deregulated the Banks and Investment Companies so their friends could take the American Dream of home ownership and give loans to people who could not afford the house, took what capital the poor had, gave them a mortgage they couldn't pay, sold the bad mortgages to investors and ruined the poor, the investors, the Investment Houses, and never got charge with stealing anything, let alone the American Dream. They should tried, convicted in the Hague, and mocked as fools.

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